Facilities Management Awards 2023

5 Facilities Management Awards 2023 BUILD Preferred Cleaning Service was asked to come in, and its team completed the job properly, transforming the bottling factory into the most diverse – and cleanest! – in the US. The client remains so happy with the results that it has hired Preferred Cleaning Service time and time again, with Danielle telling us that her company has grown this account three times! She goes on to tell us about how important teamwork is to Preferred Cleaning Service’s delivery, not only internally, but also externally. “We’re stronger as a team. A lot of people think that other cleaning companies are their competitors. I want to know everything, what they’re doing, and I want to be their friend. Because if something new is out there, or if we’re having a struggle, I want to be able to support them, or they can support us. I think it’s really smart and strategic, but we’re also stronger as a team, and sometimes you can get really large accounts and you might not have the ability at the time because you have teams over in another place, but you can buddy up with other companies, and support them as well.” Also crucial to delivering a top-notch service is having the software in place. Preferred Cleaning Service has excellent