Facilities Management Awards 2023

BUILD Facilities Management Awards 2023 12 leadership and governance support to their boards as well as supporting their member service programmes. With our extensive membership, financial, and meeting management skills, we are able to respond to and resolve issues quickly and competently, deliver results on time and on budget, provide high levels of personal member service, and – crucially – always go the extra mile! We provide one of the most comprehensive suites of offerings in the industry, including serving as website developers plus newsletter and magazine publishers. By taking on the mission-critical tasks, we stay true to our goal of always striving to to reduce volunteer burn-out so not-for-profit associations can focus on serving the needs of their members and extending their organizations’ reach.” Jenna notes that one of the best ways to explain Megram’s work is through the lens of one of its most recently-acquired clients. “We have recently taken on a new client that became incorporated as a non-for-profit organization in 1945, with over 1,700 physicists working in academia, government, and industry. We are creating a more organized infrastructure to allow for the association to grow and be efficient at achieving their goals and moving forward with success. We research each client’s programs such as various events, scholarships, awards and certifications. Understanding how each unique program works gives us the opportunity to simplify and make things more streamlined. It’s exciting when we discover new tools that can benefit multiple organizations.” Through every beat of the conversation, it’s obvious and evident that Megram plans to match its clients’ pace, serving them best by becoming experts in each specific field or industry in which the non-profits are operating. Megram’s team is, understandably, essential to all of this, as well as to ensuring that Jenna’s ambitious goals for the company remain achievable. “I am extraordinarily proud of our team,” she says. “We work together to accomplish not only the goals of the associations but also the goals of our company. We push each association manager to take on new challenges for independent growth as well. We would not be the Megram we are today without the staff we have. When taking on a new client, we research the organization to make sure that our values align. We have longstanding clients whom we have retained by being transparent and realistic, from the initial phone call right through the entire ased out of Renfrew, Ontario, Megram Consulting Services has nurtured a service package that looks to satisfy its clients’ management needs across a variety of different avenues. Megram provides bilingual association management services to both provincial, national, and international non-profits. Today, the team offers complete office support with dedicated telephone, internet, conference call, webinar, and video conferencing services. But, wait, there’s more! Naturally, in the evolving digital landscape, Megram has expanded to include online payment processing services alongside secure paper and digital storage. Many companies have crumpled from trying to do less, so how does Megram do it? A back to basics approach involving solid management, a strong work ethic, a client-centric outlook, and a dedication to nurturing a potent internal culture sets Megram apart. “Our staff have backgrounds in customer service so they have experience in issue resolution and personal service,” explains Jenna. “We take full ownership of each client’s affairs with which we have been entrusted. We analyse processes and programmes and we recommend changes that will improve service delivery, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and make our clients’ organizations stronger. Megram offers an extensive range of professional services to an ever-growing roster of provincial, national, and international non-profit associations, and we tailor what we provide to fit specific requirements.” This client-centric approach has succeeded in creating an indelible reputation in the market, with customized solutions to solve every client’s bespoke needs, and elevate the organization to their ‘next level’ of operation – whatever that may look like. It’s no overstatement to say that the services which Megram offers are absolutely vital for sustainable operations in today’s technology-driven, mobile climate. The Megram team takes great pride in its proactive approach to internal professional development, staying up to date on every new technology and service that could, in turn, make a world of difference to their clients. “We are well-versed in the day-to-day administrative tasks required by every association,” explains Jenna. “We provide Best NPO Management Solutions Provider 2023 - Ontario Megram Consulting Services (Megram) excels what it does, and what it does is, well, a lot. Now celebrating over 20 years in business, we spoke with President, Jenna Parachoniak for more insight into Megram’s operations, achievements, and history of success on the back of its recognition in the awards programme. B May23725