Posted on 20th March 2023

Amish Furniture Wood Stain Colours For A Modern Home

Amish furniture is renowned for its quality and durability. While people might not think of the stains on such pieces, they are a part of the process. With stains come colour choices, and that can be difficult, especially for modern homes. However, with the right tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to be that hard. The key, as with most decoration schemes, is to know how to work with what you have.

Why stains matter

While looking through various Amish furniture online for your home, you might wonder what the point of staining is in the first place. For one, different stain options allow for some customization of pieces, an important feature for Amish furniture, which is generally elegant in its sleek, simple design.

Also, since Amish pieces are not treated with chemical varnishes and the like, a stain helps protect the wood. So when it comes to wood stain colours, you’re not only trying to find something that fits your style, but also a piece that will last.

Different stains accent different colours

So this is rather obvious, but it’s worth keeping in mind, especially when taking the design motifs of a modern home into account. Modern houses tend to favour open space, simple designs, straight lines, and sleek metal. Those ideas aren’t too dissimilar from Amish furniture, so when blending décor schemes, colour matters a lot.

For example, cherry goes very well with lighter colours, both matte and metallic. Gold is especially striking with cherry. It’s a straightforward colour that works well with most wood types. For a darker tone and colour scheme, onyx can do the job quite well. If you have a lot of black metal furniture and silver accents around, darker colours are ideal.

Take the wood into account

Not all stains work well with all woods, as touched on previously. Make sure to remember that when purchasing pieces to blend with your modern home and styling. Just because you can get certain furniture with a specific stain colour, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

It’s important to remember that the furniture and the stain colours do not exist in a vacuum. You’re trying to blend to contrasting styles in a way that complements each other. While this can be done, especially with the sleek simplicity of Amish furniture, it does take some thought and consideration to do effectively.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes stains are simply not needed. When that is the case, the wood’s natural colour needs to be considered just as the stain colours would be in the décor scheme. Of course, one benefit of stains is that, with the right wood and piece, you can get them to work with your style regardless of the wood involved.

Keep it simple

When it comes to blending styles, you don’t want to overdo either décor. Doing so can crowd the eye, not to mention the home. Modern styles tend to reflect simple and sleek, with straight edges and minimal, if any, design.

Amish furniture, as noted before, can complement this style due to a similar aesthetic. The trick is to not have too much. a couple of metal chairs mixed in with an Amish coffee table can work wonders for a mixing décor scheme. Too many pieces of different styles, though, can be a bit much.

This is also true of mixing too many pieces with different stains as well. Again, a little mixing can really accent colours and looks. Too much confuses the eye and can appear overwhelming. You want the room in question to be welcoming with a style of your own. Creating eye strain with too much colour and too many different styles won’t help with that.

There are a lot of options when it comes to Amish furniture stains. Lighter-coloured ones accent lighter paint schemes and shinier metals. Darker stains work with cooler colours and metal. A modern home tends to have a lighter pant scheme with sleek lines and metal accents.

While Amish furniture might not seem like a great mix for modern homes, the design basis is pretty similar. The trick is picking the right stain colour to work with your décor and the home itself. A dark oak table in the kitchen isn’t usually a great idea, but in the home office, it can work wonderfully to draw the eye.

When it comes to making use of stained Amish pieces in your modern home, consider the type of wood, the colour of the stain, and how both will work in various parts of the house. You might not even need a stain colour. Still, the options are there, and it’s a good idea to least consider them before committing to a purchase. You want to buy and decorate with confidence, after all, stain colours can help if you’re smart about their use.