Posted on 11th August 2022

Your Home Renovation: Hiring an Architect and a Designer

If you are planning a property renovation and you have been watching videos online, you may have convinced yourself that DIY is the way to go. Social media seems to be full of handy homeowners happily renovating decrepit structures single-handedly, smiling all the way. What’s often left out of those accounts is the sweat, tears, frustration, and mistakes. Unless you have a background in renovation yourself, you may want to consider hiring professionals for some or all of the tasks ahead of you. In particular, both an architect and a designer may be useful to you.

Your Plans

The first thing you need to consider is what exactly you need to do. There’s a big difference between doing a single room remodel and taking a house down to the studs and back again. Electricity and plumbing work add an extra layer of difficulty. Then there are the jobs you could do, but do you really want to? For example, refurbishing hardwood floors means a lot of hours with a loud, noisy, dust-creating machine, plus the possibility of damaging the floors if you do it wrong. Start with a clear idea of the scope of your project.

Your Budget

Your budget is not just about money but also time. If you’re not on any particular schedule and can work on projects as you are able, more DIY work may be feasible. When you factor in the time you’ll spend on it, though, DIY might seem less economical. There’s also the fact that contractors and other professionals may be able to get deals that aren’t available to you and will almost certainly work more quickly than you.

When you’re looking at your budget for hiring professionals, consider taking out a personal loan to help pay for the related costs. It’s better to spend the money to do things right the first time rather than wasting it to have mistakes fixed later, and a personal loan is often the best way to cover expenses, offering lower interest rates than most credit cards and allowing you to borrow various amounts depending on your needs. One thing to consider is whether you will need an architect, a designer, or both. If you can only afford to hire one, keeping reading for help on how to decide.

The Role of Architects and Designers

Architects and designers have different roles although there is some overlap in their skills and training. For any major structural remodels, such as changes to rooms that involve taking down walls, think architect. In fact, some jurisdictions may require this for planning permission. Architects also have some design expertise, but if you are primarily looking at more cosmetic changes to the interior, a designer may be the right choice. If you can afford to hire both, they can complement one another’s expertise. Whatever you choose, be sure to spend some time talking to several about your ideas and how they work. Much like hiring a therapist or an attorney, you’ll be looking for someone you have a rapport with who can understand your needs and use their professional abilities to turn your wishes into the home of your dreams.