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Toits Vertige

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About Toits Vertige

Leading Innovators in Rooftop Landscaping - Canada

Since 2005, Montreal-based Les Toits Vertige has made its mark as a pioneer in urban greening and a creator of living oases in the heart of cities. We have installed over 1.5 million square feet (139,354 m2) of vegetation on roofs. Our mission is to promote and realize the full potential of urban rooftops. Above our heads lie vast vacant landscapes, filled with hidden possibilities. City rooftops have untapped potential that must be developed for both the benefit of citizens and the environment. We wish to inspire people locally, nationally and even in other cities throughout the world to green spaces, one square foot at a time. Maximizing the potential of roofs is a way of meeting many challenges. Today, green roofs are seen as a solution to problems related to man-made infrastructures. Vegetated roofs are far from a passing fad; more and more they are a necessary part of the urban landscape. When it comes to green roofs, the sky is the limit!

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