Studio Osmosis - India

Most Client-Focused Multidisciplinary Design Practice - Mumbai & Best Hospitality Design Project (Maharashtra): INDIGO Bar & Kitchen

“Sameer and Shilpa Balvally founded this award winning multidisciplinary practice a decade ago where their design process involves absorbing the individual needs of the client, working cohesively and collaboratively arriving at a solution that is creative yet tangible. The studio beautifully balances heir youthful enthusiasm with experience gained during their international stint and working for projects of various genres across India. Luxury and design for them is about quality of space and light, the tactile nature of materials and the attention to detail or the craftsmanship keeping functionality at the given to both the design and build process. The firm has to its credit, many award-winning designs and clients enlisted as India’s HOT 100 Most Influential people in the industry as well as Top 50 Designers in India amongst other awards. With the level of intimate versatility, client understanding and response, Studio Osmosis has become a venerable name in the design space. “