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About SilkBalance

Best Spa and Hot Tub Water Conditioner: SilkBalance™

Enjoy your hot tub more with the SilkBalance Spa Water Care System that provides luxuriously simple spa experiences. Appreciate silky smooth sensations during and after your bathing time with just one weekly application of this water conditioner – now available in dissoluble gems.

Spend less time playing chemist because SilkBalance holds your pH and alkalinity levels in balance and eliminates chemical odors. Clean Start hot tub purge by SilkBalance cleanses your plumbing lines, removing unwanted contaminants and organic buildup. 

Finally, toss one Shock Gem by SilkBalance into your spa on the way out to oxidize the water with a pre-measured, non-chlorine shock that dizzolves in seconds.

Trusted by companies around the world