Siel Environmental Services Ltd - Trinidad and Tobago

Best Waste Education Company 2019 - Caribbean
Hi, my name is Sian Cuffy-Young and I am the Founder/CEO of a for profit social enterprise based in Trinidad and Tobago called Siel Environmental Services Limited and have been working in the field for over fourteen (14) years. Siel at its core is about breaking stigmas attached to waste, creating new habits and concretizing existing information – in one word - transformation. Innovation in our business comes from creating new ways of learning through our online training platform, our waste education programme in schools and our environmental/ waste efficiency programme for businesses which includes communication strategies, staff retraining and organic waste management. It is also about reshaping the mindset of our clients and encouraging new behaviours. Everything starts with a different thought and a desire for change, so we see ourselves playing an integral part in the waste discussions. Awareness and education are sadly lacking locally, so we are using our programmes to bridge that gap. And what is more circular than composting :-)