BUILD is proud to place live our Recycling and Waste Management Awards, running for the fifth consecutive year! As the international Waste Management market continues to grow year-on-year, the Recycling and Waste Management Awards 2022 aim to shine a light on the front-runners and innovators within this essential field.

Recent societal changes including rapid industrialisation, multiplying population, and steady economic development, have led to an exponential increase in waste production across the globe. As a result, the Recycling and Waste Management industry has had to expand and evolve in order to adequately deal with these rising volumes.

This, combined with the growing focus on sustainable methods for waste disposal, has led to the adoption of a circular approach to manufacturing and technical processes in the sector. Many institutions and governments around the world have now made commitments to net-zero outcomes across construction, transport, infrastructure, and more. This presents a challenge to the Waste Management industry, but can also be a lucrative opportunity to those at the forefront of industrial advancement and scientific innovation in the field.

The industry’s leading lights are compelled to strike a balance between sustainability and expansion, safety and efficiency, development and application, the innovative and the user-friendly. Through our Recycling and Waste Management Awards 2022, BUILD intends to recognise those pioneers who continue to develop groundbreaking solutions for the future demands of waste collection, processing, disposal, and recycling.

Each year since it’s inception, the Recycling and Waste Management Awards have honoured a diverse range of industry professionals, providing a platform for our esteemed winners to celebrate their success and promote their specialist services to an international audience across the construction, property, and infrastructure sectors.

The awards themselves are free to enter, and there are no mandatory costs involved at any stage of the process! Those selected will be given the chance to take advantage of supplementary marketing tools both physical and digital, as well as the option to upgrade to extended editorial coverage in the dedicated online supplement. BUILD also provides access to a complementary celebration package, so that all winners can make the most of their award, whatever the level!

If you represent a business that has illustrated innovation and continued success in the Recycling and Waste Management industry – or know of one that has – please don’t hesitate to complete our nomination form or get in touch with our Awards Team at [email protected].