Levantin Design - Ukraine

Best Architectural Services & Furnishings Marketplace 2019

“Levantin design” Studio was founded by the married couple-designers Lvov Sergey and Ekaterina and the brother Aleksandr Lvov. They have been working together for 7 years in Kharkov City, Ukraine, combining different personalities into one team.

Their activities cover interior design development for Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers and also manufacturing of author’s furniture, illumination and decor under their own brand Levantin design. By their products the studio intends to show that the most courageous ideas, demanded by people with an unusual way of looking at the world, can be realized in Ukraine. Sergey Lvov says the following about the works of the studio: «Our design creates a dialogue about the modern pace of life, which eradicating luxury, leaves the most significant, practical but not boring items. That are the embodiment of the more natural and free way of living».

Currently Levantin design products found their owners almost in every part of Ukraine, and also in France, Germany, USA and fifteen other countries in the world.