Birliga+Crespo Architectur - Ecuador

Most Innovative Private Residence Project 2022 (Ecuador): Grounded Penthouse
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<p>The context plus the terrain conditions pushed the house to work in 4 stories,<br /> becoming a home/building hybrid. That sits at the top of a hill about 8<br /> meters above the top floor of some 13 stories buildings in the adjacent properties.<br /> This location, context, and scale transition named the project the<br /> “Grounded Penthouse”.</p> <p> Xavier Crespo, Architect AIBC, ACAE, MscPM<br /> Senior Principal</p> <p> Direct: 778.400.5475<br /><br /> 300-848, Courtney St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1C4, Canada</p>