Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED lights is low-cost, energy-efficient lighting for you. The LED lights will give you better quality lighting and a much longer lifespan. Increased lifespan is one of the reasons LED lights have quickly become a popular alternative for fluorescent and incandescent lights. In addition, the changeover has significant environmental and economic factors.

The world is moving away from using fluorescent tubes into LED lights. The keyword in this transformation is efficiency. LED lights from Lepro are estimated to be 30% more efficient than fluorescent tubes. Their effectiveness is averaged between 80-90%, an extensive range.

Business-wise, lighting takes a big chunk off the commercial and manufacturing sectors. For this reason, using energy-efficient lights can vastly increase your profit margins against the fluorescent bulb, which has been in everyday use for many years.

Fixtures with more than one fluorescent light are suspended from the ceiling. Although fluorescent light is much more efficient than incandescent light, it is still less efficient than LEDs.

Read on for reasons why the LED replacement fluorescent tubes is paramount.


Ease of Replacement

It’s effortless to replace the fluorescent light bulbs with LED retrofit kits as they only need a few minutes to install. They also use the existing fluorescent fixture without requiring any alteration to the ceiling from which they are suspended.

This aspect of fitting into the current fluorescent light kit makes it easy to change to LED lighting. It also reduces the cost of transiting to the LEDs as there is no need for re-wiring.


Dramatic Energy Reduction

The retrofit cuts the energy consumption by almost half compared to the energy used by the fluorescent lighting. This energy reduction makes the retrofit more than cost effective.

The LED tube wattage is about 40% less than the fluorescent light. Imagine that a 4- foot fluorescent light has between 28 and 40 watts while a LED tube of the same size has 12-20 watts! That is a lot of energy-saving.


Maintenance Cost Reduction

LEDs lower the cost of maintenance by almost 65% on your energy bills. A 4 -watt LED bulb will easily do the same job as a 40 watt fluorescent light. The way they generate their light and function uses very little energy and requires little to no maintenance. Thus, you will soon recover your investment by saving on energy.


Sensor compatible and Occupancy

As the world picks up speed, new lighting codes require sensors. These will automatically turn the light on at entry and turn it off again after sensing the room to be vacant. The fluorescents dwindle after turning on and off for some time and are not very relatable to occupancy sensors.

In their turn, the LEDs are perfect for sensors, and their lifespan is not affected.


Better Light Quality

The luminous lights do not produce excellent quality light. They flicker and hum, and their light is so diffuse it does not have a shadow. In contrast, LED lighting is stable and is evenly distributed. The LEDs use a multi-point design to provide more light on the intended surface.

Additionally, these lights are available in various colour temperatures, from warm to moderate then cold. Therefore, they increase the options for visual perception of brightness, something the fluorescents are not set to do.


Minimal Heat Use

The LED lights produce almost no heat during lighting, and yet they power up instantly to 100%. Therefore, they waste very little energy than the fluorescent lights. These fluorescents produce so much heat the room has to be conditioned, incurring more cost to cover the cost of conditioning.


Green Technology

While LEDs can be disposed of safely by a landfill, fluorescent lights need careful disposal. They are significant sources of mercury. State law requires that fluorescents be recycled rather than dumped.

Moreover, these fluorescents are very delicate and subject to breaking easily. Being easily breakable poses a danger to its citizens. However, LEDs are good for the environment.

Also, by burning less energy, they require fewer replacements and cut down on carbon emissions, leaving the environment safer. They are also shatterproof and sturdy, making them the safer option, especially if children will use the space.



LED lights will last on average 50,000 hours more than fluorescent lights. This difference is a considerable margin and is more than twice the lifespan of a fluorescent lamp. So, you will have fewer replacements. So, you can save on the energy and the cost of replacement.


Directional Lighting

The LED lighting tubes give you the option of directing the light in your direction of choice. Using this option, you can produce a beam at an angle of 240 degrees. With the LEDs, almost no light is lost.


Way Forward

Replacing your fluorescent tubes with LED lighting has far-reaching economic and environmental benefits. Besides, it will help you save energy and realize a better investment return. Moreover, the LED lighting system is where the world is going. Decide to change all your fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LEDs.