When you’re looking to purchase a new home, there are several elements you inevitably have to consider; from location to local amenities, finding the perfect base for you is essential. However, as you search tirelessly for a property that fulfils every requirement on your checklist, the task at hand can feel somewhat frivolous… whilst almost every property manages to somehow miss the mark, we’re often left wondering ‘How can I find my perfect home?’.


Ultimately, a house can be incredibly beautiful, desirable in almost every way on paper, yet it misses something that’s crucial to your lifestyle. You may be tempted by the brightness that accompanies an open-plan layout, yet the fixtures contrast with your personal taste and paying out for interior adjustments after moving in is sadly outside of your budget. If only you’d had a say, right?


Luckily, bespoke developments allow you to create your perfect home (tailor made to your specifications), as you work alongside your developer. Selecting your fittings, flooring and more, you won’t have to cut any corners. Why make sacrifices when purchasing your dream home? It’s only right that you fall in love with every aspect of the property.


To help explain the many benefits to bespoke developments, Granville Developments’ Managing Director, Matthew Firth, shares his expert insight. Outlining the many benefits to these personalised properties, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed when it comes to making a somewhat daunting purchasing decision.


  1. Peace of mind.

If you’re buying a new home and happen to find yourself laying awake at night, frantically worrying about hidden cracks and poor quality fittings, then you’re certainly not alone. This is possibly one of the biggest buying decisions you’ll ever make and that means there’s pressure to get it right!


One of the many benefits to investing in a bespoke property is the peace of mind that it’ll bring; promising complete transparency, you’ll be involved in the design and development process from the early stages. No wool will be pulled over your eyes, you can trust that your standards will be met as you oversee the property’s growth.


  1. A high-quality finish.

People often worry that new builds are of a low quality, with developers using cheap materials to maximise their profit margins. However, this stereotype cannot be applied to every property developer; Granville Developments have extensive experience within the industry and truly pride themselves on creating high-quality, life-long homes. Using the finest materials for them is an investment, as they hope to develop properties that both satisfy clients and reflect their considered brand.


If you choose to purchase a bespoke property, you’ll see first-hand the consideration that’s given to every element. From light switches to bathroom installations, there’s a thought process behind every decision and your involvement in these discussions will only reassure you of your property’s top-tier finish.


  1. Tailored alterations.

Your home should be unique, reflecting your own style and personality. As such, quirky details and modern twists shouldn’t be absent from your home’s design if that’s what you like! If you purchase a pre-built property, the layout and fixtures will be finalised before you buy the home, meaning there’ll be additional expenditures if you want to make tweaks further down the line.


However, by working with your developer you can save money by requesting alterations whilst the home is being built. Whether you want to swap white cabinets for oak or a table for a breakfast bar, they’ll be happy to meet your specifications.


  1. Disability consideration.

Personal style isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered when you’re buying a home. If you, or a family member, suffers with a disability, then features like disability access will need to be installed seamlessly. As you hope to find a home that makes life easier, fitting with your needs faultlessly, then the ability to work with your developer to make helpful adjustments will be life changing.


  • Flexibility

Buying a bespoke property gives both you and your developer extra flexibility; you can consider their suggestions, whilst they can brainstorm creative ways by which they can fulfil and exceed your requests. By combining their professional expertise with your unique style and interior flare, you’ll create a space that’s never been seen before. This flexibility will enhance your satisfaction whilst showcasing the adaptability of your developers, very much a win-win scenario.


  • Open communication

It can sometimes feel like you’re the last one to be told about developments when you’re in the process of buying a home. However, if you choose to invest in a bespoke new build then you can be sure that you’ll be the first to make key decisions, as you should be. You’ll experience seamlessly open communication with your property developer as they work with you, this isn’t just paperwork after all, it’s your sanctuary.


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