Posted on 15th March 2022

When Is The Best Time To Install Ducted Air Conditioner?

Engioneer fitting a ducted air conditioner

Struggling to cope with the heat? Don’t have anyone to fan you down? Maybe it’s time to consider ducted air conditioning! This might be the solution you’ve been looking for and it won’t break the bank either.


Why Would I Need Ducted Air Conditioning?

Maybe the space you’re in is a little tricky to keep cool? Or maybe you just haven’t considered air conditioning before. Either way. Let’s talk about why you might need a ducted air conditioning system installed.

Ducted air conditioning systems are notorious for being super effective and a lot cheaper than people tend to think. If you’re struggling to cool your space down efficiently then it’s time to make a change. Not just any change. A ducted air conditioner kind of change!

Maybe you have a factory with multiple people working there? Then it definitely wouldn’t be viable to install multiple air conditioners in the building. It would cost a fortune!


Big Spacious Areas

If you’ve got some big areas that you need to keep cool, a standard air conditioner won’t cut it! Areas like offices, showrooms and even large houses require a little more TLC. They require a smart system that works.

Installing ducted air conditioning will alleviate the problem quite easily. You can also adjust which areas get cool air and which get cut off. It’s really efficient!


Save Costs With a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning can be costly especially when you have a multi-split system. Multi-split systems require an installation process for every indoor unit. This starts to become a little bit too pricey. After all, air conditioners aren’t too cheap!

Installing ducted air conditioning could save you some cash. The ducted system relies on ducts that service multiple areas, without the need for more than one air conditioner per space. Ducted air conditioners are much more energy-efficient than you might think.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits involved when installing ducted air conditioning


Benefits Of Having Ducted Air Conditioning

There comes a time when a good old fan just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, what’s the next step?
Upgrading to a ducted air conditioning system that keeps the cool air blowing, just the way you like it.


Cooling Everywhere You Need It

Ducted systems allow spaces to be cooled with ease. The refrigerated air allows you to use cooled air throughout your entire space.

Using advanced cooling methods of ducted units you and easily cool down an entire space. It’s energy-efficient and really is the best solution for cooling an entire space.


Save Some Money

A split system can become really pricey if you need to install multiple split system air conditioners. Energy costs become steep if you’ve got a big space. A showroom, building, factory or even a home can cost you more than necessary.

How much space you have and the air conditioning system in place is the major deal breaker.
Installing reverse cycle air conditioners, split systems or even split inverters can make a huge difference in your space. But, it can also mean a huge price adjustment.

Ducted air conditioning installation is easy and a lot more budget-friendly. Don’t waste time installing other systems!


Smart Technology

A smart cooling system that works for you. You can easily regulate the air temperature, schedule times and more!

The use of smart technology means that you can easily create the perfect atmosphere. You’re able to control when cool air blows when certain areas get cut off. Some air conditioning systems even come with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for a seamless experience.


The Ducting Looks Great And Adds Value

Reverse cycle units look nice. Reverse cycle units do a great job. But, have you seen ducted air conditioners? Oh my, they’re ultra-cool-amazing-wow! They look absolutely fantastic and make your space look so much more professional. Not to mention that they work so efficiently!

They also add value to your property. The systems are highly sought after and are seen as valuable assets to have. What’s better than something that works so well and adds even more value. What a bargain.

Now you can have those really cool air conditioners that are always in the movies. Pretty cool? I know right!



Ducted air conditioning is definitely worth installing. Installing ducted air conditioning adds value to your space while saving you money at the same time! Make the smart choice and go with air conditioning systems that work for you.