Posted on 17th November 2022

What Features to Look For in a Home Security Camera

The camera (or cameras, depending on the complexity of your home security system) plays an important role in keeping your home safe. First, its very presence deters burglars and trespassers since it shows the place is under video surveillance.

Second, if someone dares to ignore the signs and attempts a breaking and entry, the camera will capture video footage of the event. This footage can be used in the relationship with the authorities and the insurance companies to prove that there was an incident and that you suffered damages.

Finally, the presence of a high-quality camera gives you peace of mind when you’re away. It’s also a great way to check in with what’s going on at home from time to time and make sure everything is in order.

Now that we know why you need a home security camera let’s have a look at some of the designs available on the market and decide which one’s best for your needs.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Home Security Camera

Indoor vs. Outdoor 

The best video surveillance system has indoor and outdoor cameras placed at key points around the property to “see” as much as possible. However, if your budget is limited, make sure to get at least outdoor cameras for the entry points and doorways. The back and front doors and the first floor windows are the most common entry points for a break-in.

Outdoor cameras need to be sturdier (to withstand the elements) but also have a wider angle and infrared vision (for low-light visibility). Plus, advanced models even have two-way talk to communicate with guests and visitors or deter trespassers.

Indoor cameras need less protection and can use sensors to activate when movement is detected. Many people use indoor surveillance cameras to check on their pets when they’re away from home.

However, keep in mind that home security cameras work based on WiFi and need a power source to function (either plugged into the outlet or on batteries). Some models (mostly outdoor ones) have small solar panels, so it’s easier to maintain them.

Doorbell Camera

In today’s smart home, an intelligent doorbell that has a built-in camera, speakers, and sensors is not such a big deal. In fact, considering the level of porch piracy, it is indicated to install one at the front entrance.

If the doorbell camera has built-in sensors, it will send a notification to your phone whenever it detects movement. This way, you’ll know when to go and pick up your packages before someone else does.

Floodlight Security Cameras

A newer type of home security camera you can use is a floodlight camera. As the name implies, these come with built-in bright lights, which means they’ll need a reliable power source. The idea behind these is that you don’t have to install cameras and lights – one product is enough.

Storage Space, Accessibility, & Quality

One of the many reasons why you should upgrade your home security system is that the presence of video cameras deter anyone bearing ill intentions. But you shouldn’t put all your trust in this. First of all, smart burglars know what a fake camera looks like.

Also, many know that not all customers buy cloud storage space (usually, a monthly subscription) and that not all homeowners like to invest in high-quality lenses (for an HD image). So, if you want to invest in home security, we recommend looking for a camera that films in HD and has a good cloud storage plan.

Lastly, if you want to log in and check on your pet when you’re away, make sure your camera has a secure connection. You don’t want anyone else accessing that link!

Wrap Up

The world of home security cameras is changing fast due to speedy home internet and smaller camera sensors. Plus, you now have advanced doorbell cameras that do a fantastic job! So, if you don’t want to invest in an expensive security system, you have plenty of options.