Posted on 18th August 2023

Waterfalls and Swimming Pools – How to Build a Backyard Water Feature that Looks Natural

Some people are content with having a swimming pool in their backyard. Others look for that swimming pool and want to create a tranquil oasis for relaxation and a therapeutic purpose.

If you are in the latter group, building a water feature that looks and feels natural, such as creating waterfalls, is an idea you may want to consider. This guide offers tips for building such an oasis, and you may want to keep reading to learn more. 

Start With Choosing The Perfect Location

If you want to create a natural feel to your pool, you should have a balance between having your pool in the open and some shade to allow for swimming and the perfect lounging experience.

The topography of your land will also determine the best place to build your pool. When building a natural-looking pool and waterfalls, go for locations on your site that have a more natural look, for example, uneven ground. 

Designing The Waterfall

Before you break ground, you must know what type of water feature you want to create. So start with drafting a plan. You do not have to be an expert architect; develop a sketch of what you envision or work with an artist to bring your idea to life.

If you can’t get your ideas from scratch, you can talk with expert pool builders or check out ideas from the internet you can choose from. Getting the idea first helps establish the nature of the materials and approximate project cost. Some ideas that you may want to consider 

Source Your Materials

Irrespective of the look you want with your backyard water feature, you must get masonry supplies such as cement, motor grout, natural stones, and pavers. Most masonry material suppliers will have almost everything you need to construct a typical swimming pool.

But if you have grander ideas about what you want to achieve, for example, using boulders to create a natural waterfall look, you may need to do the boulder hunting yourself and contract a transporter to get them to your location.

Styles to Consider

You can pick countless natural-looking swimming pool falls for your backyard oasis, some grand while others simple. Here are some popular options to choose from. 

Cascading waterfall: This option features cascading water formations that mimic mountain streams where the water flows from one ledge to a pool on another before proceeding to the next, creating a series of small falls.

Grotto waterfall: A grotto waterfall features a cave area behind the fall. It is created using a protruding platform, leaving space under it, providing a refreshing retreat from the sun.

Boulder waterfall: If you want to go all out to create a natural-looking water oasis, a boulder waterfall is an ideal option. It involves installing huge boulders that act as the platforms over which water flows. Builders are ideal if you have a large space and you intend to create high waterfalls.

Pebble stream waterfall: If you are looking for a less dramatic waterfall, a pebble steam waterfall is the best option for you. This option involves creating a surface of smooth pebbles along the water flow, creating a minimalistic aesthetic appeal while creating a natural look.

Other Things to Consider

There are a few additions to any pool and waterfall to achieve a natural look and feel. For example, you will want to ensure that you minimize your use of artificial pavers as much as possible. Only go with natural uncut stones, but you may consider smoothing around the walking areas.

You will also need a mechanism for pumping water around your fall, with the size of your pumping system being determined by the amount of water you want to have to flow on your fall. If you are looking for a dramatic waterfall experience, you can amplify the sound of water by playing waterfall sounds through speakers.