Wonder Wall aims to create the feeling of a natural garden in spaces whose characteristics do not allow. Recently, the firm was recognized in BUILD’s Design & Build Awards where they were awarded the accolade Most Outstanding Supplier of Artificial Plants – Portugal. On the back of this win, we profiled the firm and caught up with Wonder Wall’s owner, João Salgueiro who revealed how the team creates such innovative creations.

Since their inception in 2015, Wonder Wall has been dedicated to the commercialization and installation of Artificial Plants and Artificial Vertical Gardens. The firm aims to provide the feeling of a natural garden with a space where the characteristics do not allow it. This could be due to deficient lighting conditions, costly water and electricity infrastructures, or even because of permanent maintenance being complicated.
Wonder Wall’s mission is to present their customers with only the best products and the most perfect replicas. 

A testament to this is the incredible feedback from their clients, with their ever-growing portfolio of work being a prime example. Primarily serving architects, interior designers, restaurants and hotels, a vast portion of Wonder Wall’s work has come from word of mouth referrals by previous clients who were truly satisfied with their work. In addition to this, the firm also uses their social media platforms to update their projects and some article in the specialised media.

Going into further detail about the outstanding work they provide, João begins by informing us of the ways in which the team at Wonder Wall ensure that they create and deliver products which have been tailored towards the needs and requirements of their clients.

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“Here at Wonder Wall, there is the guarantee that we will deliver you with unique solutions of products and the execution of global projects turnkey. As such, our solutions are thus in the market guaranteeing customers a lower investment, without the need for UV light or irrigation. Also, their solutions guarantee a low maintenance since the plants used require only a damp cloth and rainwater to stay alive. In addition to this, the available panels are customizable according to the space and taste of each, and are adaptable to both interior and exterior spaces.”

Enabling the firm to deliver these exceptional services, is the talented, experienced, creative and passionate team which forms the backbone of Wonder Wall. When discussing the internal culture at the innovative design company, João is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm.

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“Without a doubt, the team here at Wonder Wall are very important to the global success of the firm. Every single individual is professional and are always the face of the company.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Wonder Wall hope to continue to provide their exceptional services and creative solutions to clients, despite the challenges they face in the upcoming years which includes to keep searching for the best solutions in the artificial plants and increasing their dynamic portfolio. Bringing the interview to a close, João signs off by reflecting on the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for BUILD’s Most Outstanding Supplier of Artificial Plants – Portugal.

“Later this year, Wonder Wall forecasts a strong sales growth. This is due to the increase in available products, as well as the launch of a new range of lighting products in a project with Architect Ricardo Seguro Pereira, which is expected to be launched at the beginning of 2nd quarter.”

Contact: João Salgueiro 

Company: Wonder Wall 

Address: Rua da Manutenção 67 1º Piso, Lisboa, 1900-320, Portugal 

Telephone: +351 9628 07050 

Web Address: www.wonderwall.pt