The interior design industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with exciting new trends capturing our imaginations. From the pages of our favourite magazines to perfectly curated social media posts, we simply can’t ignore the popularity of beautifully designed homes.


However, as we spend countless hours scrolling through influencers’ photos, double-page spreads and home furnishing catalogues, the task of keeping up with everchanging trends can feel slightly impossible.


To help you keep up to date, Matthew Firth from Granville Developments, has uncovered the top interior trends for 2019, creatively perfecting your décor plans.


Monochromatic tones 

A big trend within the world of interior design surrounds monochromatic tones. This blend of black, grey and white is quickly overtaking bright, bold colours as we embrace a more subtle look. Extremely popular for kitchens and bathrooms, these tones compliment one another exceptionally, giving any house a truly modern look.


This sleek combination can also make a room appear bigger than it actually is. You can then remain consistent with your monochromatic theme when selecting chic furnishings, or you can shake up your palette with bold, colourful features.


Indoor plants

A trend that perhaps won’t feel entirely new is the use of indoor plants, yet this continues to rise in popularity. Not only do they bring a fresh smell and natural aesthetic to your rooms, but they create a ‘homely’ feel that offers an incomparable sense of comfort and relaxation. From big statement plants to smaller alternatives that blend in, encorporating vibrant green tones into any room will certainly enhance its ambiance.

Plants are fantastic accessories to bring into your home and what’s better, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Whether you buy real or fake, plants look beautiful and if you’re doing a complete home overhaul you needn’t worry about breaking your budget.



Not quite ‘cramped’ styling but rather ‘filling the gaps’; it’s fair to say that the battle between minimalism and maximalism has been fairly one-sided, but this year we’re seeing a big shift towards maximalism.


Making the most of all wall space with paintings, decorations or trinkets, whilst adding an abundance of soft furnishings, this truly maximises the space you’re decorating.


Home-smart tech

Tech companies frequently update their inventions to make our lives that little bit easier; one industry that’s soared is that of home-smart tech, offering family-friendly products to enhance our everyday lives.


As we become increasingly obsessed with everything technology-driven, this market continues to grow. From built-in ceiling speakers to automatic blinds and remotely setting your home temperature at the click of a button- it’s clear to see why the trend will be with us for a long time, it really does make everything simpler.


As innovations become smoother, quicker and more imaginative, it won’t be long until home technology is a must in every room.


Concrete accents 

The phrase ‘bringing the outside in’ couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to concrete accents. From countertops to tiles, concrete is making a huge leap forward this year and it’s clear to see why! This simple, aesthetic approach appeals to a variety of ages and works in almost every sized room.



As much as we’re seeing modern trends being brought into our homes, there’s always place for traditional beauty. Chandeliers are becoming a vintage centerpiece in countless homes this year, with many larger houses using them in their hallways for maximum impact.


Elegant designs allow you to keep the room’s furniture subtle, making your lights the focal point. Whether it’s brass or copper, your chandelier will be a showstopper!



Colours are usually the most difficult bridge to cross when designing the interior of your home and with there being so many on the spectrum, it’s clear to see why. We’re often afraid of choosing the wrong shade and constantly ask ourselves whether various tones compliment one another.


One colour that’s making a breakthrough this year is mustard; a modern twist on classic, pastel yellow tones, this is particularly powerful when combined with other deep colours. Whether you use small mustard pillows or a create a wonderfully yellow feature wall, this trending colour promises to grab people’s attention.


Feature walls

In years gone by, a feature wall would typically have been painted in a strong, drastically different colour to the remainder of the room. Or, alternatively, it would’ve been pride of place to streams of eye-catching wallpaper.


We’re now turning towards the feature wall being exactly that, a place to hold features; whether it’s collected art, cabinets with meaningful items or collections that you’ve bought from around the world, this is your chance to showcase it.


Blue is the new black.

A colour that’s not only trending, but also being paired with mustard, is dark blue. Without going all the way to black, more of us are embracing darker tones than ever before as we find that mustard and blue really are a match made in heaven.


Darker tones allow you to experiment with your accessory colours, being bold and bright knowing they won’t take too much attention away from the blue.