Posted on 20th May 2022

The Perfect Home Projects to Schedule Every Season

Man using a pressure washer on home interior decking

All four seasons have their advantages and disadvantages for home improvement projects. Weather is the most obvious and influential factor, but your budget and time constraints might also fluctuate throughout the year.

Everyone’s situation is a little different, but here are the perfect home projects to schedule each season and the reasoning behind each one.



Winter is the least-ideal season for outdoor projects because of the low temperatures and harsh precipitation. However, one specific task fits perfectly with cold weather, as you will see. Let’s look at one outdoor project and two indoor projects you should start in the winter.


1. Build a Deck

Winter is the best time to build a deck for several reasons. First, pressure-treated wood used for decks stabilizes more effectively in low humidity. Cloudy days are also better for the wood, as decreased sun exposure prevents the wood from warping and cracking. Aim to do this project in the early winter before heavy snowfall arrives and while temperatures are somewhat tolerable.


2. Paint the Interior

You spend most of the winter indoors, so you have plenty of free time to paint your home’s exterior. Climate control is a vital factor for painting projects. The job will go much better in a home with controlled dry heat than at other times of the year when things are more humid and unpredictable. The paint will dry evenly and more quickly in the winter.


3. Upgrade Your Electric Utilities

You can do this project any time of the year, but you might find it easier to complete during the winter because you face less competition from homeowners in hiring the best professionals. Most households save this project for the warmer months, but you can skip to the front of the line by waiting until things cool down.



Spring is the traditional “cleaning” season for most people, as the weather warms up and we can tackle more tasks around the house. It was difficult narrowing down spring projects to a few options, but we think these are the best.


1. Replant Your Garden

Naturally, the first project on your spring to-do list should be replanting your garden. With the soil loosening up and plants coming back to life, now is the time to add new plants and give them the best chance to thrive. You could even add edible plants and vegetables to help cut back on your grocery spending.


2. Remodel a Full Room

Full-room remodels are best for the spring because you avoid the annual rush of homeowners making requests. Plus, you can save yourself the trouble of doing bland spring cleaning in the room you decide to remodel. Spring is simply the most convenient remodelling time for everyone involved.


3. Pressure Wash the Exterior

Pressure washing your home’s exterior is a great spring project because the mild weather allows the cleaning solution to soak without drying up too fast. Aim to complete the project on a partly cloudy day with middling temperatures. It’s a satisfying chore once you get started, but you need to handle your tools carefully and take your time.



High temperatures can affect building materials and create hazardous working conditions during the summer. However, it’s still the best time for big projects because it has longer stretches of decent weather compared to the other seasons.


1. Build a Home Addition

With low precipitation and warm temperatures, your contractor (or yourself, if you opt for a DIY project) can complete a home addition as scheduled without too many delays. Still, you should start making your plans during the spring so the materials and labourers are ready when summer arrives.


2. Re-side Your Home’s Exterior

More people spend more time outdoors during the summer, so your home needs to look its best. New siding can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal, so why not start there? You can add new colours, textures, and styles to completely revamp your home’s look and make it more structurally sound.


3. Repair or Replace the Roof

Speaking of structurally sound, your roof could also use some repairs this summer. The warm temperatures and blazing sun won’t be comfortable for the labourers, but those conditions are ideal for roof shingles.

New shingles require heat to form the desired weather-tight seal, so the middle of the summer is the best time for this project.



Fall is warm enough for you to complete outdoor projects for the first month or so, but as the weather gets cooler and the leaves fall, our efforts shift towards maintenance-centric tasks. You can get a lot of work done during this time, but we narrowed it down to these projects.


1. Clean Out Your Gutters

You can clean your gutters as often as you’d like, but early fall is the most ideal time because you give your gutters a clean slate before the leaves drop and precipitation increases with the coming of winter. Just watch your step on the ladder and get a reliable pair of work gloves.


2. Inspect Your HVAC System

You should perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system anyway, but a fall inspection is crucial because you need to ensure the heat is working properly before the cold weather sets in.

We recommend you bring in a professional for a thorough inspection. A trained eye will notice any minor problems you missed and make the necessary repairs.


3. Deep Clean the Carpets

Our homes’ carpets gather a lot of debris from our many summer activities. You don’t want to look at dirty carpets all winter when you’re spending more time inside, so deep clean your carpets during the fall to bring them back to life. You also need to air out your home while the carpets dry, and the crisp autumn air will do the trick.


Seasonal Planning For Your Home Improvement Projects

No time is the “perfect” time to complete an extensive home project, but specific times of the year are undeniably more practical than others. This guide will help you optimize your project planning and complete all of your home’s tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.


By Evelyn Long, Editor-in-Chief of Renovated.