A landscaper’s job is to create beautiful grounds and gardens but a landscaper is only as good as their tools which is why it is vital that they have the right arsenal of equipment to succeed at their job. With around 157,000 gardeners and landscape gardeners in the UK, standing out from competitors is key and the best way to do that is by getting the right equipment.

When choosing tools and equipment, landscapers will want products that can increase productivity and won’t break easily and with that, we’ve created our list of essential power tools for every landscaper.



A staple for any landscaper is the lawnmower. Possessing the ability to finely cut any strain of grass to perfection, these will be used for most – if not all – jobs.

There is still some consideration into which lawnmower to opt for however, with cordless options now taking the world by storm. Handy for large gardens without a plug nearby but may become frustrating should it run out of power. Only a landscaper will know what they truly need.


Garden Shears and Trimmers

For true precision and accuracy when cutting, trimming or pruning hedges, landscapers will need to find the perfect garden shears to tackle any job.

Some key features to look out for include a quality blade capable of cutting through even the toughest hedges, the shape of the blade depending on whether they are pruning or hedge cutting, they may need a different curvature of blade.

These tools can be extremely dangerous and with more than 5600 people in England ending up in hospital from power tool related incidents last year so making sure garden shears and trimmers are lightweight and ergonomic will make them easier to use with little risk.



Gardens can easily become overrun with weeds which is why every landscaper needs a strimmer. Perfect for tackling obstacles like this, the strimmer is great for precision and can be bought cordless making it a handy tool to have in a collection.


Leaf Blower

Unfortunately, as the temperature begins to drop during autumn, so do the leaves which can be an eyesore for a lot of gardens so it’s important to have an effective method for removing the leaves quickly and efficiently.

The solution is a leaf blower. Gather and collect leaves easily with this power tool, leaving gardens clear so clients can see the incredible work done by the landscaper.

There are plenty of tools that should be considered but without these, landscapers will struggle to get even the basics done so these must be a part of any landscapers tool and equipment stash so they are prepared to wow their clients.