Do you feel as if your room is feeling bland or boring? There are creative ideas that can help add more life to your space. By incorporating these ideas, you can freshen up your room and design it to bring out your style and personality.


Get a piece of art

Art has a way of bringing life to any home. For a small room, an oversized piece of art will look better. You can opt for three pieces of art for a bigger room, arranged in a pattern.

Art communicates. It can tell your visitors what your personality is and what you value. It can also set your space’s mood, so choose wisely depending on the room you want to hang the art. A statement piece of art can get your guests’ attention and have them marvel when they get into your home.


Have a gallery wall

A gallery adds more life and color to the room. A gallery wall can be a collection of photos or pieces of art. The gallery also sets the mood, and it is good to be a bit creative when you are setting the gallery.

Canvas prints are the best way to display photos. Canvas prints are images printed on a canvas. They are versatile, and they come in various colors, from which you can choose what suits you. The prints artistically display your photos, and you should try them.


Try mirrors


Mirrors are more appropriate in smaller rooms because they make the room feel bigger. The mirror can create an illusion that your room is bigger than its actual size by reflecting light. The illusion is better achieved if you place your mirror opposite to the windows to reflect more light.


Display signs of achievement

Signs of achievement can be a diploma, degree, and awards. The perfect spot for your achievements is your home office, creating an environment encouraging you to work harder and achieve more. You can also hang the achievements in your living room to boast of your success to your guests.

If you have kids, do not forget to post their achievements on your walls. It can encourage your child to work harder in his/her school.



Shelves can help you get a room that is more neat and organized. They accommodate extra storage where you can store your compact disks, books, or candles. Ensure you get shelves that match your room’s décor for a better look.

When shopping, ensure that your shelves match with your room’s décor. Be creative when arranging your shelves to achieve a more stylish look.


Add sculptures

Sculptures are eclectic in any room, but they give life to the room. They feel more personal as they share your space. Sculptures serve as a focal point in the room, as they make more of a statement than even a piece of art.


Add some functional items on your wall


Some items can serve two purposes; decoration and functionality. Some of the functional items can be a calendar and a clock. A calendar helps you keep track of events in your home. A bigger calendar can enliven the space. Have a calendar with bright and bold colors, with a san serif font for a modern look.

A clock, on the other hand, can help you with tracking time. Instead of referring to your smartphone at all times, you can quickly glance at the clock and find out whether you are on time. Other functional items; include a wall-mounted television and accent lights.


Bottom line

Livening up your room can be straightforward. The wall is the first place to start. Consider the above ideas for a more refined look in your room. A bonus tip to add is that when getting anything on the wall, ensure it sets up the room’s mood and reflects your personality. There is nothing perfect when it comes to decoration; it all depends on your level of creativity.