Florida’s hot and humid summers can make being outdoors unbearable. Most people retreat into the cooled comfort of their homes until the worst of the heat has simmered away. However, that cooled air comes at a cost. The more you rely on your HVAC system to cool your home, the higher your energy costs will be.

Fortunately, there are ways to harness modern technology through smart home solutions. According to Downtown Air, these innovations can provide the optimum way to keep cool in Florida.

Automated Integrated Thermostats

Set it and forget it with automated integrated thermostats. Upgrading your home’s thermostat will always have you reveling in comfortable temperatures. These thermostats have smart sensors that send signals to your system to let it know to cool down when it gets too warm.

There are a number of automated thermostats, but the best ones can connect to the internet, allowing you to control them remotely. That means if you leave for work before adjusting the temperature, you can simply fix it with a click. On your way home, you can adjust the temperature again so your home will be at your preferred temperature upon your return.

HVAC Home Automation

In addition to smart thermostats that help reduce your energy consumption, HVAC home automation is another smart cooling tool. It can monitor the performance of your system from afar. These diagnostics can clue you in for any maintenance needs long before they become a problem. No one ever wants to wake in the night to a broken AC or come home to a hot house. With this technology, you’ll stay ahead of the game and avoid the need for pricey repairs from failed components.

Smart Shading

Smart shading through a home automation system can automatically raise and lower your blinds. During Florida’s hot summer days, you can program your shades to close automatically and block the intense heat from the sun.

Smart Ceiling Fans

Don’t forget about using fans to help cool your home. When you run your air conditioner and use fans together, you lower the ambient temperature. Fans circulate the cold air, aiding your system and minimizing your energy consumption. Now you can control them through Wi-Fi from your phone and program them to turn on or off according to your schedule.

Creating Home Zones

Depending on the size and layout of your home, creating home zones may be an ideal way to embrace yet another smart home cooling solution. Zoning requires the grouping of different areas in your home that have the same cooling needs. It gives you the same flexibility as lighting technology by controlling different parts of your home for the occupancy and usage of the room.

For example, you can set home zones for your bedroom so it is cooler than your den. If you have an existing smart home automation platform, cooling zones can be created in your home. If not, you can always have this system installed and make keeping cool and comfortable in your home simple!