SkyLab is a Digital Performance Company that optimises the delivery of Content, Software and Machine Data for mission critical applications globally. Recently, we caught up with Stephen Ho, Group COO of SkyLab Holding and concurrently Managing Director of SkyLab Services, who provided us with a detailed overview of the innerworkings of the innovative firm.

Since their inception, SkyLab has focused on connecting people, businesses and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as gathering data and harnessing the power of cloud and edge computing. With an extensive track record in the implementation of large-scale enterprise grade and mission-critical industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions across different smart city domains, SkyLab is currently operating an IIoT network spanning in excess of 1800 public housing and commercial buildings across Singapore.

In addition to this, SkyLab provides critical IoT data logistic solutions to enterprises in order to help them gain valuable insights, driving proactive actions on asset optimisation and resource management. 

SkyLab develops class-leading, patent-pending, Industrial IoT products and solutions. The firm’s highly robust and indigenous end to end data harvesting, transport, acceleration and security technologies, ensures that actionable insights can be harnessed by their clients. Going into further detail, Stephen began by informing us of the key ways in which the team at SkyLab is equipped to provide a service which not only meet their clients’ requirements, but also surpass their expectations.

“Here at SkyLab, we serve clients in the domains of smart cities, buildings, utilities, transportation and maritime amongst others. We have standardised products that we sell through resellers and channel partners for use in the above domains. At the same time, we also offer customised services through our Services arm whereby we work closely with clients to understand their unique business challenges and then put together a solution that adds value to their operations.”

It comes as no surprise that following their many years of hard work and dedication, the team at SkyLab have been recognised for their achievements numerous times. With their highly robust and indigenous end to end data harvesting, transport, acceleration and security technologies, ensuring that actionable insights can be harnessed by their clients, Stephen explains to us the secrets behind their success.

“We are not just a solution provider; we leverage on our class-leading indigenous technologies to add value to our clients’ operations and business. Over the years, we have successfully applied our IIoT across more than 1800 locations spanning the whole of Singapore, harvesting and accelerating data collected off roof-top solar farms, whilst adhering to very strict data security and delivery standards.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Stephen signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, touching on the ways in which SkyLab hope to collaborate with other partners and developers from a diverse range of industries.

“We have recently launched the SkyLab MEC (multi-access edge computing platform) and Marketplace at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in Feb 2019. This class leading technologies, coupled with our Data Logistic Cloud Platform, allows:

• Edge Computing – Immediate on-site data processing through deployed applications, allowing for ultra-fast responses to critical data generated without delay • Offloading the backhaul network – Back-hauling large amounts of data can be very costly, especially through cellular and satellite networks. Processing data at the edge means only a minimal subset of data is sent back, often only event and management data, meaning not only vastly improved latency but cost savings.

• Management and Deployment – MEC devices enable hyper-scalability and ease of management and deployment of containerised applications. With in-built load balancing and self-healing functionalities, it ensures the operation of mission critical applications. Combined with DLC™ to provide a centralised portal for device and application management, with an integrated Marketplace to select and deploy applications (including third-party) effortlessly across the whole infrastructure.

“As a data logistic and performance company, we are constantly looking out for technology partners and application developers,
to collaborate across various industries and domains globally.

“Beyond Singapore, we have also started operations in various Asian markets and is keen to do so in Europe in the near future.”

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