Savvy builders know sustainability is more than a buzzword in construction. Not only do you need to demonstrate that you can design and implement a sustainable build, but consumers also want features that appeal and perform. 

As the icing on a building cake, a roof does a lot for a property. It must protect the construction, maintain the structural integrity, and look good. Metal roofs, in particular, have improved since their industrial leanings in decades past, and are a go-to material for clients seeking custom roofs

And a metal roof is incomplete without a critical element: ventilation. Proper air flow is important with all roofing solutions but the nature of metal roofs demands a unique solution. Modern metal roofs require roof ridge vents to perform their best. Let’s take a look at the function of metal roof vents and their role in sustainable construction. 

Why Do Metal Roofs Need Vents?

Metal roof ridge vents serve several purposes: provide essential ventilation, prevent moisture accumulation, and increase energy efficiency. 

In hot weather, warm air accumulates in the attic. Improper ventilation will rapidly increase a building’s temperature and drive up cooling costs. When the metal roof gets too hot it will expand, compromising the roof’s structural integrity. Metal roof vents remove the warm air and improve the attic’s airflow, which protects the roof and optimizes the cooling system’s efficiency. 

When it’s cold, however, there’s a different problem. The attic and roof heat up during the day, and snow and ice on top of the roof will melt. But once the sun goes down and the temperature drops, that water refreezes and creates ice dams. If ice is thick enough to slide off the roof, it poses a hazard to areas immediately below it. 

Roof vents correct this by venting the warm air out of the attic, stabilizing the attic temperature, and preventing the freeze-thaw cycle when ice dams develop.  

Well-fitting, custom-cut roof vents also discourage moisture accumulation and ward off the disastrous effects of mold. Metal roofs with standing ridges often get passed over in wet and windy climates because water can get between the metal roof and the top ridge. But roof vents are designed to keep the necessary venting points dry. Using the right metal roof ridge vent ensures that metal roofs can be used in any climate. 

Both ventilation and moisture prevention promote the efficiency and sustainability of a metal roof. Metal roofs last much longer than asphalt roofs. Quality roof vents increase their lifespan by protecting the integrity of the roof and the structure.  

How Do Roof Vents Look?

Metal roofs and ridge vents are perfect for almost any architectural style. The vents are designed to be practically invisible and while they’re available in many colors, black works best to fade into the shadows of the roof ridge. Combine them with hidden fastener panels and most people won’t even know they’re there. 

Not only are the vents hidden, but high-quality vents with foam closures encased in wire mesh prevent the unsightly frayed foam you see in older ridge vents. This casing also keeps animals from chewing through the foam and accessing the attic. 

And most importantly, metal roof vents prevent the expansion and degradation of metal roofs. The metal expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations. A well-made roof vent keeps the roof stable and protects it in extreme weather to ensure it looks good for decades.

The Future of Sustainable Roofing

Metal roofs aren’t new in the roofing game, but technological advances make them a popular modern roofing solution. Asphalt roofs typically last about 20-30 years under average conditions, while metal will endure at least 50 years and possibly longer. A bonus is that an old metal roof can be recycled, and its replacement is usually made from recycled materials. 

Installing high-quality roof vents will ensure homeowners have an excellent roof for decades. Vents are necessary to extend the life of a metal roof, maintain its function, and keep it looking pristine. Choose a quality, easy-to-install vent style that puts your clients’ roofs above all the rest.