With more than 30 years’ experience in the market, KeyOptions is a technology and development organisation specialising in both indoor and outdoor positioning offering real-time analytics for commercial and government applications. We profile the firm and its subsidiary ‘People-in-Motion’ to learn more about the unique solutions they have to offer.

Since its inception in 1988 KeyOptions has been providing its clients with unique cutting edge technology solutions.

Today KeyOptions innovates, designs and develops new products for a range of clients including commercial organisations and government, defence and security.
KeyOptions is also the parent company for a Commercial Real Estate technology product called ‘People-in-Motion’.

People-in-Motion is a proven technology that detects all mobile devices in a given location. Most of these are mobile phones, but People-in-Motion also detects any device that is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. The device just needs to be switched on and not in-flight mode. People-in-Motion is the global leader in cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth detection and location; utilising unique but unidentifiable signals as a proxy to understand people behaviour. 

Their unique technology utilises a location engine which is precise down to a two-metre accuracy. This unique solution is data compliant, requires no sign in or application download by the visitor audience, totally secure and 100% anonymous.

Whilst the technology is ground-breaking, secure and reliable, the value is seen by the client lays within the analytical reporting not the technology. Their reporting dashboard gives an at a glance view on how a deployed destination is being used by its visitors. 

Sectioning up the deployed destination into any number and shape of zones or areas effectively ‘geo-fences’ the entire area; many individual zones are created that allows unit-by-unit, zone by zone, area by area analytical reporting. This is an unprecedented development in applying technology to a marketplace that is desperate for a more informed better view on how their destination is trafficked. Forget ‘Footfall’ counters, visitor analytics from People-in-Motion is the future


Examples of analytics output from People-in-Motion…

Such unique technology can be used by companies in a myriad of ways, for example to make educated decisions on changes in infrastructure, such as adding escalators and walkways, increasing advertising revenue by allowing clients to see the value in the media space or bettering market returns by measuring marketing campaign success; even improving leasing deals based on storefront conversion, shopper density, dwell time and visitor frequency. 

In the same way as say Google analytics, People-in-Motion gives Commercial Real Estate ‘on-line style’ analytics for the bricks and mortar environment – How many people came, where did they go, which entrance did they take, did they arrive at the metro stop, which areas were visited, which retailers and restaurants, how often did they come back, how long did they stay and so on.
This unique solution means that the possibilities are endless for clients to put People-in-Motion to use, but currently the technology is marketed towards two key market groups, commercial real estate clients and government/defence. 

Within the commercial real estate space arena, People-in-Motion can be used in smart cities, shopping malls, airports, hospitality and leisure, large outdoor events, trading floors and retail banking.
In fact, wherever there is a large visitor audience, there is always value seen by the management or owner knowing how that destination is actually being used. So far, the solution has already been deployed in all these locations and most recently in smart cities, where phase one of a flagship community project for Lendlease has seen an area of 3.7million sf monitored. 

For the government category, the firm’s solution can be deployed in secure establishments, such as correctional facilities, defence and military establishments, as well as by the police. Thanks to its cutting-edge abilities and exceptional accuracy, the solution is ideal for those who need to rely on information on phone detection and location.

Examples of analytics output from People-in-Motion…

One of the challenges that People-in-Motion has faced since inception is the fact that some clients do not know how they would like to implement the solution. They do not fully understand the implications and advantages of people monitoring technology (versus footfall counting) and as such are unable to see the potential tremendous benefits that it can give.
As part of its focus on driving even greater recognition for the brand, the team at People-in-Motion work alongside their clients to help unlock and understand the data impacts that their solutions has. For example, they often create a bespoke set of key performance objectives and metrics especially for a given location.

This helps clients to see the currently underused potential in behavioural analytics that People-in-Motion harness. It also shows them how People-in-Motion can assist with data decision making, guiding towards making operational, marketing or leasing and asset management decisions on data-facts not opinion, survey or simply counting numbers.

Ultimately, People-in-Motion has the potential to drive KeyOptions to even greater success over the years to come. Currently the firm is responding to growing interest from Smart Cities and has now targeted a number of the specialist conferences in order to showcase the benefits of deploying this truly unique solution in Smart Cities. This latest development will help drive the firm forward towards even greater prosperity throughout 2019 and even further ahead. 

Company: KeyOptions 

Contact: Peter Emery 

Website: http://www.keyoptions.com