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Contents BUILD Q2 2024 Welcome to the Q2 issues of BUILD magazine. As always, we endeavour to be your source for all the latest news and features from across the global construction and property industries. Spring has sprung – and it is the ideal time to get started on your construction project. Not only does the pleasant weather help in terms of practicality and logistics, but the longer days mean more time to get things done. With the new, bright season, it is also a popular time to transform the inside of the property, particularly with the increasing trend of working from home. Homeowners are looking to improve their home because they are spending so much more time there. Whether giving the walls a lick of paint; incorporating high-quality materials such as marble, silk, or velvet; or adding some statement pieces such as a chandelier, bold artwork, or patterned rug, there are plenty of ways to give the home a magnificent revamp. If you’re looking for recommendations to get your project moving, we are excited to be featuring a range of award-winning businesses that can bring it into fruition, whether in interior design, architecture, or construction work. We also have a provider of saunas and hot tubs, lighting solutions, and contemporary fireplaces, all to help one create the living space of their dreams. We hope you find this issue to be enjoyable and inspiring. Here’s to another prosperous quarter ahead and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon for the Q3 issue of BUILD magazine. Rebecca Scotland- Editor Phone: +44 (0)203 970 0037 Website: www.build-review.com Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland- Editor Joshua Beardsmore- Writer Emily Godbold- Writer Matthew Wright- Writer Lauren Baldwin- Graphic Designer Editorial Team Editors Letter

BUILD Campaign Name 2023 Discover the latest news and features from across the global construction and property industries. Subscribe Here: www.build-review.com/subscribe

Contents 6. News 9. SNEP d.o.o. PE GreenTwin: Best Digital Energy Management Platform 2023 - Central Europe 10. View the Stars Through Steam 11. The UK’s Structural Warranty Pros 12. IG Casa Passiva Piemonte: Best Sustainable Construction & Passive House Design Company 2023 - Italy 13. Architecture that Tells the Most Personal of Stories 14. The Place Between: Best Home Design & Renovation Project Management Consultants 2023 - UK 15. EBI (Ernest Brooks International): Best International Property Investment Firm 2023 - UK 16. Sero: Best Net Zero Home Solutions Platform 2023 - UK 17. Rustic Charm Meets Modern Luxury 18. Modern Contemporary Fireplace Solutions 19. Bespoke Architecture Solutions with Sustainability at its Core 20. Bespoke Lighting Solutions for Every Space 21. Texas’ Lean, Mean General Contracting Team 22. All I have is the light in my eyes… 24. Johnston Shopfitters: Unparalleled Commercial & Retail Fit- Out Solutions 25. Kidbrook Homes: Homes That Last a Lifetime 26. Sensations Worldwide Sp. z o.o: Best Trade Exhibition Design Specialists 2023 - Nevada 28. 101 Architecture+Design: London’s Best High-End Eco-Friendly Architectural Designers 29. Practical Solutions for Elegant Interior Design

BUILD Campaign Name 2023 Fiera Real Estate Retains SolarBank for Construction of Rooftop Solar Project in Alberta • USD$7.0 billion of commercial real estate managed by Fiera Real Estate • The project represents SolarBank's first construction project for Fiera, with more expected in the future SolarBank Corporation is pleased to announce that it has commenced construction on a 1.4 mW DC rooftop solar project for Fiera Real Estate ("Fiera") in Alberta (the "Project") as a pilot project. This Project is expected to operate as a "Small Scale Generator". The Project received interconnection approval in December 2023, full permitting in March 2024 is currently undergoing the process of engineering and final design. Construction of the Project is expected to be completed in November 2024. The Company, with the support of Zathura Investments, is providing development and EPC services under an EPC agreement with Fiera and expects to complete additional projects for Fiera in the future. This initial Project is part of Fiera's commitment to its Net Zero Pathway where its funds have established targets of Net Zero Carbon by 2040. Locally the Alberta government report that during 2023 there were a total of 1,092 wildfires burning a record 2.2-million hectares. As climate change is increasing the risk of wildfires, the Company and Fiera are aligned that renewable energy projects that help to decarbonize the grid are an important step in combatting climate change. Fiera Real Estate is a leading investment management company with offices in North America and Europe and a team of over 80 employees. The firm globally manages over USD$7.0 billion of commercial real estate through a range of investment funds and accounts as at December 31, 2023. The highly diverse nature of its portfolio – in terms of both geographies and types of properties – combined with a range of high-quality strategies provides investors with opportunities to diversify their exposure and customize their investment experience within the real estate asset class. Fiera Real Estate is wholly owned by Fiera Capital Corporation, a leading independent global asset management firm with more than USD122.1 billion of AUM as at December 31, 2023. Fiera Capital provides Fiera Real Estate with access to global investment market intelligence, which enhances its ability to innovate within a framework that emphasizes risk assessment and mitigation. There are several risks associated with the development of the Project. The development of any project is subject to the risks associated with the construction of a solar power project. In addition, governments may revise, reduce or eliminate incentives and policy support schemes for solar power, which could result in future projects no longer being economic.

7 MONTONI, the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ and Montez Corporation, the partners in the Espace Montmorency development, are proud to announce the opening of the new Courtyard by Marriott® hotel in the heart of Laval's new downtown. Located at 500 rue Lucien-Paiement, the establishment features 188 rooms on 10 floors, a signature restaurant and an open-air bar. This $45-million hotel project is backed by a group of investors consisting of MONTONI, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Cogir and Urgo Hotels & Resorts Canada, which will also manage the hotel. The latter is the Canadian subsidiary of HHM Hotels, internationally renowned for its expertise and high-quality administration. Espace Montmorency is notable for its green design, which adheres to the most stringent sustainability standards, an increasingly important selection criterion for small businesses and large corporations, both Québec-based and international, that are adopting carbon neutrality targets. A new business destination Business clientele demand is continuing to increase in Montréal Metropolitan Region and in Laval specifically. The Courtyard by Marriott® Montréal Laval, connected directly to Montmorency métro station by an underground tunnel, meets that growing demand and will become a destination of choice for corporate clients looking to organize conventions and events in Laval and seeking business travel accommodations. Hotel guests have access to all services offered in the Espace Montmorency complex, as well as a business centre for meetings, individual work spaces, reception halls, a restaurant, open-air bar and exclusive terrasses, access to the complex's 60,000-square-foot green inner courtyard, as well as to its indoor parking garage. The new establishment's location is ideal for business customers, with a tunnel connecting it to Montréal via the metro, and both the Palace Convention Centre and Place Bell arena just steps away. LEED Gold certifications Espace Montmorency was planned according to rigorous environmental values designed to make it a benchmark mixed-use property for the future. Commitment to the principles of sustainable development was a key driver of the project's development. Today, these measures are paying off in the form of energy savings of more than 50%, with the complex's energy loop resulting in a 92% decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Espace Montmorency has obtained LEED for Neighbourhood Development Gold certification. The partners also targeted LEED Gold certification for the buildings' cores and shells, reflecting: • Water savings of 45% • Use of 15% recycled materials • Use of 35% regional content A NEW SUSTAINABLY BUILT HOTEL IN LAVAL: COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT® OPENS AT ESPACE MONTMORENCY

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BUILD Q2 2024 GreenTwin is a web-based Digital Twin that controls and manages assets from one platform to the entire company. Its mission is to transform large and complex business facilities and processes into a 3D digital model that clients can experience and use to streamline their operations. Recognised in this year’s Sustainable Building Awards, GreenTwin has created an innovative product that offers clients real-time insights to reduce risk, lower costs, and improve production. Best Digital Energy Management Platform 2023 - Central Europe Contact Details: Contact: Boris Grivic Company: SNEP d.o.o. PE GreenTwin Web Address: https://greentwin.eu/ GreenTwin has developed a 3D fully integrable Digital Twin that enables facility and asset management, energy, and carbon footprint monitoring, and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and ESG (environment, social, and governance). With this pioneering product, companies and their premises can be transformed into smart entities, reducing human activity, and acting as a partner for management, energy, maintenance, and production managers. The Digital Twin’s main features include Energy Management, Maintenance CMMS, Production control, Asset Management, and CO2 footprint. The business provides companies with predictive and preventative maintenance for all buildings, assets, landscapes, HR, utilities, and more. By creating a 3D digital model, clients can visualise assets such as electricity to streamline optimisation and save costs. GreenTwin has previously detected energy savings of up to 42% and never below 26%. Early adopters of the platform have already got back the costs that they have put into the company. For example, a UK client invested €45,000 in a Digital Twin for energy management and is now saving nearly €13000 per month on electricity. These crucial savings have helped the business to expand and further invest in GreenTwin with heating, OEE, and 3D plans. Boris Grivic, CEO of GreenTwin, says, “All industries/businesses face energy price issues. We help them to lower the consumption of utilities. We also provide non-bias machine efficiency reports (OEE), so management knows what the remaining capacities are or how to save man hours by fragmenting a shift from 8 to 6 hours and use those two hours for something else, e.g. maintenance or help in other departments.” Presently, GreenTwin serves mostly end clients such as manufacturing companies, energy-intensive companies, public buildings, large facilities, and infrastructure. The company has begun to contact other organisations such as banks and hospitals. GreenTwin was recently approached by a mid-sized bank with 77 units and is comparing kWh/ m2 in each unit and converting that into a 3D board. GreenTwin also works with B2B clients who use the platform to exclusively cover their operations. Its Digital Twin provides businesses with invaluable insights into the performance of assets and processes, support, training, and regular platform updates. GreenTwin was originally developed on a small-scale project and is affordable for SMEs while also being scalable for larger companies. The platform offers a web-based solution that can run on a cloud or local server which makes the product unique when compared to competitors’ desktop versions. Supported by an experienced team, GreenTwin can continue to evolve its platform by leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas. Boris Grivic says, “We are always looking for curious and openminded people who are willing to explore something new. Digital twins are new, there is no specific education for that. Our jobs combine both office and site work. We are looking for people who have interests in software and hardware and see both as a tool to get data so we can hand over the solution.” GreenTwin’s Digital Twin provides relevant data on building and consumption but the next stage will be using AI to calculate ROI for energy-saving methods such as solar panels. AI will be able to search for solar panel suppliers and prices and combine this information with a client’s energy consumption data. When AI has found a match, it will present this information to the client so that they can make a fast and cost-effective decision. GreenTwin has recently become involved with the 2nd EU Horizon project that will use AI to assess corruption in procurement and governance. AI will be the focus of the company’s future and moving forward, GreenTwin aims to add further value to the platform by implementing augmented reality. As its platform develops, GreenTwin will continue to help companies and industries move towards smart and sustainable management. Its advanced Digital Twin places clients in complete control of managing their assets and production. In addition to lowering maintenance costs, organisations can also increase reliability, reduce risk, and ensure product quality with real-time insights. GreenTwin is dedicated to transforming companies into smart entities and becoming clients’ trusted partner in management, energy, maintenance, and production. For its advances in Digital Twin technology, we have bestowed on GreenTwin this year’s award for Best Digital Energy Management Platform - Central Europe.

BUILD Q2 2024 Committed to becoming the premier destination for luxurious wood fired hot tubs and innovative outdoor living solutions, Starview Enterprises is a company widely recognised for how flawlessly it enhances the wellbeing of both its clients and the wider world. Empowered by its eco-conscious practises and guided by its knack for innovation, Starview has quickly amassed a stellar reputation within the wellness industry, allowing it to build further connections centred around relaxation and rejuvenation. Below, we explore how all of these factors have earned Starview the prestigious title of Best Luxury Outdoor Living Sauna & Hot Tubs Company 2024 – UK. Existing as a means to honour the ever-emphasised importance of self-care in today’s technologydriven world, Starview Enterprises combines aesthetics and quality craftsmanship to bring a range of therapeutic rejuvenation solutions to the market. These solutions take the form of its wood fired hot tubs, ice baths, saunas, and outdoor living solutions, each crafted from the highest quality, eco-friendly materials available on today’s market. Whether it’s playing a role in uplifting clients’ emotional or physical wellbeing, Starview prides itself on creating lasting, reliable, and beautiful additions to its customers’ lifestyles, and it’s this very excellence that truly underpins each aspect of the company. What initially put Starview on the map, however, is its exceptional wood fired hot tubs. As a conduit through which Starview has managed to completely redefine the hot tub experience, these wood fired hot tubs boast heating times that greatly surpass current industry standards. Taking only 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the optimal temperature for a blissful relaxation experience, these products exemplify Starview’s overall commitment to prioritising efficiency, without detracting from the overall luxury of having a soak under the stars. Starview genuinely believes in giving customers exactly what they deserve, and has spared no expense in developing a range of products that perfectly meet this criteria. However, Starview offers more than its renowned hot tubs. In addition to its ever-popular range, the company also presents customers with the opportunity to outfit their outdoor spaces with saunas, ice baths, pergolas, and many more products that are designed to provide ample rejuvenation opportunities. In doing so, Starview has opened up various avenues for its clients, granting them access to their ideal method of unwinding. After all, no two people have the same idea of relaxation, and Starview has gone above and beyond to cater to this fact accordingly. This very dedication is what has distinguished the collective as a one-stop destination for creating the ultimate outdoor oasis, with its comprehensive range of outdoor living options just waiting to be explored by the weary and worn down. Partnered with Starview’s commitment to sustainability, there’s truly nothing more to love. Not only is the company set on seeing its clients thrive via the usage of its products, but it hopes that, in aligning itself with the best interests of the environment, it can craft a better world for each and every person. It achieves this by combining top-quality European sourcing with eco-friendly practises to create an environmentally friendly approach to production, while still upholding the utmost level of quality. Though such a balance wasn’t easy to strike, Starview has managed to do so to an astounding degree. As such, its products have become more than just access points to relaxation – they stand as proof that doing so needn’t come at the cost of diminishing our natural surroundings. Time and time again, Starview has proven that it’s an entity capable of fantastic things, and it displays this very notion through its comprehensive selection of outdoor living spaces. Whether customers are looking to indulge in a warm soak under the stars, or are wanting to transform their outdoor area into a steamy sauna fit for any occasion, Starview is eager to bring an unrivalled level of quality to the table. It’s this exact dedication that has earned Starview the title of Best Luxury Outdoor Living Sauna & Hot Tubs Company 2024 – UK, and we look forward to seeing what new products it intends to bring to the market in the coming months. Contact: Ray Mccall Company: Starview Enterprises Ltd Web Address: https://www.starviewni.com/ View the Stars Through Steam

BUILD Q2 2024 The UK’s Structural Warranty Pros Propelled by a mission to provide inherent defect insurance to the development sector, Protek Group is an award-winning company whose input has played a crucial part the industry’s recent adoption of forward thinking development models. Recognised by BUILD Magazine as the Structural Warranty Provider of the Year 2024 – UK, the provider has set its sights on assuring developers that, no matter however the economic landscape may change, they will always have access to a range of flexible products that future proof the development. Whether it’s providing support during the construction phase, or several years post completion, Protek Group promises to be a dependable companion within such a dynamic space. Widely recognised by lenders across the industry, Protek Group is an established structural warranty insurance provider that’s able to encourage the quick sales of its clients’ homes through its exceptional completion service. Specialising in providing developers with 10 to 12 years structural warranty insurance cover, the company confidently delivers the streamlined service in what is undeniably a technically challenging sector. In fact, the highly dynamic traits of the development industry are what initially set Protek Group on its journey – it identified that, while the very nature of the sector was constantly undergoing changes, there was a shortage of those providing comprehensive structural warranty insurance that was able to flex to meet those changes. In response to this realisation, Protek Group established its products to ensure that it would be able to allow for development model changes, no matter the stage of a project’s lifespan. With warranties available from only a 20% deposit, Protek Group has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry, with its services ultimately helping to shape how developers approach their coverage. In essence, when working alongside Protek Group, clients gain access to a provider whose astute understanding of the trade as a whole has been effortlessly translated into meaningful insurance solutions – ones that honour the fast-paced nature of the field, and are able to adapt accordingly. As such, the company possesses a flexible approach that can be reshaped to suit any development model. Regardless of whether it’s providing comprehensive structural warranty insurance to residential development, retail, mixed-use, commercial, regeneration, private residential schemes, social housing, conversions, self builds, or custom builds, Protek Group promises to uphold an uncontested level of quality in both its solutions and its customer service. This is predominantly conveyed through the company’s exceptional communication skills – skills that underpin every interaction, from start to finish. Protek Group prides itself on this very attribute and has invested considerable time and resources into ensuring that, no matter the complexity of a development, it’s able to deliver quick completion services while upholding an impeccably responsive communication network. The result is an industry-defying structural warranty provider whose commitment to being the very best of its craft has been noted time and time again. As a warranty provider operating within such a versatile field, it comes as no surprise to learn that Protek Group intends to further build upon its success. Having long since recognised that development schemes are subject to frequent changes, especially throughout the various design stages, the company has set its sights on delivering its ever- popular build to rent offering. This, will allow investors to sell off properties that may have been originally destined for the rental market at any point following the stage four design cycle. In doing so, Protek Group hopes that it can continue to uphold its founding ethos – that it exists as a risk transfer tool that ultimately enables and encourages development, as opposed to stopping it in its tracks. BUILD Magazine is always on the hunt for those who aren’t only adept in understanding their industry’s strengths, but are actively looking to fill any pitfalls that may present themselves along the way. Protek Group is one such entity – a Warranty Provider whose drive to cater to the dynamic nature of the structural warranty insurance market has served to empower clients across the trade. As such, we believe no company is more deserving of the title of Structural Warranty Provider of the Year 2024 – UK. Contact Details Contact: Simon Middleton Company: Protek Group Ltd Web Address: https://www.protekwarranty.co.uk/

BUILD Q2 2024 Best Sustainable Construction & Passive House Design Company 2023 - Italy Raised in a family of builders, Maria Grazia inherited her father’s passion for architecture, art, and nature. In 1996, she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Turin where she specialised in the preservation and restoration of historical and architectural heritage. In the competitive building industry, Maria Grazia sought to differentiate herself and studied at the National Institute of Bioarchitecture to hone her skills in Feng-Shui techniques. During a trip to Austria, Maria Grazia discovered Passivhaus, the Passive House principle, which aims to reduce a building’s ecological footprint with energy efficiency methods. From then, she discovered her true passion for bioclimatic architecture. Passivhaus is a proven solution for creating NZEB (nearly zero-energy buildings) optimised for a decarbonised grid and designed for optimal occupant health and wellbeing. Maria Grazia applied the innovative Passivhaus standard to her own home to personally verify its effectiveness. After experiencing the construction of her own home, Maria Grazia deepened her knowledge of energy-efficiency, which now forms the basis of her design work. In addition to the IG Passivhaus Piemonte association, Maria Grazia is a member of FIPH (Italian Passive House Federation) and IPHA (International Passive House Association). She is passionate about helping others make their homes healthier and more comfortable to achieve their own Passive House. IG Casa Passiva Piemonte aims to promote the Passive House standard and raise awareness among the construction sector and the public. The association works closely with manufacturers of sustainable construction materials to deliver its cutting-edge technical solutions. IG Casa Passiva Piemonte also focuses on training and offering further education to workers within the construction industry. Through this, the company strives to create a network of experienced professionals who can enforce high-quality standards in passive building construction. Since its inception, IG Casa Passiva Piemonte has remained steadfast in its objectives to spread the passive house standard and train experts in the field. Maria Grazia says, “It is well known that buildings, by themselves, are the third cause of pollution and climate change. My attention towards the Passivhaus is the result of various elements: study, care, curiosity, but above all, the desire to build and give life to a project that would have the most benefits for the person living inside the house. In 2005, I transformed my family farmhouse into a Passive House, where I have been living for 19 years, disproving the scepticism of those who are unfamiliar with this type of dwelling. It is the leitmotif of my work to ensure my ideas are always tailored to the needs of the clients. For this reason, clients trust me because before presenting it to them, I wanted to try it myself.” At IG Casa Passiva Piemonte, the team is dedicated to tailoring services to suit clients’ specific needs. The company prides itself on transparency and clearly communicating information to clients to guarantee a successful collaboration. By actively participating in trade fairs, conferences, and industry events, the association can remain up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations and foster new relationships with prospective clients. The IG Casa Passiva Piemonte team play a crucial role in promoting the sustainable lifestyle and adapting to challenges in the ever-evolving industry. With the support of its creative team, the company can remain at the forefront of innovation. Established in 2008 by Maria Grazia Novo, IG Casa Passiva Piemonte is a company dedicated to promoting the Passivhaus Standard in Italy. After discovering Passivhaus in Austria, Maria Grazia became passionate about applying the concept of a Passive House to her own home and sharing the net-zero-ready construction system in her community. IG Casa Passiva Piemonte has been honoured in this year’s Sustainable Building Awards for its creation of sustainable buildings and future-forward designs. Over the coming year, IG Casa Passiva Piemonte has plans to design a NZEB tourist residential complex built using local and natural products. The project aims to optimise construction waste and incorporate renewable energy sources. By installing solar panels and a thorough insulation on the entire envelope of the house, the company can reduce the energy consumption of the complex and offset the energy needed for construction. The project will utilise the expertise of professionals in sustainable construction and consult local regulations to ensure that the complex remains compliant and maximise its impact on the environment. IG Casa Passiva Piemonte is passionate about sharing the Passivhaus principle with the Italian construction industry to spread its objectives of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Spearheaded by Maria Grazia Novo, the association is dedicated to creating a network of experienced professionals who can enforce high-quality standards in passive construction. The company strives to tailor its services to meet clients’ specific needs and works closely with them to deliver their perfect Passive House. Recognised in this year’s Sustainable Building Awards, IG Casa Passiva Piemonte will continue to revolutionise the construction industry by promoting the Passivhaus standard for a more sustainable future. Contact: Maria Grazia Novo Company: IG Casa Passiva Piemonte Web Address: https://igcasapassivapiemonte. it/ or https://mariagrazianovo.it/

BUILD Q2 2024 Full-service luxury residential architecture firm J Christopher Architecture (JCA) has been crowned as the Best Luxury Ranch Design Firm 2024 - Central Texas, something it has achieved on the back of its exemplary client service and stellar luxury house designs, which provide a unique, warm, and familyfriendly atmosphere. Leveraging 25 years of industry experience, Founder and Principal Architect Chris Davenport, AIA, is renowned for his unrivalled ability to accurately reflect the personality of the owner in his creations, perfectly balancing this with the surrounding landscape so as to create a distinctive place that one is proud to call their home. We speak with Chris for more. Architecture that Tells the Most Personal of Stories Contact Details: Contact: Chris Davenport, AIA Company: J Christopher Architecture Web Address: https://www.jchristopherarchitecture.com/ Possessing a keen interest in projects that will significantly enhance the quality of life of its clients and their loved ones, JCA works exclusively with the best builders, engineers, interior designers, and other industry experts to craft homes that are as sustainable as they are beautiful, addressing every need and desire so as to nurture an environment that radiates happiness, comfort, and luxury at every turn. Catering primarily to high-net-worth individuals whose construction space is at least 3,000 sq. ft., Chris and his team aid immeasurably in land planning, pool design, and even site selection, turning one’s wildest dreams to tangible realities. Determined to do things right first time, Chris explains, “we offer services that thoroughly explore a home’s design before ever putting up a wall. By dedicating appropriate time to design development and construction documents, costly field changes can be avoided, saving the build team time and hassle, and the client money.” With Chris hailing from humble beginnings in both Texas and Iowa, he spares clients the unnecessary pomp and circumstance usually associated with the luxury property development market, instead remaining approachable, honest, and straightforward at all times, with his sleeves rolled up ready to get stuck in. Operating in this way, Chris’ ethos is centred around making the design process fun, all the while utilising his services, design expertise, and industry knowledge to create something that is truly special every time, with a keen eye kept on budget so as to make sure that money is not spent simply for the sake of it. As a sole proprietor who surrounds himself with a host of experts in this multi-faceted sphere, Chris prides himself on the attention to detail that he and his devoted team are able to afford every project. Regarding his approach to hiring these colleagues for this team, Chris seeks out individuals who embody the same positive qualities that define his own personable nature. In an ever-changing industry such as this, it requires more than skill, a good personality, and a fantastic team to succeed. On the back of this, JCA has its sights firmly set on the future of the space, monitoring the opportunities and challenges that are set to define it, such as technology. Commenting on this, Chris explains, “easier access and more cost-effective means of virtual reality renderings and walkthroughs have displaced many of the traditional artistic representations.” “While it is sad to see this art form give way, it is hard to argue with the efficiency and effectiveness of computer-generated 3D images. I have begun including these as part one of a two-part set of design and construction documents.” Beyond this, Chris recognises the progressively important role that AI is set to play in the future of the sector, stating, “the increasing prowess of AI systems’ abilities to design and produce buildings may well result in a choice between today’s version of Frank Lloyd Wright and HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.” To combat such changes, Chris is well aware of the importance of emphasising the person-centric nature of JAC’s services, firm in the belief that people will forever favour working with real people over artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to resist such change, and Chris is always seeking out ways to use such technology to streamline his existing services, rather than replace them. As for the future of J Christopher Architecture specifically, Chris explains, “in 2024, [we] will be continuing to automate and adapt back-of-house systems to more efficiently perform the various repetitive tasks that do not require the keen design eye or problem-solving ability of a design professional.” Moreover, Chris aims to significantly reduce the design process time frame to approximately 6-8 months, down from the current 10-12. This represents an ongoing, unwavering commitment to clients, something that stands the business in good stead as it continues to pioneer in the field of luxury house and ranch design.

BUILD Q2 2024 With an unwavering passion for enhancing sustainability in the building sector, The Place Between is as an awardwinning social enterprise, leveraging legal and project management skills to tackle sustainability challenges and legal disputes in the home improvement sector. Founded by an international lawyer with extensive experience working with human rights and environmental charities, The Place Between utilises this background to drive positive change in the home renovation industry. It offers bespoke consultancy services, including eco-conscious design, contractor hiring, materialssourcing,andonlinerenovation coaching. Its past projects focused on revamping family period houses to enhance energy efficiency, lessen the environmental impact of building works, and improve overall property value. With a commitment to “enjoyable, sustainable home renovations”, The Place Between fosters better relationships between homeowners and building professionals. Best Home Design & Renovation Project Management Consultants 2023 - UK As a social enterprise that supports homeowners, contractors, and building professionals alike in achieving ethical home renovations, The Place Between is a leading light within the industry. It’s no secret that the home renovation sector has a major problem with environmental waste and legal disputes, but there are few entities willing to address these pressing issues. As such, The Place Between looked to fill this void, and has quickly positioned itself as a resource alleviating the strain facing renovators. In essence, The Place Between is an ally to those looking to design, plan, and sustainably execute property renovation. With its support, renovators use detailed design briefs so that the build phase runs smoothly. Throughout the process, both homeowners and building pros are encouraged to make responsible choices, with eco-conscious design and material sourcing. For example, The Place Between supported people to remodel and retrofit houses with little structural work, restore period features, source and fit reclaimed parquet and floorboards, fix dampness issues, fit energy-efficient heating systems, and use eco-conscious materials, products, and working methods. This empowering approach increases positive environmental impact and lessens the risks of disputes about costs, scope, and timelines between homeowners and contractors. This fundamental but too often overlooked preparatory work sustains the subsequent building phases, where The Place Between can act as project manager or offer ad-hoc guidance through bespoke consultations. Renovators can book online consultations via the website. Homeowners are inspired by sustainable design ideas and empowered to drive their projects, while building professionals are supported to deliver quality services to meet their client’s requirements. Various explorative techniques and online tools are used by The Place Between to help achieve the best ideas for each home. Put simply, The Place Between prioritises conceiving and proposing functional and beautiful bespoke designs that don’t cost the earth. It does so via a process that engages both homeowners and construction professionals. For instance, The Place Between has guided its clients to become parties into mutually developed contracts to form the basis of their successful projects. These contracts include modalities clearly describing responsibilities and pre-emptively establishing systems to address common problems. This conscientious approach makes ethical home renovations possible and this is satisfying for all involved. There’s fun to be had in the world of thoughtful renovations, and The Place Between is at the forefront of exploring this notion to the fullest. It's this focus on fostering partnerships between homeowners and building professionals that distinguishes The Place Between from other consultancies within the industry. By supporting every party involved in a renovation project through the application of its legal, design, and project management skills, the company has mastered the art of preventing conflict to achieve a positive outcome for even the most complex projects. At its core, The Place Between truly believes in the power of positivity within the renovation sphere. The industry has been steeped in conflict for too long, and The Place Between has seized the opportunity to transform this aspect of the trade. It has developed solutions and consultancy services for the benefit of every party involved, resulting in a steady and well-needed level of support for homeowners and construction professionals alike. Contact: Valerie Couillard Company: The Place Between Web Address: https://theplacebetween.co.uk/

BUILD Q2 2024 Best International Property Investment Firm 2023 - UK A global success story, EBI (Ernest Brooks International) offers specialist real estate services to owners, investors, and occupiers across London and the UK. With its head-office in London, and a further three global offices, to partner with EBI is to guarantee maximum asset exposure, with the team leveraging their experience, industry knowledge, and forward-thinking marketing strategy to steer all of their clients towards achieving their investment goals. Established in 2016, real estate consultancy, EBI has advised on over 1,000 new homes since its inception. Specialising in property rentals, sales and management, the team possess decades of experience and insight into the UK market and act on behalf of owners, investors, buyers and tenants. Thanks to its two central London offices, and further offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai, EBI truly means it when it says it will expose its clients’ UK properties to the world, with the company’s consultancy team also speaking more than two dozen languages. Culture & Values Regardless of the specific nature of the service in question, EBI leverages a series of business ethics that are strictly adhered to, with these being a vital part of how the team operate and are in effect across the organisation and its three global holdings. Functioning with such ethics in tow guarantees a smooth and uniform approach to business, extending not only within the team itself, but in their interactions with clients on a daily basis. Adhering to their core values of dedicated, approachable, professional, and ethical, the service that a client is afforded from the firm is consistent and considered, and above all geared towards helping clients to make the best decisions possible. An unflinching commitment to the development and fulfilment of its team is also at the very heart of how EBI operates. Providing support and opportunities to grow is essential in ensuring job satisfaction and ensuring that its staff possess a desirable work-life balance remains integral to its success. As an example of this, EBI prioritises internal promotion, something reflected in the impressive statistic that an overwhelming 95% of its senior staff and management are home grown, having ascended the company ladder to some of the highest-level positions. Investing in the UK and EBI Whilst the world of property remains in a constant state of flux, London and the UK consistently serves as an enduring investment opportunity that is almost certain to generate an attractive long-term return. And with a busy market comes a great deal of competition, but when one considers the experience, proven track record, and forward-thinking marketing approach that this team offers, it is no surprise that EBI stands head and shoulders above its regional, and international, competition. Thus, for long-term investors through to firsttime buyers and everyone in between, EBI confidently sets the benchmark for individuals whose interests and investments lie in the UK property market. This award-winning firm doesn’t simply claim to offer the best property consultancy services, it possesses the necessary skill and reputation to more than back it up. Company: EBI (Ernest Brooks International) Web Address: www.ernest-brooks.com

BUILD Q2 2024 In the modern day, asset management teams juggle a multitude of competing priorities, including damp, mould, ESG commitments, overcrowding, and fuel poverty. For most landlords, delivering Net Zero at scale is unchartered territory with numerous perceived barriers. As a result, the prospect of developing a strategy and getting started can leave them feeling overwhelmed and burdened. In 2017, Sero was established by CEO James Williams and CIO Andy Sutton. With many years of experience working in the energy and housing sectors, they identified a need for simple and affordable solutions designed to help housing providers to build and retrofit greener homes. Since then, the company has led the way on some of the UK’s biggest research projects, developing market-leading technologies and solutions. Sero has helped countless housing providers to retrofit their homes to Net Zero, gain a better understanding of their housing stock, and develop effective solutions to improve their properties. Through this, the company strives to have a meaningful impact on the carbon emissions produced by the built environment. Furthermore, with Sero’s expertise, products, and services, landlords can also empower their asset management teams to tackle the competing demands placed upon them. By helping them to address issues such as mould and fuel poverty, the company contributes towards the health, wellbeing, and financial security of social housing customers. Today, the Sero team consists of over 50 individuals, whose expertise and firsthand experience are the foundation of its success. The company is equipped with a team of industry experts, developers, and data scientists who work together to solve challenges, innovate, and make a positive difference by developing algorithms and software. In hiring, Sero seeks professionals who are keen to push boundaries and possess real-life awareness of how homes and buildings perform, which enables the company to provide clients with pragmatic, affordable solutions that deliver on their promises. When approaching a new client project, Sero believes that, in order for Net Zero to be achieved, its implementation must be carried out in four steps: plan, fund, implement, monitor, and report/learn. Leveraging its independent expertise and technology, the company provides social housing providers with robust strategy and solutions for every stage of this journey, from planning to funding and home data. Firstly, Sero’s Portfolio Pathway product is designed to support landlords through the planning stage of Net Zero implementation, digitally providing them with all the information they need to plan their strategy, build their business case, identify their first project, and apply for funding. Secondly, when it comes to funding, Sero can offer bid support and an alternative route to finance with their Energy Services solutions. When it comes to delivery, the company’s qualified and experienced retrofit coordinators not only oversee projects from inception to completion but also leverage technology to produce Medium-Term Improvement Plans that comprehensively outline the landlord’s intended outcomes. At the monitor stage, Sero’s Intelligent Energy System – the BEE allows landlords to easily Headquartered in Cardiff, Sero serves as a strategic partner to housing providers, supporting them on their journey to Net Zero by helping them to develop and implement trusted strategies. The company genuinely cares about its clients, their customers, and the environment, building lasting collaborative relationships in order to ensure that each project is completed effectively. Here, we explore Sero’s purpose and its fascinating work in the wake of its success in winning Best Net Zero Home Solutions Platform in the Sustainable Building Awards 2023. collect in-home property data, connecting with the renewable and data capture devices in their homes and consolidating the data. With this information, they can measure, validate, and report the impact of their retrofit measures. Finally, at the Report and Learn stage, Sero in the future hopes to work with landlords to transform the collected in-house data into business intelligence, enabling them to proactively maintain their housing stock and tackle challenges like fuel poverty, damp, and mould. They can also use these insights to ensure that customers are maximising the benefits of the new technologies installed in their homes. For its unparalleled products and services, we are pleased to have recently awarded Sero the title of Best Net Zero Home Solutions Platform in the Sustainable Building Awards 2023. On the company’s future, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Andy Sutton shares, “We see our technology and services enabling asset management teams to move to a data-rich environment that informs their strategic asset management strategy. We want to use the real performance data collected from homes to not only ensure that the outcomes a landlord set out to achieve are actually happening in reality, but that their future programmes are learning from the data and being utilised to improve prediction models and algorithms.” Contact: Cerys Williams Company: Sero Web Address: www.sero.life Best Net Zero Home Solutions Platform 2023 - UK

BUILD Q2 2024 Rentfrow Design is a boutique architecture firm based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, defined by its unique design philosophy of “Creating homes for the way your family lives”. It is committed to the creation of cuttingedge, meticulously thought-out floor plans, material choices, and interiors that seamlessly blend beauty and functionality. Inspired by the magnificent landscapes of Colorado, Rentfrow Design utilises rustic farmhouse architecture styles to bring clients’ dream homes to life. Now recognised as Most Innovative Architectural Design Studio 2024 – Colorado, we take a closer look at what makes Rentfrow Design so extraordinary within the architecture sphere. Rustic Charm Meets Modern Luxury Contact Details: Company: Rentfrow Design, LLC Contact: Jon Rentfrow Website: www.rentfrowdesign.com Email: [email protected] The fourth most populous city in Colorado, Fort Collins sits on the Cache la Poudre River along the Colorado Front Range. Home to the awardwinning Rentfrow Design, it also boasts a thriving craft beer industry, as well as incredible opportunities for outdoor adventure along the river, Spring Creek, National Forests, or Horsetooth Reservoir, whether cycling, fishing, hiking, golfing, horse riding, canoeing, camping, and much more. In its architecture, Rentfrow Design works to complement these picturesque Fort Collins surroundings. One such example is its Jannie Barn two-storey farmhouse-style property, with a backdrop of rolling hills, and clad in timeless lap siding, with two inviting porches. This is a house tailored to the horse lover, with the first level being a haven for the equine members of the family. Consisting of four stalls with private exterior access, the barn enables both ease of access and freedom for its equine inhabitants. Adjacent is a tack room designed to accommodate a horse and its owner’s every need. A solid wooden staircase then leads to the second floor, where, bathed in natural light, there is a cosy, open living space which flows through to the farmhouse kitchen featuring a peninsula and eating bar. Either side of this section are two bedrooms with a private bathroom for each, providing the ultimate relaxation area to top off the property’s rural simplicity and innovative elegance. Also notable within Rentfrow Design’s project portfolio is its Trappers Point four-bedroom farmhouse, the epitome of country-style living, with its charm, comfort, and panoramic views. At the front are two car garages, accompanied by a wraparound porch, to the right of which is a fireplace making for the perfect spot to take in the breath-taking outdoors while staying cosy. Upon entry of the property, the warm ambience sets the tone for the entire home. From the spacious office, to the bright, open living area, family room, and dining area, to the beautifully designed kitchen, each room is thoughtfully designed and ensures convenience and functionality for every aspect of daily life. Then, at the top of the stairwell is a loft area, a bathroom, and two bedrooms, each of which have their own walk-in closet. This second level serves as the ultimate luxury space to escape and unwind. Meanwhile, beneath the property is a 1,189sqft basement with a guest suite and pocket bathroom, as well as a recreation room featuring a wet bar to create a brilliant setting for entertaining friends and family. “We live in a home designed by Jon Rentfrow that was built in 2001. The longer we live here, the more we appreciate the attention that went into the design and construction – truly a pleasure!” -Steve A. From exploring these two properties, it becomes quickly clear just how Rentfrow Design has become such a highly esteemed architecture firm. And although it is only a small firm, this only holds positives, with it meaning that clients get to enjoy a close working relationship with their designated designer for the duration of their project. This combined with next-level talent and a glowing reputation for delivering only the very best in architecture. The focus remains on how its clients really live and how they want to live in their new home, as Jon says, “It’s not just [a matter of] asking questions about how big and how many, but, rather, ‘why?’” Within its research into its clients’ lifestyles, Rentfrow Design is seeing the increase in people working from home. The pandemic was certainly a catalyst of this spurt in remote working, but coming out of that, Jon acknowledges that many individuals are still wrestling with their employers’ expectations and the working situation that they have now become accustomed to. The digital evolution continues to have an impact in other ways, too, with the constant use of technology and mobile devices – as such, the home needs to fit in with this modern-day lifestyle. Jon adds, “Multi-generational families living together is becoming the new normal [too] – that, we as designers are responding to, even though municipalities and their building codes are not changing fast enough.” Alongside meeting the needs of its clients, sustainability is an important focus for Rentfrow Design. Jon acknowledges how sustainable materials are a “big deal” to clients – although budget is also a variable, as not everyone can afford to be as sustainable as they want to be. Jon states, “Clients recognise the need for their home to allow them to live there a long time, so I equate sustainability to ‘age-in-place’.” Ultimately, Rentfrow Design has an inevitably bright future ahead of it as it continues on its path of making dreams a reality. For each project, it embarks on a unique journey alongside its clients, combining their vision and its expertise in order to create a home design that is entirely exclusive and as functional as it is aesthetically-pleasing. Rentfrow Design is ready to make your dream home a reality. Photography by: Nic Rentfrow - https://www.nicrentfrow.com/