Q2 2024

BUILD Q2 2024 With locations in Dublin, Wicklow, Newry, Ballymena, and Doncaster, Johnston Shopfitters is a leading provider of fit-out services and equipment for the retail and commercial sectors, serving businesses that range from pharmacies to jewellery stores to fashion retailers. Here, we speak to Managing Director Conor Cahill to find out more about Johnston Shopfitters as it is recognised in our Design & Build Awards 2024, receiving the title of Best Retail & Commercial Fit-Out Provider, ROI. With roots dating back to 1947, Johnston Shopfitters is the go-to partner for both retail design and the manufacture and installation of bespoke and standard shop fittings. With over 70 years of experience in its field, the company possesses an in-depth understanding of the retail industry and has developed its in-house skillset accordingly. As a result, it can be trusted to prioritise its clients and listen to their needs, delivering innovative solutions that not only harness trends but also offer excellent value for money. Ultimately, Johnston Shopfitters strives to empower its clients by enabling them to provide an inspirational and informative shopping experience to their own customers. Over the years, Johnston Shopfitters has undergone both organic and acquisitional growth, leading to the diversification of its services. Despite its evolution, the company has maintained an unwavering focus on excellence in design, build, manufacturing, installation, and customer service, always striving to exceed expectations. Given the level of service, experience, and passion it brings to each and every project, it is no surprise that Johnston Shopfitters has gone from strength to strength, even persisting through the retail sector’s most challenging times. For example, when retail stores were forced to close during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company was able to use this time to strengthen its business activities and develop its position within the market. Conor adds, “We managed to retain all of our team, which provided us with consistency of service and allowed us to take advantage of the improved market conditions post-Covid.” However, the pandemic is not the only challenge that Johnston Shopfitters has faced recently, with Brexit having significantly affected the supply chain. “Having an office in Doncaster was fundamental to overcoming the challenges associated with Brexit, but planning was the biggest key to success,” Conor explains. “We did a lot of planning in advance to switch our supply chain away from the UK market while also putting in place the necessary procedures to facilitate the import and export of necessary goods to and from the UK.” Additionally, like many other long-standing companies, Johnston Shopfitters has needed to navigate the evolving technological landscape in order to keep up with its competitors. With decades of experience developing brick and mortar retail environments, the company identified the need to incorporate modern retail technologies into its work. To do this, it has recently completed the acquisition of De Tec Tag Retail Services, now rebranded as Johnston Retail Services. This new division operating under the Johnston Fitout Group, specialises in providing clients with solutions in the areas of loss prevention and smart CCTV, age verification software for controlled age-appropriate retailing, autonomous commerce like self-scan systems, data analytics for customer footfall and revenue maximisation, and digital screens, media, and content management. Conor comments, “This acquisition represents a significant move by The Johnston Fitout Group into technology-based retail services and gives its significant client base access to some of the most modern tools to assist them in maintaining, developing, and managing their business.” Whilst evolving with the times has been a priority in recent years, Johnston Shopfitters has not forgotten its roots. As a family-run business, the company strongly values long-term relationships, not only with its customers but also with its supply chain partners and most importantly its team. It strives to create a working environment in which staff members are empowered and motivated to do their best, investing in their wellbeing and professional development. This is why many of its employees have been with the team for 20 years or more. Considering its overall success along with its recent accomplishments, it is no surprise that Johnston Shopfitters has been awarded the title of Best Retail & Commercial Fit-Out Provider, ROI, in the Design & Build Awards 2024. Looking towards the future, the company plans to focus on the development of a training academy, which will help it to overcome the industry’s labour shortage whilst promoting and developing its existing team. Contact: Conor Cahill Company: Johnston Shopfitters Web Address: johnston-shopfitters.eu Johnston Shopfitters: Unparalleled Commercial & Retail FitOut Solutions