Q2 2024

BUILD Q2 2024 Best International Property Investment Firm 2023 - UK A global success story, EBI (Ernest Brooks International) offers specialist real estate services to owners, investors, and occupiers across London and the UK. With its head-office in London, and a further three global offices, to partner with EBI is to guarantee maximum asset exposure, with the team leveraging their experience, industry knowledge, and forward-thinking marketing strategy to steer all of their clients towards achieving their investment goals. Established in 2016, real estate consultancy, EBI has advised on over 1,000 new homes since its inception. Specialising in property rentals, sales and management, the team possess decades of experience and insight into the UK market and act on behalf of owners, investors, buyers and tenants. Thanks to its two central London offices, and further offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai, EBI truly means it when it says it will expose its clients’ UK properties to the world, with the company’s consultancy team also speaking more than two dozen languages. Culture & Values Regardless of the specific nature of the service in question, EBI leverages a series of business ethics that are strictly adhered to, with these being a vital part of how the team operate and are in effect across the organisation and its three global holdings. Functioning with such ethics in tow guarantees a smooth and uniform approach to business, extending not only within the team itself, but in their interactions with clients on a daily basis. Adhering to their core values of dedicated, approachable, professional, and ethical, the service that a client is afforded from the firm is consistent and considered, and above all geared towards helping clients to make the best decisions possible. An unflinching commitment to the development and fulfilment of its team is also at the very heart of how EBI operates. Providing support and opportunities to grow is essential in ensuring job satisfaction and ensuring that its staff possess a desirable work-life balance remains integral to its success. As an example of this, EBI prioritises internal promotion, something reflected in the impressive statistic that an overwhelming 95% of its senior staff and management are home grown, having ascended the company ladder to some of the highest-level positions. Investing in the UK and EBI Whilst the world of property remains in a constant state of flux, London and the UK consistently serves as an enduring investment opportunity that is almost certain to generate an attractive long-term return. And with a busy market comes a great deal of competition, but when one considers the experience, proven track record, and forward-thinking marketing approach that this team offers, it is no surprise that EBI stands head and shoulders above its regional, and international, competition. Thus, for long-term investors through to firsttime buyers and everyone in between, EBI confidently sets the benchmark for individuals whose interests and investments lie in the UK property market. This award-winning firm doesn’t simply claim to offer the best property consultancy services, it possesses the necessary skill and reputation to more than back it up. Company: EBI (Ernest Brooks International) Web Address: www.ernest-brooks.com