Q2 2024

BUILD Q2 2024 In the modern day, asset management teams juggle a multitude of competing priorities, including damp, mould, ESG commitments, overcrowding, and fuel poverty. For most landlords, delivering Net Zero at scale is unchartered territory with numerous perceived barriers. As a result, the prospect of developing a strategy and getting started can leave them feeling overwhelmed and burdened. In 2017, Sero was established by CEO James Williams and CIO Andy Sutton. With many years of experience working in the energy and housing sectors, they identified a need for simple and affordable solutions designed to help housing providers to build and retrofit greener homes. Since then, the company has led the way on some of the UK’s biggest research projects, developing market-leading technologies and solutions. Sero has helped countless housing providers to retrofit their homes to Net Zero, gain a better understanding of their housing stock, and develop effective solutions to improve their properties. Through this, the company strives to have a meaningful impact on the carbon emissions produced by the built environment. Furthermore, with Sero’s expertise, products, and services, landlords can also empower their asset management teams to tackle the competing demands placed upon them. By helping them to address issues such as mould and fuel poverty, the company contributes towards the health, wellbeing, and financial security of social housing customers. Today, the Sero team consists of over 50 individuals, whose expertise and firsthand experience are the foundation of its success. The company is equipped with a team of industry experts, developers, and data scientists who work together to solve challenges, innovate, and make a positive difference by developing algorithms and software. In hiring, Sero seeks professionals who are keen to push boundaries and possess real-life awareness of how homes and buildings perform, which enables the company to provide clients with pragmatic, affordable solutions that deliver on their promises. When approaching a new client project, Sero believes that, in order for Net Zero to be achieved, its implementation must be carried out in four steps: plan, fund, implement, monitor, and report/learn. Leveraging its independent expertise and technology, the company provides social housing providers with robust strategy and solutions for every stage of this journey, from planning to funding and home data. Firstly, Sero’s Portfolio Pathway product is designed to support landlords through the planning stage of Net Zero implementation, digitally providing them with all the information they need to plan their strategy, build their business case, identify their first project, and apply for funding. Secondly, when it comes to funding, Sero can offer bid support and an alternative route to finance with their Energy Services solutions. When it comes to delivery, the company’s qualified and experienced retrofit coordinators not only oversee projects from inception to completion but also leverage technology to produce Medium-Term Improvement Plans that comprehensively outline the landlord’s intended outcomes. At the monitor stage, Sero’s Intelligent Energy System – the BEE allows landlords to easily Headquartered in Cardiff, Sero serves as a strategic partner to housing providers, supporting them on their journey to Net Zero by helping them to develop and implement trusted strategies. The company genuinely cares about its clients, their customers, and the environment, building lasting collaborative relationships in order to ensure that each project is completed effectively. Here, we explore Sero’s purpose and its fascinating work in the wake of its success in winning Best Net Zero Home Solutions Platform in the Sustainable Building Awards 2023. collect in-home property data, connecting with the renewable and data capture devices in their homes and consolidating the data. With this information, they can measure, validate, and report the impact of their retrofit measures. Finally, at the Report and Learn stage, Sero in the future hopes to work with landlords to transform the collected in-house data into business intelligence, enabling them to proactively maintain their housing stock and tackle challenges like fuel poverty, damp, and mould. They can also use these insights to ensure that customers are maximising the benefits of the new technologies installed in their homes. For its unparalleled products and services, we are pleased to have recently awarded Sero the title of Best Net Zero Home Solutions Platform in the Sustainable Building Awards 2023. On the company’s future, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Andy Sutton shares, “We see our technology and services enabling asset management teams to move to a data-rich environment that informs their strategic asset management strategy. We want to use the real performance data collected from homes to not only ensure that the outcomes a landlord set out to achieve are actually happening in reality, but that their future programmes are learning from the data and being utilised to improve prediction models and algorithms.” Contact: Cerys Williams Company: Sero Web Address: www.sero.life Best Net Zero Home Solutions Platform 2023 - UK