Design & Build 2022

BUILD Design & Build 2022 14 7 Q2 2022 BUILD Feb22085 Warming Homes, Not the Planet As the ‘Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Sustainable Insulation Solutions’ in 2022 for Lincoln, SuperFOIL has made itself a front-runner when it comes to providing insulating solutions that are both sustainable and effective. With its products being made of 40% recycled bottles, it prevents additional waste heading to landfill by using it in the insulation, as well as lessening the amount of new raw materials that need to be used up in the creation of its products. Selling everything from DIY insulating kits to insulating solutions for big roofing projects, it takes pride in working with clients and retail partners alike to reduce the use of plastic packaging and non-recyclable materials, hoping to make this an even more exemplary aspect of its business in the next 5 years. uperFOIL Insulation, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of foil insulating products, has recently been able to enjoy the acclaim brought to it by being recognised as a leading designer and manufacturer in this year’s Build Awards. Nominally, the company’s range of insulation has been speaking for itself when it comes to both excellence and longevity. It has built up an exemplary catalogue of easy-to-fit DIY oriented products such as radiator reflectors, as well as products such as cavity closers, garage door insulation kits, pipe insulation, and the highest performing multifoil insulation on the market. Proud to be able to say this with certainty, SuperFOIL’s high performance is made all the more impressive by its sustainability. Critically, its insulations are 40% made up of recycled materials, namely recycled drinking bottles which go into the wadding; this reduced the amount of new, raw materials that need to be made and prevents waste from going to landfill, S allowing it to tread lightly on the environment as it goes about its business. SuperFOIL products are available across all manner of major retailers from Wickes to Yorkshire Trading Company and The Range, as well as wholesalers such as Travis Perkins, Harlow Timber Merchants, and Builder Depot. SuperFOIL, since its founding in 2007, has been continuing to live up to its promise of providing high-performance, costeffective insulation – building up a reputation for in-depth, personalised, and technically exemplary services – all whilst operating under the umbrella of the Boulder Development Group. The company aims to establish multifoil as the mainstream insulation source in the future, leading by example to show the rest of its industry just how much better for the environment and as an insulating resource it is. In everything from resistance to lifespan and effectiveness, multifoil beats the competition, and can help all manner of clients from homeowners wishing to boost energy efficiency to developers and builders. The SuperFOIL team also supports its clients in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Whether it’s during the initial meeting, the purchase, or after the installation, SuperFOIL is always ready to chat through any queries, comments, or concerns that a customer may have in order to allay their fears, its exemplary staff each knowing the products like the backs of their hands. Able to display this thorough knowledge at every turn, they have benefitted from rigorous training, and consistently pull together as a unit to help the company and its clients through challenges such as those presented by Brexit and Covid-19 both. With concerns over heating and energy bills rising, it is ready to step up to the plate for its market segment, gearing up for a busy year of making itself a trusted service provider and expert. Company: SuperFOIL Insulation Contact name - William Bown Website - Number - 01636 639900 Email- [email protected]