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Design & Build 2022 Now in its 3rd year, the Design & Build Awards continue to showcase the work of architects, designers and leading industry professionals who have continued to excel in their field and make their mark despite a difficult few years.

BUILD Design & Build 2022 2 Now in its 3rd year, the Design & Build Awards continue to showcase the work of architects, designers and leading industry professionals who have continued to excel in their field and make their mark despite a difficult few years. These companies and individuals are the beating heart of their sector, acting as the world’s leading professionals, experts and innovators who BUILD Magazine are proud to recognise and showcase globally. This award is judged purely on merit by our in-house team with all potential winners assessed against multiple relevant criteria, including company performance over a given period of time with the individual at the helm, expertise and experience within the industry, sector or region, previous accolades won, and client testimonials or recommendations. Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Design & Build 2022 BUILD 3 4. Lok-N-Blok: Building A Sustainable Future 6. Clear Architects: The True Essence of Design 7. Rentfrow Design, LLC: Illustrious Spaces to Stand the Test of Time 8. Max-Stairs Ltd: Striving For Sublime Structures 9. ACI Wright Architects Inc: The Shape Of Paradise 10. EAB Homes: Exquisite Homes Built to Last 11. Geo-Environmental Services Ltd: Strong Foundations the Key to Success 12. Henrietta Southam Design: Dreamt. Drawn. Designed. 13. Amberth: Design With A Difference 14. SuperFOIL Insulation: Warming Homes, Not the Planet 15. Ultraconfidentiel Design: Tomorrow’s Workspaces, Today’s Design 16. Amari Property Consultants Ltd: Luxury Living in Modern Times 18. Core Conservation Ltd: Dampness Solved 19. Tolman Homes: Homes For All 20. Avignon Capital: Effective Asset Management and Investment Solutions 22. Arterial Design: The Beating Heart of Design 23. Nielsen House: Making Houses Into Homes 24. Gold Property Development: Most Outstanding Luxury Residential Property Development 2022 - South East England 25. Lowree Tynes Design: Island Inspiration 26. Architecture in Formation: The Form and Function of Modern Architectural Art 28. Waldeck Consulting: The Consultant for the Shapers of Modern Construction 30. Studio Sustain: A Melting Pot of Sustainability and Aesthetics 31. Wolff Architects: Designing a Better Future 32. T2S Architecture Ltd: Aesthetic Beauty & Commerciality 34. Re-flow Field Management: Field Management Software That Puts You Back In Control 35. GAF Energy: The Future of Roofing Has Arrived 36. Rigby & Rigby: From Buildings to Boats – Beguiling Designers R&R 37. Place Making Architects (PMA) International Limited: Urban Architecture with a Passion 38. JSA Architects: Best Creative Architectural Studio 2022 - Derby 39. Grange Developments: Best Family-Run Home Builder 2022 40. Outerspace Group: Skyrocket Into Sustainable Living 42. T Design Studio & Visualisation Limited: Leading Architecture Design Practice for Innovative Visualisation Services 2022 – London 43. Karlsson Architects: Visions For The Future 44. ZIA I.A.: Interior Design Studio of the Year 2022 - Hong Kong 45. AMS Planning: Providing Professional Planning and Architecture Services to the Nation 46. Double V Space: Best Luxury Home Design Specialists 2022 - Thailand 47. OMNIPLAN: Most Sustainable Architecture and Project Management Practice 2022 – Stockholm 48. Ashview Consultants: Putting Safety First 50. PPF Goujon Architects: The Heart and Soul of Modern Architecture 51. VELUX Group: A New View on Sustainability 52. Northern Property Partners Group: Property Investment Made Easy Contents

BUILD Design & Build 2022 4 BUILD Q3 2022 10 Apr22042 lastiblok – the company behind Lok-N-Blok – is a design and manufacture company based out of Paducah in Kentucky. Nominally, the place of its birth as a company has played a huge role in bolstering the inspirational ingenuity that runs through its very core, with the professionals within its ranks consistently pushing the limits of what is possible in construction. This has allowed it to funnel significant effort into design, ideation, and testing, resulting in a company that creates heavily tested and highly effective products that make life easier for its professional clients, ensuring that they themselves achieve the best results for their end customers. In this manner, it has designed ‘a better way to build’. Foremost, its idea for its flagship product came about when the minds behind it considered how a child’s building block works. Contemplating the simple design, the emphasis on each piece being part of a bigger whole, and the inherently modular nature of it, Plastiblok decided to see how it could expand this concept in order to apply it to building and construction. Thus, the Lok-N-Blok was born, a basic building block product that has become known as a truly game changing product for the worldwide construction industry and the professionals that seek to improve the field. Employing a simple, interlocking internal system, and making use of ENVION composite material, the Lok-N-Blok allows for superior structural strength whilst still being sustainable. With Building A Sustainable Future Since its inception as a company, Plastiblok has been looking for new ways to improve building and construction as an industry. Thus, when it came up with the idea for Lok-N-Blok, it found a bold new way to do this, all based on the idea of simple solutions that can handle incredibly complex problems, earning it an award for being a ‘Leader in Sustainable Residential Construction’ in 2022 for Paducah, Kentucky. Indeed, its region has vastly benefitted from the innovations it has brought to bear, with all manner of construction companies taking advantage of the way its products simplify the workload of wall building, improving insulation in the process. P

5 Design & Build 2022 BUILD Q3 2022 BUILD 11 each of these factors in mind, Plastiblok is proud to say that the Lok-N-Blok has become an exemplary flagship product, one that is slowly changing how construction professionals see the materials they work. Critically, the problem solvers, freethinkers, and innovators behind Plastiblok are proud to say that many clients have been shown the benefits of Lok-N-Blok firsthand since its inception, and that many such clients have been a big part of its growth by leaving it glowing reviews or going on to recommend Plastiblok’s products to fellow peers. This group of clientele – past and present – is hugely diverse due to the variety of benefits to using Lok-N-Blok. Fundamentally, the use of this alternative building tool costs far less than the use of traditional materials; it is also speedier, stronger, and safer, with no need to hire expensive specialist labour required for installation. Moreover, its exterior loadbearing Lok-N-Blok utilizes over 45% recycled materials, including plastic and glass, while its interior wall Lok-N-Blok utilizes over 60% recycled plastic and glass. Saving hundreds of thousands of trees and reducing carbon emissions by thousands of tonnes, it hopes to become the number one largest user of recycled polypropylene in the world – and is proud to be contributing to environmental preservation in this manner – something it hopes many more professionals in its field will join in on soon. With a tapered dovetail design that has been produced to allow each Lok-N-Blok to work together in perfect synergy, each Blok stacks perfectly. Indeed, much like the children’s toy blocks they were based on, they have been specifically designed to be as easy as possible to put together for the construction worker, a cornerstone desire for the project in the macro scale, as construction work is such a physically and mentally demanding profession. Being the new kid on the ‘Blok’, of course, means that the industry it is approaching must have an opening or at least a receptiveness in the market for a bold new product. For some, this has indeed been the hang-up when it comes to Plastiblok. Lok-N-Blok is, indeed, a disruptive new product, but does the market need – or indeed want – disrupting? Plastiblok and studies by professionals such as the Farnsworth Group in 2019 show that, indeed, it does, with 76% of builders being keen and interested to try products with advanced and new features. Furthermore, in 2020, HSB Magazine asked its readers a similar question, focusing on how likely it may or may not be for steel framing to emerge as a leading alternative to wood framing in construction; in this case, only 39% steadfastly said it would not happen. This pertinently shows the need for an old industry to be taught some new tricks, and Plastiblok is certainly one of the best companies to do that, excited to be taking the age-old, prestigious construction industry into the modern epoch with a new, innovative, and vastly more sustainable product. Having found its beginnings in 1996, it has certainly come a long way since the founders considering the best way to build backyard walls. Indeed, it is the zeal with which co-founders Greg Siener and Mike Zumer dedicated themselves to consulting professionals, developing the concept for their mortar-less interlocking building block system, and testing new composite materials that allowed the Lok-N-Blok to become what it is today. With a proactive approach that combines acclaimed engineering, architecture, material science, and more, Plastiblok subjected the initial prototypes to rigorous testing. Requiring each new development to pass International Building Code Requirements, and requiring each product to fit with the specifications demanded by the International Code Council, the Lok-N-Blok and its pioneering way technology has helped the company behind it to become an industry leader. Indeed, from this position at the head of the pack, Plastiblok has been able to take a proactive approach to encouraging the growth of its industry, and is honoured to be one of the entities shaping its future. Company: Lok-N-Blok Contact: Gregory Siener Website:

BUILD Design & Build 2022 6 11 Q1 2022 BUILD The True Essence of Design Founded in 2005, Clear Architects is an RIBA/MRTPI Chartered architects and planning practice that has great planning success, is creative, sustainable and passionate about the buildings it designs. We got in touch with company founder, Melanie Clear in light of the firm being named Most Outstanding Sustainable Architecture Practice, 2022 – Essex in this issue of BUILD magazine. lear Architects offers the full architectural RIBA service, including interior design and project management, and it also provides MRTPI Chartered Planning consultancy. Their clients trust them to provide great designs and assist them through the increasingly complex planning system. Company founder, Melanie Clear said, “We are stewards of the future; we design in the most sustainable way possible with our wider team of experts, from engineers to ecologists to landscape designers. We visualise, create and most importantly care about the impact of our designs on the people they’re for and the wider world. My practice and passion has never wavered in doing the right thing. We have been leading the way for over 15 years and our schemes are starting to be seen for their impact visually and in the true essence of design.” Clear Architects specialises in outstanding architecture in highly protected areas like green belt, areas of natural beauty, and national parks. In addition to this specialism, it has many projects that take an unconventional piece of urban land and through its inventive design creates new homes with imagination to recreate the site. Clear Architects’ clients are professional people, financial experts, those who love design themselves, and/or developers who want a scheme with a difference. The clients employ the practice for its expertise and design ethos which is at the core of its work: Melanie states “design is more than lines; it’s a creation, a work of art with function”. The studio works hard to deliver the best and its reputation for delivering excellence drives clients to it through exposure across media platforms, from its website to Instagram to Pinterest. The staff at Clear Architects are a huge part of the company’s success. Melanie said, “I have always believed in collaborative working throughout my career and having a team of people with many different skillsets makes us only stronger in our design work. We are very much a team and not individual – and to that end, we work together in a studio environment, have team lunches, activities and fun. It’s hard to produce the work do, but we have created a work environment which is an enjoyable place, where we support each other.. Our new studio has an outdoor BBQ area and even swing ball for the summer months!” The hierarchy at Clear Architects is flatlined, with key skills coming in and out as needed. The firm does not believe in old school order; it believes in everyone having a part in its success and that includes those it supports through their final studies on its sponsorship programme, to support development, helping them become part of the team. Clear Architects mainly recruits through direct applicants who show passion for design, beautiful presentation, want to make a difference and are a team player. C The team at Clear Architects has seen its challenges in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant delays in planning application decisions and appeals by not weeks, but months. The firm’s workflow has been hugely disrupted, as have that of its clients to the point where funding options are having to be renegotiated at further costs to the developers. This is in addition to the issues around material price hikes, due to lack of production and general low availability. The whole of the built environment has been hit hard over the last 24 months. Observing trends in the industry in recent years, Melanie said, “I think, as do many of my team, architecture has lost its way through the most recent decades. The respect for the professional architect has disappeared through many people simply not understanding the complexities of our job and the skills needed to be an architect – That is why seven years is the general amount of time to train. It is mistakenly compared to a job that is just pretty pictures and drawing only when it is so much more than that. “The new planning and legislative changes, we believe, will help architecture to be seen for the professional job that it is and allow us to once again be seen as equals to our legal and medical professionals and not compared to a CAD course person who only draws. There is a positive change both in quality of architecture and climate on the way and we look forward to operating in this new world.” For Clear Architects, 2022 will be a year of projects that showcase all that it has worked hard to create. Melanie said, “We look forward this year to finishing, starting and creating even more exemplar architecture. We have a party booked in 2025 to celebrate our 20 years in practice, we cannot wait to see more of our great buildings built by then.” Company: Clear Architects Email: [email protected] Website: Dec21068

7 Design & Build 2022 BUILD 20 BUILD Q1 2022 Nov21813 Illustrious Spaces to Stand the Test of Time With many years of experience, Jon Rentfrow and his company Rentfrow Design LLC can provide a complete design package for any home, no matter how large or small it may be. As Rentfrow Design LLC wins Ones to Watch in Residential Design 2022 – Colorado, we find out more about the firm and its unique philosophy from Jon in the wake of it being recognised by BUILD magazine as an up and coming star. stablished by Jon Rentfrow in 1995, Rentfrow Design LLC was founded in order for Jon to follow his passion for architecture and he has strived to develop a company that focuses on maintaining longterm relationships with clients. At Rentfrow Design, the philosophy is ‘to create homes for the way your family lives’ with a focus very much on how a family utilises any given space, be it how many cooks are present at any one time in the kitchen, to how a family goes about doing their laundry, or even where they choose to put their Christmas tree each year! Jon enjoys asking the ‘why?’ questions and firmly believes it helps to ensure that the home fits the family. “We are not only looking at the design, but also the function of the space,” he states. “Traffic flow, possible furniture layouts, and physical space limitations are just some of the concepts that are evaluated when creating a floor plan.” Jon believes that building a strong client relationship begins with satisfying the customer with a design that meets their unique desires and personal lifestyles and, as a nationally recognised award-winning designer, he has many qualifications that reflect his dedication and passion, including being a E Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD) and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Colorado State University in 1994. “As a small residential design firm we do everything from small remodels locally to large custom homes all over the United States,” Jon explains further, specifying that the company serves all kinds of clients, regardless of the project size or budget. “We are focused on helping create homes for the way our clients truly live. Truly elevating every space that Rentfrow touches, Jon tells us, “Our uniqueness within the industry is the desire to really listen to what our clients want but to dig deeply into why they want it, how they will use, how many of the family members will use it, etc.” Jon runs a relaxed business with a casual internal environment alongside a team of designers that enjoy working on all types of projects all over the country. Being a bijous company with a close-knit team means that multi-tasking is essential, however Jon’s refreshing attitude means that as long as the project is done on time and on budget, his employees may manage their workload as they wish. Due to everyone being based remotely meant that the Covid-19 pandemic had very little impact on Rentfrow Design with the biggest challenge instead that Rentfrow faces being the amount and cost of the available building land in Northern Colorado. Despite this limiting factor, Jon and the team were delighted to be recognised as Ones to Watch in Residential Design 2022 – Colorado in the recent BUILD magazine awards, and Jon intends to continue his good work by providing unique spaces for more liveable homes. “Above all, we strive to offer quality, creative designs that are unique to your family’s lifestyle. What’s the difference between a house and a home? A house is a building. Your home is where your family spends it’s time and lives,” Jon adds, summarising Rentfrew’s ethos. With an immense upward trajectory, Rentfrow Design is always moving on to bigger and better projects for an incredible and promising future. Contact: Jon Rentfrow Company: Rentfrow Design, LLC Web Address:

BUILD Design & Build 2022 8 30 I Q1 2022 Striving For Sublime Structures Dec21402 Specialising in high-quality wooden staircases at great prices, Max-Stairs Ltd provides both traditional and modern styles to ensure that complete customer satisfaction is achieved every time. We find out more as we speak to Company Director Waldemar Bobrowski in the wake of the firm being recognised as Best Manufacturer and Designer of Wooden Staircases 2022 – The United Kingdom in the BUILD awards. aving started as a sole trader in the summer of 2007, Max-Stairs quickly transformed into a limited company in 2009. Now, some 14 years later with hundreds of satisfied customers across the whole of Britain, the company is still going strong and prides itself on being one of the UK’s leading stair specialists. “From day one our goal was simple,” explains Company Director, Waldemar Bobrowski. “To share our passion with the world and offer the best product on the market. Here at MaxStairs we believe that there is no success if there is no passion and love for the things you do. Where the passion is, there is creativity and energy needed to become the best you can, in what you do.” Since the business’s journey began it has pushed the boundaries and produced ideas which were new and innovative, which is what Waldemar believes is needed for every business that wants to grow. “Our core values have not changed,” he elaborates. “Our work ethic has only become stronger. Running a business brings many challenges. Dealing with the problems is part of the package you got yourself into. Learning from those situations can make you stronger and wiser. It is all part of the journey.” Max-Stairs clients are very loyal and, in turn, the firm repays this loyalty by looking after its client relationships. Many of them are working on their dream homes which is something that is extremely important to them and their families. Therefore, Waldemar believes it is a great privilege to be a part of these projects, as it is a massive responsibility to make sure that the company can meet their high expectations. H Waldemar shares, “I always say: Work like it would be your own house, your home. If you treat customers in that way, you cannot go wrong. You will do the best you can, and you will achieve appreciation from them. Looking at constantly growing customer numbers alongside industry awards and recognition, we are doing something right. The important thing is not to forget our core values and continue our hard work.” Every year, Waldemar and the dedicated team aim to improve its offering and extend its services, taking part in some of the biggest building exhibitions across England, such as Grand Designs Live, promoting its products in magazines and on the internet where it enjoys a strong position on search engines. “What all our projects and customers have in common is their passion and the vision to create a unique project that will stand out from the crowd,” he states. “Our products are unique and made to the highest standards. That is where we shine above other suppliers.” As a family-run business, all employees, contractors and suppliers are treated as an extended part of the family, with many of the firm’s key employees having worked for Max-Stairs for 10 years or longer. “They work with us, not for us!” enthuses Waldemar. “That is the key. We all work for the overall success of the business. That is the approach we believe in. When we look for an employee we look for dedication, commitment, and the similar values we have.” There have been many challenges lately that have raised issues for the company, including Covid restrictions, new Brexit laws, and material shortages as well as price increases as an indirect result of the current situations. Despite these hardships, Max-Stairs was recently voted Best Manufacturer and Designer of Wooden Staircases 2022 in the United Kingdom by BUILD magazine, and Waldemar could not be prouder of this prestigious accolade. “Our mission for the next year is to extend our offer even further especially regarding metal balustrades offer,” Waldemar says, looking to the future. “That seems to be the most important product in the coming year. In addition to that, we have to stay focused and work hard to continue our growth and make our position on the market even stronger.” Contact: Waldemar Bobrowski Web Address:

9 Design & Build 2022 BUILD 27 Q1 The Shape Of Paradise ACI Wright Architects strives to service its clients with a sense of design flair, delivered through sound management and accounting practices and employing the latest in technology and people skills. We speak to Founder, Paul Wright, about how Covid has affected the industry and how the firm adapted to stay ahead. Here we take a closer look as it wins Most Outstanding Architecture Practise Specialising in Diverse Projects 2022 – Ontario. CI Wright Architects Inc (ACI Wright) is an international award-winning architectural practice based in Toronto, Canada. Established by Paul Wright in 1992 after experience at various architectural firms, the practise enjoys a variety of project types in and around Toronto but has also expanded overseas with the design for a World Trade Centre in Oman and innovative assisted housing for the less fortunate in South Africa. “Since our inception we have managed to build a diverse portfolio,” Paul elaborates. ACI Wright Architects has therefore been able to deliver a wide range of projects from commercial (offices, retail and restaurants etc), industrial, institutional, hospitality, residential (custom homes and multi units), recreational and restoration works. Clients range from large corporations, and organisations such as Churches and school boards, to individual private clients. “We are lucky that we do not have to approach new clients as they always approach us, though this comes with hard work. The majority of our new clients come from referrals, and a lot of new works comes from repeat clients. We also have a great reputation in the hospitality sector so even the hotel brands, such as Hilton, Best Western, and Choice International, refer us to prospective hoteliers.” In fact, the firm’s clients have taken it beyond its local area expanding across Canada, into the US, Africa, Middle East and the Caribbean. “We have always aimed to deliver a good service for a fair price, typically we will over service clients, we are committed to our projects. These values have not changed leading to repeat work, our longest client has been with me whilst I moved through previous firms. We are always willing to take on challenges or go further afield should a client request,” Paul adds. As well as its loyal clients, the staff at ACI Wright is critical as the projects involve teamwork, so each team member actively contributes to the success of the firm. As the company is not large, staff need to be able to multi-task and be part of an internal family, with the key emphasis being on working well together rather than as individuals. During the past 24 months, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on practically every single industry, not least the hospitality sector, but for ACI Wright it had a surprisingly positive outcome. “We became busier during Covid which was an initial surprise, A Dec21481 though in reality that was because we were diverse,” Paul explains. “Thankfully, we are always busy but didn’t expect a huge increase with Covid as that was new territory. We are well set up with technology and have always worked remotely given we have projects in other countries. The move for all staff to work remotely was quick, however the challenge with Covid was the lockdowns and having to make site visits, though typically sites were shut down which just meant delayed site visits.” In fact, ACI Wright and its team did so well during the global pandemic that it was recently bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Most Outstanding Architecture Practise Specialising in Diverse Projects 2022 – Ontario by BUILD Magazine for its diversity and commitment to continuing to offer the same great levels of service in the face of adversity. “Becoming more diverse was a conscious decision, made earlier as I have seen architectural firms that solely specialised get hit hard through previous recessions,” Paul says. “Architects can have a tough time becoming diverse when they only do one type of project, worse when doing only residential. Thankfully, we have been exposed to many different types of projects, some even with same client.” Regarding the future, Paul predicts that Covid will still very much affect business, however he feels very optimistic that there is hope on the horizon and brighter days ahead. “We have a lot of good projects still moving forward this year including a luxury resort and spa in the Caribbean which should start construction this year. The hospitality sector is starting to move again which means travel is not far on the horizon for us all, we just have to go through some more rough times first - hopefully we are right.” Contact: Paul Wright Company: ACI Wright Architects Inc Web Address:

BUILD Design & Build 2022 10 33 Q1 2022 BUILD Exquisite Homes Built to Last Award-winning boutique development and contracting company, EAB Homes, has been building exceptional properties for over 35 years. Based in the Home Counties, the family-run business specialises in the design and realisation of bespoke homes of the highest quality. EAB Homes is our Leader in Innovative High-End Residential Property Development for 2022. hen a world-class cabinet maker decides to try his hand at building houses, it’s no surprise that the homes he delivers are unique and perfect. Paul Berridge, a former cabinet-maker for Harrods, founded EAB Homes in 1986. The company started out building extensions for existing homes, but Paul’s appetite for challenge combined with his meticulous attention to detail soon saw EAB expanding its repertoire. Today the company has constructed over 100 homes of outstanding quality in and around its base at Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire. EAB’s strong values and impeccable reputation make the company a partner of choice for clients looking for the very best in home construction. At the helm of EAB, alongside Paul, is Paul’s family. Each director brings with them a unique skill set. Paul’s wife, Julia Berridge, has worked alongside him since the early days. Julia’s specialty is contracts. In recognition of her contribution to the success of EAB, Julia recently received a Business Leader Award. Their son, Jak Berridge, oversees construction operations. Daughter, Tonia Warren, who Paul describes as the driving force behind delivering each project, looks after marketing and finance. And finally son-in-law, Peter Warren is the company’s business development and commercial expert. Add to this a trusted and reputable in-house team and an impressive list of expert contractors and master craftsmen and W Dec21371 it’s easy to understand why EAB is a force to be reckoned with. The company’s attention to detail is second to none, so much so it’s been named - The EAB Experience. The company cites its values as respect, passion, focus, uniqueness and unity. The family and extended team work closely together to create and deliver innovative and functional designs. Acting with integrity and honesty is of the utmost importance in every transaction and there is never any compromise on quality. Paul tells us, “We’re committed to providing every one of our customers with an exceptional experience. We work with the most professional local solicitors and estate agents to ensure a seamless and efficient buying process. Our homes are guaranteed to stand the test of time and are covered by a 10-year build warranty.” On completion, EAB provides its clients with a comprehensive handover pack. This features a list of all suppliers, their contact details, and the specifications for every fixture and fitting in the property. Understanding the importance of making a positive contribution to the community and a sustainable environment, EAB is always on the lookout for new building opportunities across Buckinghamshire, Surrey, and Hertfordshire. Paul explains, “We have a long-term commitment to maintaining the essence of any area and protecting its unique heritage. Our clients can rest assured that the legacy they leave is one to be proud of.” EAB insist that the journey to making your dream home a reality should be enjoyable, memorable and rewarding. Working with both individuals and professional design teams, EAB also offers a no-obligation no-fee consultation. For further information, and to see some of its completed projects, please visit the company website. Contact: Paul Berridge Company: EAB Homes Web Address:

11 Design & Build 2022 BUILD 37 Q1 I Strong Foundations the Key to Success Award-winning boutique development and contracting company, EAB Homes, has been building exceptional properties for over 35 years. Based in the Home Counties, the family-run business specialises in the design and realisation of bespoke homes of the highest quality. EAB Homes is our Leader in Innovative High-End Residential Property Development for 2022. he environment isn’t only about what we can see. There’s as much, if not more, going on underground as there is above. Understanding the finer points of how the geological environment can impact our building projects and future plans is essential to success. Getting the right advice in the early stages can make all the difference. The multi-disciplinary team at Geo-Environmental Services Limited has been providing its clients with qualified, impartial advice since 1996. Originally founded in Brighton, GeoEnvironmental has expanded steadily over the years. The company now has offices in Bristol and Birmingham too. Boasting an impressively diverse list of clients, GeoEnvironmental works across a wide range of sectors including commercial and domestic building, education, and government, community development as well as renewable energy and utilities, healthcare, and transport. The wide range of services offered by Geo-Environmental includes site investigation, environmental audits and a wealth of risk and impact assessments. Once the findings are in, GeoEnvironmental is also on-hand to advise on foundation design and remediation strategies for any identified issues. Commercial Director, Michael Brown, has been with the company since 2010. Part of Michael’s role is overseeing GeoEnvironmental’s technology and innovation programme. This includes maintaining the integrity of the company’s ISO9001 accredited Integrated Management System as well as driving technical initiatives to enhance the range of services the company is able to offer. An example of this is the company’s remote working platform that enables all data gathered in the field to be instantly recorded electronically. One achievement that Michael is particularly proud of is the creation of the ‘Ground Source Heat Pump Agricultural Land Assessment’ which now forms part of Geo-Environmental’s service catalogue in the Renewable Energy category. Since updating all its systems and software, the company estimates that it has improved efficiency by 30%. This time saving allows staff to respond more quickly to customer requests. Geo-Environmental’s loyal and valued customer base is what motivates the company. Understanding that clients often need T Nov21785 time to properly consider recommendations is a key part of the process. The team aims to consistently exceed expectations whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanour. The firm’s culture is employee-focused. The management team, having all been promoted through the ranks, understand the need for a good work-life balance and for employees to enjoy the work they do. Although it may be seen as a cliché, as an advisory service, the staff at Geo-Environmental really are its most important asset. In recognition of this, the company has developed its own continuous training programme. It encourages and supports all staff in their training endeavours. This includes achieving chartered status and gaining external qualifications in engineering disciplines. As you might expect from a company that assesses environmental conditions, Geo-Environmental has developed a robust Environment Impact and Sustainability plan. So far this has included relocating the Brighton office to more energy-efficient premises in Hurstpierpoint and only procuring paper supplies from sustainable sources or suppliers that use recycled materials. Over the last 10 years, Geo-Environmental’s business has doubled in size. With the demand for geotechnical experts increasing all the time, the company is anticipating further growth for many years to come. As part of this, Geo-Environmental is currently recruiting for a range of technical roles. To find out more please visit the company website. Contact: Michael Brown Company: Geo-Environmental Services Ltd

BUILD Design & Build 2022 12 19 Q1 2022 BUILD This close-knit work environment maximises organisation and nurtures creativity, allowing her assistants to develop a unique professional identity of their own. Henrietta prides herself in mentoring younger and up-and-coming women designers with full knowledge that this may in turn mean she will lose them. In today’s world of design, one of the scarcest resources is originality and Southam only vouches for the best minds in that field. 2021 was a banner year for HS Design as it was shortlisted for four categories in both the International Design and Architecture Awards (best penthouse/apartment internationally; best kitchen under 100k pounds internationally; and best interior design scheme in Canada, which she won) and the International Hotel and Property Awards (best restaurant design in the Americas). However, it was and remains the variety of projects that really enthral the team. From a children’s day care to a 17th century country house, a yellow brick Tudor to a centre-hall art deco mansion, a small pub to an outdoor pavilion, HS Designs’ tenet of breathing another century of life into historical, commercial or institutional buildings has held strong. There is no space that should remain unloved in a world that is increasingly getting smaller. Henrietta’s professional goals would be to write a biographical book of her life as seen and lived through design, as well as collaborate with some of her favourite producers in the world of textile and wallpaper, lighting and furniture. Company: Henrietta Southam Design Contact: Henrietta Southam Email: [email protected] Website: Dec21063 Dreamt. Drawn. Designed. Henrietta Southam Design (HS Design) has evolved organically since 1997 when its founder first started working in Miami, Florida. Today, based in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, HS Design is an internationally awarded boutique agency that works mostly in the residential and hospitality sectors. The firm has been recognised by BUILD magazine as Leading Full-Service Design Firm Specialising in Residential and Hospitality Projects, 2022 – Ottawa. Join us as we take a closer look. enrietta Southam Design works closely with handpicked contractors and architects, trades and sources, to ensure her philosophy of designing her client’s vision is faithfully served and finished, rather than imposing a more personal and recognisable look. HS Design’s motto would be “Timeless over Trend”, and her by-line is “Dreamt. Drawn. Designed.” Her clientele are themselves leaders in their respective fields and come to Henrietta via a robust word of mouth reputation. While functionality and adaptability to a client’s lifestyle leads the spatial configuration, her work is primarily known as exquisitely layered, aesthetically timeless, and finished to a polished gleam. HS Design does not advertise or approach clients. Recognised in print and media by her peers, HS Design is in the enviable position to pick who it works with, as Henrietta is designing her work as her legacy and looks for the projects that would be most transformative to her clients, as well as visually appealing for print. Interestingly, her multidisciplinary creative mind is also attracted to the more difficult projects, the ones with delicate spatial or restrictive financial constraints that give her team the sought-after feeling of achievement when they deliver. “What is unique about Henrietta is that her recognition of thoughtful/skilful design came well before the peak of online marketing platforms. HS Design has gained traction through word of mouth due to the competency of a single woman and her ability to collaborate with clients, tradespeople, product reps, artisans, and all others who make up the valuable moving parts that it takes to get a project done and to get it done right.” With so many moving parts, assistance is needed in the form of a small, intimate team to streamline the process of conceptual development and construction coordination. HS Design looks for proficiency in all technical areas of drafting, but hires women based on their innate understanding of beauty, which cannot be learned as much as engrained through a solid background in literature and history of art. Henrietta views her assistants as an extension of her mind: as many crayons as she has in her hands, her assistants are the ones who sharpen the picture. Henrietta Southam knows first-hand that a creative and critical mind is hard to come by as she will jump on the opportunity to bring such individuals onto her team. She looks to take in daring creatives who are rigorous in their practice, have a thorough understanding of spatial functionality, are not risk averse, and possess the ability to visualise the outcome. H

13 Design & Build 2022 BUILD 41 Q2 Mar22062 Design With A Difference The skill of good interior design is to find ways of creating a liveable space which embraces effortless aesthetic charm. It’s a skill the team at Amberth have in spades, and which has earned them success in BUILD’s 2022 Design and Build Awards, where they were given the Award of Excellence for Creative and Bespoke Residential Interior Design Projects, 2022 – London. We take a closer look to find out more. ased in the beating heart of Islington, the team behind Amberth have over fifteen years of expertise, designing some of the most stunning interiors on the market. Having crafted unique kitchens, bathrooms and fitted interiors, the service offered by the team is exemplary in every respect. Each project is treated as the development of a bespoke solution, ideally suited to match the specific needs of the individual. The range of projects that the team have taken on has varied enormously, depending on the needs of the client. Some want specific improvements made to certain rooms whilst others offer an essentially free hand in a full-house renovation. The skill of the team ensures they are more than capable of meeting the needs of whatever their clients need. Each project begins the same way, with a free consultation at the team’s Studio in Islington. The family-run business prides itself on a friendly welcome and a relaxed environment. An experienced designer guides the way through the sometimescomplex work of working out what a client wants from their ideal kitchen, and just as importantly, what they might not want too! From this information, design concepts are considered and developed by the team. Two to three are presented to the client, with a quote on the costs for each. The team know how important it is to get interiors right because so much of our time is spent in them. This is especially true after the pandemic. With custom cabinets to fabulous feature walls, what is clear is that the team are always looking to create something that reflects their clients and is therefore thoroughly unique. Its unique selling point is that way it works with busy professionals – who do not have time to waste on designers who don’t understand their taste – in a way that is consistently specific to the individual. The team have created some stunning interiors that are without parallel in the industry. The developments of their designs, however, are not stagnant affairs. Using the latest in VR technology, the team are able to offer their clients a vision of the future. Wearing a VR headset allows clients, and team members, to clearly visualise what an item will look like, clarifying the finalised vision of a project before anything is installed. As a family-run business, the team at Amberth pride themselves on the strong relationships they have been able to build with so many of their clients. These clients often bring fresh business B to the company through word-of-mouth advertising. Of course, it also gives them an extra sense of pride and purpose when it comes to developing new ideas and solutions. They often provide project management throughout the implementation of their designs to guarantee a standard of workmanship that is second to none. The development of Amberth has seen enormous change for the business, but always for the benefit of their clients. It’s not enough to offer an exceptional project. It’s vital to ensure that the project meets every requirement of the client too. Amberth has worked on an enormous range of different ideas for different people. Each individual has their own unique demands. But Amberth always finds a way of delivering exceptional value, every time. Company: Amberth Name: Inga Kopala Email: [email protected]

BUILD Design & Build 2022 14 7 Q2 2022 BUILD Feb22085 Warming Homes, Not the Planet As the ‘Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Sustainable Insulation Solutions’ in 2022 for Lincoln, SuperFOIL has made itself a front-runner when it comes to providing insulating solutions that are both sustainable and effective. With its products being made of 40% recycled bottles, it prevents additional waste heading to landfill by using it in the insulation, as well as lessening the amount of new raw materials that need to be used up in the creation of its products. Selling everything from DIY insulating kits to insulating solutions for big roofing projects, it takes pride in working with clients and retail partners alike to reduce the use of plastic packaging and non-recyclable materials, hoping to make this an even more exemplary aspect of its business in the next 5 years. uperFOIL Insulation, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of foil insulating products, has recently been able to enjoy the acclaim brought to it by being recognised as a leading designer and manufacturer in this year’s Build Awards. Nominally, the company’s range of insulation has been speaking for itself when it comes to both excellence and longevity. It has built up an exemplary catalogue of easy-to-fit DIY oriented products such as radiator reflectors, as well as products such as cavity closers, garage door insulation kits, pipe insulation, and the highest performing multifoil insulation on the market. Proud to be able to say this with certainty, SuperFOIL’s high performance is made all the more impressive by its sustainability. Critically, its insulations are 40% made up of recycled materials, namely recycled drinking bottles which go into the wadding; this reduced the amount of new, raw materials that need to be made and prevents waste from going to landfill, S allowing it to tread lightly on the environment as it goes about its business. SuperFOIL products are available across all manner of major retailers from Wickes to Yorkshire Trading Company and The Range, as well as wholesalers such as Travis Perkins, Harlow Timber Merchants, and Builder Depot. SuperFOIL, since its founding in 2007, has been continuing to live up to its promise of providing high-performance, costeffective insulation – building up a reputation for in-depth, personalised, and technically exemplary services – all whilst operating under the umbrella of the Boulder Development Group. The company aims to establish multifoil as the mainstream insulation source in the future, leading by example to show the rest of its industry just how much better for the environment and as an insulating resource it is. In everything from resistance to lifespan and effectiveness, multifoil beats the competition, and can help all manner of clients from homeowners wishing to boost energy efficiency to developers and builders. The SuperFOIL team also supports its clients in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Whether it’s during the initial meeting, the purchase, or after the installation, SuperFOIL is always ready to chat through any queries, comments, or concerns that a customer may have in order to allay their fears, its exemplary staff each knowing the products like the backs of their hands. Able to display this thorough knowledge at every turn, they have benefitted from rigorous training, and consistently pull together as a unit to help the company and its clients through challenges such as those presented by Brexit and Covid-19 both. With concerns over heating and energy bills rising, it is ready to step up to the plate for its market segment, gearing up for a busy year of making itself a trusted service provider and expert. Company: SuperFOIL Insulation Contact name - William Bown Website - Number - 01636 639900 Email- [email protected]

15 Design & Build 2022 BUILD 3 Q2 I Tomorrow’s Workspaces, Today’s Design Ultraconfidentiel Design, a company that has won a myriad of awards over the years, has secured the title of ‘South East Asia’s Best Creative Architecture and Design Firm, 2022’ as yet another accolade under its belt. From the Stevie Awards ‘international business awards’ company of the year by IBA in 2021 to being included in India’s Top 30 Architects – the Bold Club 2021 – for Forbes India, its achievements have been multiple and varied. This has all been made possible by its expert team and the deep dedication to creating spaces of international excellence that runs through every stage of its process, trusted by many to envision a workplace that fits the changing modern epoch. s a design firm specialising in design and build projects for leading companies, Ultraconfidentiel Design has made itself a front runner of creativity, discretion, and innovation in the heart of New Delhi. With additional offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Colombo, and Lille, its efforts are focused on high end projects for businesses such as innovative offices, experience centres, hospitality venues, and boutique retail chains. It is a multi-disciplinary community focused on design and built projects that range from the architectural to including space planning, premium interiors, furniture, and intricate details. In short, it focuses on breathing life into the visions of its clientele. With its global, turkney, and conceptually impeccable solutions, it takes a client from the very first consultation right through to design process and then to construction. Holistically, this includes technical development and production, as it wishes to maintain a close collaboration with stakeholders throughout the process, resulting in a construction that becomes a labour of love for both Ultraconfidentiel Design and its clients, as well as all other professionals involved. Ultraconfidentiel Design has plied this trade for over 150 different projects now, serving A Jan22106 clients who have each walked away satisfied, and boasting the good graces of international companies such as Microsoft and Rolex as a result of the excellence with which it conducts itself. Additionally, inspiring its customers with taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, it believes in a 360-degree design process. Emboldened by understanding, imagination, and showcasing, it uses rigorous design process to ensure every detail is paid special attention to. It also ensures that each prestigious project it works on has the exceptional result it deserves, covering spaces of at least a minimum of 10,000 square feet as standard. Critically, by operating in a way that prioritises this strict dedication to outstanding work for outstanding companies, it adds significant value to that business’s resulting construction just by having the name of Ultraconfidentiel Design behind it, and each of its staff maintain this reputation with their stunning efforts. Their universally renowned excellence – and individual prowess – has built a team of people capable of efficient and minimalist design, an uncompromising look at the quality of the projects delivered, and a firm commitment to keeping budgets tight and deadlines accurate. During the past 18 months, it has been their tenacity helping Ultraconfidentiel Design adapt to the ‘new normal’. Having released its first e-paper in August of 2020, Ultraconfidentiel Design worked hard to develop ‘the workplace of the future’ in order to help its clients adapt to changing paradigms of what the modern office should look like, and looks forward to applying these new findings to future projects. These principles will be informing its upcoming structures, built both from nature and human tenacity, ushering in the new age where indoor spaces must cater to all aspects of working life. Company: Ultraconfidentiel Design Contact: Anita Somasundaram Website: