Design & Build 2022

15 Design & Build 2022 BUILD 3 Q2 I Tomorrow’s Workspaces, Today’s Design Ultraconfidentiel Design, a company that has won a myriad of awards over the years, has secured the title of ‘South East Asia’s Best Creative Architecture and Design Firm, 2022’ as yet another accolade under its belt. From the Stevie Awards ‘international business awards’ company of the year by IBA in 2021 to being included in India’s Top 30 Architects – the Bold Club 2021 – for Forbes India, its achievements have been multiple and varied. This has all been made possible by its expert team and the deep dedication to creating spaces of international excellence that runs through every stage of its process, trusted by many to envision a workplace that fits the changing modern epoch. s a design firm specialising in design and build projects for leading companies, Ultraconfidentiel Design has made itself a front runner of creativity, discretion, and innovation in the heart of New Delhi. With additional offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Colombo, and Lille, its efforts are focused on high end projects for businesses such as innovative offices, experience centres, hospitality venues, and boutique retail chains. It is a multi-disciplinary community focused on design and built projects that range from the architectural to including space planning, premium interiors, furniture, and intricate details. In short, it focuses on breathing life into the visions of its clientele. With its global, turkney, and conceptually impeccable solutions, it takes a client from the very first consultation right through to design process and then to construction. Holistically, this includes technical development and production, as it wishes to maintain a close collaboration with stakeholders throughout the process, resulting in a construction that becomes a labour of love for both Ultraconfidentiel Design and its clients, as well as all other professionals involved. Ultraconfidentiel Design has plied this trade for over 150 different projects now, serving A Jan22106 clients who have each walked away satisfied, and boasting the good graces of international companies such as Microsoft and Rolex as a result of the excellence with which it conducts itself. Additionally, inspiring its customers with taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, it believes in a 360-degree design process. Emboldened by understanding, imagination, and showcasing, it uses rigorous design process to ensure every detail is paid special attention to. It also ensures that each prestigious project it works on has the exceptional result it deserves, covering spaces of at least a minimum of 10,000 square feet as standard. Critically, by operating in a way that prioritises this strict dedication to outstanding work for outstanding companies, it adds significant value to that business’s resulting construction just by having the name of Ultraconfidentiel Design behind it, and each of its staff maintain this reputation with their stunning efforts. Their universally renowned excellence – and individual prowess – has built a team of people capable of efficient and minimalist design, an uncompromising look at the quality of the projects delivered, and a firm commitment to keeping budgets tight and deadlines accurate. During the past 18 months, it has been their tenacity helping Ultraconfidentiel Design adapt to the ‘new normal’. Having released its first e-paper in August of 2020, Ultraconfidentiel Design worked hard to develop ‘the workplace of the future’ in order to help its clients adapt to changing paradigms of what the modern office should look like, and looks forward to applying these new findings to future projects. These principles will be informing its upcoming structures, built both from nature and human tenacity, ushering in the new age where indoor spaces must cater to all aspects of working life. Company: Ultraconfidentiel Design Contact: Anita Somasundaram Website: