Design & Build 2022

13 Design & Build 2022 BUILD 41 Q2 Mar22062 Design With A Difference The skill of good interior design is to find ways of creating a liveable space which embraces effortless aesthetic charm. It’s a skill the team at Amberth have in spades, and which has earned them success in BUILD’s 2022 Design and Build Awards, where they were given the Award of Excellence for Creative and Bespoke Residential Interior Design Projects, 2022 – London. We take a closer look to find out more. ased in the beating heart of Islington, the team behind Amberth have over fifteen years of expertise, designing some of the most stunning interiors on the market. Having crafted unique kitchens, bathrooms and fitted interiors, the service offered by the team is exemplary in every respect. Each project is treated as the development of a bespoke solution, ideally suited to match the specific needs of the individual. The range of projects that the team have taken on has varied enormously, depending on the needs of the client. Some want specific improvements made to certain rooms whilst others offer an essentially free hand in a full-house renovation. The skill of the team ensures they are more than capable of meeting the needs of whatever their clients need. Each project begins the same way, with a free consultation at the team’s Studio in Islington. The family-run business prides itself on a friendly welcome and a relaxed environment. An experienced designer guides the way through the sometimescomplex work of working out what a client wants from their ideal kitchen, and just as importantly, what they might not want too! From this information, design concepts are considered and developed by the team. Two to three are presented to the client, with a quote on the costs for each. The team know how important it is to get interiors right because so much of our time is spent in them. This is especially true after the pandemic. With custom cabinets to fabulous feature walls, what is clear is that the team are always looking to create something that reflects their clients and is therefore thoroughly unique. Its unique selling point is that way it works with busy professionals – who do not have time to waste on designers who don’t understand their taste – in a way that is consistently specific to the individual. The team have created some stunning interiors that are without parallel in the industry. The developments of their designs, however, are not stagnant affairs. Using the latest in VR technology, the team are able to offer their clients a vision of the future. Wearing a VR headset allows clients, and team members, to clearly visualise what an item will look like, clarifying the finalised vision of a project before anything is installed. As a family-run business, the team at Amberth pride themselves on the strong relationships they have been able to build with so many of their clients. These clients often bring fresh business B to the company through word-of-mouth advertising. Of course, it also gives them an extra sense of pride and purpose when it comes to developing new ideas and solutions. They often provide project management throughout the implementation of their designs to guarantee a standard of workmanship that is second to none. The development of Amberth has seen enormous change for the business, but always for the benefit of their clients. It’s not enough to offer an exceptional project. It’s vital to ensure that the project meets every requirement of the client too. Amberth has worked on an enormous range of different ideas for different people. Each individual has their own unique demands. But Amberth always finds a way of delivering exceptional value, every time. Company: Amberth Name: Inga Kopala Email: [email protected]