Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

95 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 94 he arrival of Sapient Vendors in Nigeria was long overdue. Those who needed construction services in the area were forced to use contractors who were the embodiment of unprofessionalism, with many projects going over budget and running late. The arrival of the team from Sapient Vendors, who brought over ten years of industry experience with them, put an end to that, providing a viable alternative to what had gone before. Sapient Vendors provides practical engineering solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients across the telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, real estate, maritime and construction industry in Nigeria. Their work across various sectors has been noted for its high quality, and for the team’s ability to develop innovative solutions. Finding these solutions is what truly sets Sapient Vendors apart, as clients rest easy knowing that the work will be of exceptional quality. This applies specially to roof and drainage maintenance, as can be evidenced by the team’s work for MTN Nigeria Communications Plc. This work saw unforeseen challenges arise, and provided an opportunity for the team to prove their worth. Creating solutions is not something that Sapient Vendors do alone. The team pride themselves on their ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients. This means that Sapient Vendors understands exactly what is required of them, and collaborates to ensure that what they deliver is what is needed. The team thrive on this approach, with the synergy between both parties allowing for the delivery of flexible, focused and motivated project teams. The core processes that set Sapient Vendors apart are invaluable to the firm. The team use these to ensure that at every stage, and every level, they are able to deliver sustainable and value-driven construction services. All projects Construction Company of the Year - Nigeria Every region in the world faces its own unique challenges, and Nigeria is no exception. Until recently, there were contractors on the market who encompasses poor project management and unprofessionalism. The arrival of Sapient Vendors changed all that. Their unique system ensures sustainable, high quality and value-driven construction across Nigeria. We take a look at how the team have been able to change the face of the construction industry across the region. T Sep20142 at Sapient Vendors begin with a free consultation. This allows the team and clients to discuss loosely the potential budget, a vague specification and advice on solutions to problems that would fit the money available. The next step is value engineering, where alternative solutions are considered. Starting this process early allows the team to reduce cost in design solutions without compromising on quality. From these investigative steps, the team are able to present designs that suit the budget and give a clearer idea of what could be achieved. These designs are the basis on which a design can be made moving forward. The final four factors are those of quality assurance, financial management, professionalism and sound communication. These steps go a long way to ensuring not only that the best possible quality buildings are produced, but that project cost variation and undercapitalization happens as little as possible. Maintaining a professional approach seems obvious, but involves providing workers with the right training to ensure they are safe. Communication is the key that really sets Sapient Vendors apart as the finest construction company in Nigeria. When everyone is talking to each other, it’s much easier for a project to make good progress. At heart, Sapient Vendors has brought a modern outlook to the way in which Nigerian construction is done. The team’s efforts have set a new standard by which the whole industry should work across the region. With such incredible success behind them, we’re certain to see this firm thrive for many years to come. Company: Sapient Vendors Contact: Walter Emiedafe Web Address: Email: [email protected] Best Family-Owned Construction Company 2020 - UK & Ireland & BUILD Award for Excellence in Project Management 2020 ounded more than twenty five years ago, McKelvey Construction has had quite a journey to reach the double-award-winning position in the industry that it has reached today. The hands-on and family ethos of the business brings a drive for excellence across the board, and is wholly supported by an experienced team of professionals who are always on hand and ready to ensure the best possible results. Backed by a quarter of a century of experience, a truly remarkable impressive project portfolio, and assured industry accreditations, McKelvey Construction demonstrates everything that is needed to secure the peace of mind that construction clients often seek. The firm demonstrates the track record and required skills that are necessary to handle even the most challenging and demanding of construction projects. Yet, perhaps most importantly, the firm has achieved all of this without ever losing that sense of family that stems from the top down. Owned and operated by the same family that started the business two and a half decades ago, McKelvey Construction today still recognises the vital contribution that the staff make to the success of the firm on a daily basis. The values of teamwork and integrity underpin everything that the firm does, and have therefore underpinned the firm’s reputation within the industry. McKelvey Construction seeks to implement these core values in every project it undertakes, working closely with clients to add value in the delivery of a quality solution. The multi-skilled and talented team has collaborated with all manner of clients to deliver projects that range from government buildings, schools, healthcare and housing contracts, to new build and refurbishment works on both commercial and private properties. Behind every great construction team, there is undoubtedly an equally superior administration and support network. The long-serving and outstanding support team at McKelvey Construction is made up of three dedicated and experienced staff members: office manager Sheryl, and her administrative supporters, Michelle and Tamara. McKelvey Construction prides itself on being a family firm, and that pride extends to the fact that the staff turnover at the business is incredibly low. Not only has the administrative team been long-serving, but so too have many of the skilled trades staff, with some being at the firm for between twenty and twenty five years. This staff retention rate is remarkable, and can largely be attributed to the fact that McKelvey Construction promotes and fosters an open, supportive, and positive working atmosphere for everybody, both onsite and at the office locations. Despite the fact that staff turnover is low, McKelvey Construction is always interesting in hearing from talented individuals, and from supply chain subcontractors who share the firm’s passion for teamwork, quality, and construction excellence. With such a wide range of services available, and excellent results across the board, it can be easy to think that McKelvey is one of the best construction firms out there. Those thoughts are entirely justified by the firm’s outstanding nature, sterling service delivery, and brilliant construction work. Everyone works tirelessly to ensure that the client gets what they have paid for, and oftentimes, so much more. McKelvey Construction is fully deserving of this latest success, and can take great pride in the fact that its core values continue to bear fruit even after twenty five years of constant excellence. Company: Mckelvey Construction Ltd Contact: Darren Mckelvey Website: F With more than a quarter of a century of experience in construction, clients of McKelvey Construction can rest easy in the knowledge that this firm will deliver excellence every single time. Beginning life as a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, discover how the firm has since grown to employ fifty individuals that provide outstanding services throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Sep20008