Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

93 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 92 eniton Park Ltd is a family-run business that delivers beautiful new properties in the South West of England. It is a firm that is built from the ground up by individuals that are passionate about property development, taking sites from the initial planning and design stages, right through to the day that purchasers move in to their new home. The firm has a wide variety of projects that it is in various stages of development with, but it always on the lookout for interesting new sites that can host outstanding developments. Feniton Park may be a small property development firm, but it operates across the South West on a mission to deliver the best and most high quality homes at affordable prices whilst providing excellent customer service and aftercare. The core team at Feniton Park Ltd is made up of four exceptional individuals, David Cutler, Joseph Rose, Paul Willis, and Guy Cutler. Managing director David Cutler boasts a successful track record in the building industry that spans four decades. Armed with no small amount of experience and Property Developers of the Year 2020 - South West England Developing property in any part of the county is no easy feat, but developing property in the South West of England is particularly difficult when considering the beauty of the surrounding area and the luxury of the desired properties. Feniton Park Ltd is a property developer in the South West that understands the importance of having a superbly built and homely property to return to after a hard day’s work. Discover more about the firm and the expertise it brings as we profile it. F Aug20474 expertise, David uses everything at his disposal to envision many beautiful developments throughout England and Wales, and has subsequently delivered more than £150 million of residential developments, along with a number of industrial, tourism, and leisure projects. Alongside David is general manager Joseph Rose. Joseph also has a proven track record of delivering success, though not quite the same kind of success has David. Having worked on complex business development, transportation, and development planning projects in both the public and private sector, Joseph’s expertise perfectly complements David’s expertise also. On top of his success in those areas, Joseph is also an Incorporated Engineer with the UK Engineering Council, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport. Alongside Joseph and David is Paul Willis, the head of planning. Paul has been providing planning advice to Feniton Park Ltd since 2006, working with the team on the delivery of projects across the South West. As a Chartered Town Planner, Paul has enjoyed a career of more than thirty three years at a senior level within the public sector before joining Feniton Park Ltd and moving into the private sector. Finally, there is Guy Cutler, the site manager. An extremely experienced site manager, Guy had managed the delivery of a number of construction projects in London and Bath before joining the team at Feniton Park Ltd. On top of his management ability, Guy is also a highly skilled carpenter and joiner who boasts significant experience in the workshop having climbed from apprentice to manager over an eighteen-year career. Ultimately, it is this combination of expertise and experience that has brought Feniton Park Ltd to a place of award-winning success. The leadership team have cultivated success wherever they have been, and now they can together cultivate even more success for Feniton Park Ltd and its various developments. Most importantly however, it offers discerning customers the chance to invest in their future and buy a home that is truly beautiful. Company: Feniton Park Ltd Contact: Joseph Rose Website: Best Custom Home Builder - Silicon Valley Award for Excellence in Client Communications 2020 hen Sean Supple founded Supple Homes Inc in 2005, it was the natural endpoint of his career. Having started life as an attorney, he found himself unsatisfied and moved into real estate brokering. Finally, he found his passion in home construction, starting as a laborer and working his way up the chain until starting his own business. Located in Menlo Park, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sean quickly found demand for his high-end Custom Homes from high-tech (Facebook, Apple, Google, Tesla, etc) or Venture Capital executives. Ranging from between 3,000 to 7,000+ sqft, each property comes with all the bells and whistles, resulting in houses that are often valued between $5-10+ million dollars. The success of Supple Homes comes from the team’s commitment to providing realistic budgets and timelines from the beginning. This means that projects begin on a solid footing with clients, and allow for collaborative development over a project’s lifespan. The trust that is earned at these early stages of a project makes a real difference for everyone involved moving forward. The team is in constant demand. Even in this current COVID-19 crisis, the team have been involved in the development of many new and exciting projects. Sean and his team are just completing work on an 11,000 sqft remodel in the town of Atherton, CA. Its value is estimated at $16 million, with a great deal of interest from various parties. Over the next four months, it seems likely that Supple Homes will be starting at least seven new projects for clients, each of the highest quality. Building a home of the highest quality is more than the technical ability to do so. Sean learned this by starting at the bottom of the industry and working his way up. He knows that passion for creating something truly special is key to success. That’s why he has assembled an elite team of subcontractors and experts to provide the best possible customer service. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the construction industry, clients take on a team who knows the industry like the back of their hands. They’ve seen it all and know just how to tackle any problems that might arise. Sean and his talented team are able to meet the most exacting of standards, working tirelessly to ensure that their clients get a property that is not just of the highest quality, but can truly make the claim to be a dream home. Working to this level means that Supple Homes is only involved in the production of around six to eight homes every year. The team knows that taking on just any job that comes along would divert resources and lower the overall quality of their work. Given that Sean’s name has been made in luxury home building, it’s little wonder that he protects this reputation strongly. Every project is a passion project and given as much time and energy as is required to bring it to its fullest life. It’s the secret of his success, and the reason why his work is in such high demand. Given his success in this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards, we’re sure that this firm will thrive for years to come. Company: Supple Homes, Inc Contact: Sean Supple Web Address: Email: [email protected] W Building a Better Place to Live is the mission that has driven Supple Homes, Inc to success in BUILD’s Construction and Engineering Awards. Under the capable leadership of Sean Supple, the team has made a major impact across Silicon Valley. Drawing the attention of clients of the highest caliber, it’s little wonder that they’ve manage to achieve such heights of success. We take a closer look at Sean, his firm and his team to see just how they do it. Sep20174 A Building a Better Place To Live