Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

97 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 96 ounded in Belgium in the 1920s, Cavan has spent the last century expanding across Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia in its pursuit of quality and innovation. Today, Cavan is one of the largest manufacturers of reinforced concrete poles in Europe for telecommunication and powerlines. Having stood the test of time, Cavan has been able to successfully guarantee quality products that can survive generation whilst offering local employment to individuals who share a passion for creating quality concrete poles that are still functioning after seven decades of service. Why choose concrete poles, however? What is it that makes them the better choice for telecommunications and electricity, when compared to other materials such as wood that have been used before? Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, concrete is stronger and more durable than its competitors. Over the course of more than half a century, concrete has been proven to be more resistant to corrosion and wear and tear that comes from salt also. The concrete poles from Cavan are made even more exceptional and outstanding given Best Precast Concrete Manufacturer - Europe Precast concrete can be used for a myriad of purposes where other materials have been favoured for decades, if not centuries. However, the benefits that precast concrete can bring have made it a preferred building material for many, and the concrete from European firm Cavan is a truly exceptional example of this. For more than ninety years, the firm has been transporting electricity to millions of homes and business safely and reliably with its concrete poles. Join us as we find out more. F Sep20430 the firm’s ability to invest in local employment, and deliver the products in an environmentally-friendly manner. In both manufacture and disposal, the poles delivered by Cavan are environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable, ensuring that there is also no costly disposal procedure now associated with creosote products. European Union directives have restricted preservation chemicals in wooden poles which has led to shorter-life spans. Ultimately, Cavan delivers concrete poles that are of the finest quality and calibre, ensuring that families and businesses all over Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia can experience the benefits of having secure poles be responsible for their electricity. The firm is fully deserving of this success, and it will no doubt continue to go on for another century of delivering outstanding concrete products. Company: Sociedade Portuguesa Cavan S.A. Contact: Jacques Deffense Website: Best Full-Service Civil Construction Contractors – Texas rban Infraconstruction is a DBE, minority-owned construction company specializing in civil construction based in Fort Worth, Texas, that has experienced remarkable growth since the company’s inception in 2015. With a focus on heavy highway, municipal and wastewater markets, Urban Infraconstruction carries out 90% of its work within the team itself, using all their own equipment. Operating as both general contractors and subcontracts to strategic partners, the company offers a comprehensive selection of services covering concrete structures and flatwork, repair and restoration, storm structures and project management. Some significant examples of Urban Infraconstruction’s effective and comprehensive services include the TXDOT I-35 expansion project in Waco, Texas, in which the team are building seven bridges and 250,000 square feet of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls. Meanwhile, in Sealy, Texas, Urban Infraconstruction is engaged in building nineteen bridges for the I-10 Expansion project and another seventeen bridges with more MSE walls for the I35 Expansion in Fort Worth itself. The team has also completed work on the improvement of Arterial Street and a Residential Street improvement project in the City of Plano, Texas. In Weatherford, Texas, Urban Infraconstruction was recently awarded the Dr Paul Philips Water Purification Project, for which work will begin soon. This is clearly a busy enterprise that is high in demand, dedicated to fulfilling all its projects efficiently and to the highest standard. As such, Urban Infraconstruction has grown by an astonishing 850% in the last three years alone. To facilitate such impressive growth within a highly competitive market, the team underscores the need for planning every element of every project, setting themselves targets to ensure they are always meeting and exceeding expectations in delivery. From there, the process is kept simple, focusing on solutions rather than panicking about problems and relying on strong communication with clients, stakeholders and across the Urban Infraconstruction team. It is for this reason that Urban Infraconstruction recruits people it can trust, inviting them to be vulnerable to encourage risks that may sometimes result in errors, but more often create innovation and opportunities to learn and grow together as a company. Every member of the Urban Infrastructure family is hardworking and efficient, driven by the firm’s twenty-five principles to live and work by, which can be summarized as integrity, excellence, leadership, innovation and, most importantly, safety and quality. By adhering to these values, Urban Infrastructure can successfully source new methods of optimizing and maximizing resources and processes to make sure they are fulfilling their roles as productively as possible. Urban Infrastructure understands that its employees are giving the most productive period of their lives to their job and consequently works to make sure that the firm is having a positive impact in the lives of them and their family. Urban Infrastructure is unparalleled in its well- balanced devotion to clients and staff and it is arguably for this reason above all other, that the firm has seen such incredible growth in the past five years, and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Contact: Anup Tamrakar Company: Urban Infraconstruction Web Address: U Established in 2015, Urban Infraconstruction is a civil construction company playing a major role in the Texan heavy highway, municipal and wastewater markets. Built on strong principles of integrity, innovation, excellence and leadership, Urban Infraconstruction has experienced remarkable and organic growth of more than 850% in the last three years alone. As they celebrate success at the BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards 2020, we dug a little deeper to find out more about the factors behind Urban Infraconstruction’s incredible rise. Sep20796