Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

87 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 86 bbeymill Homes is the privately-owned developer of bespoke, high-quality new homes based in Buckinghamshire. The company was founded in 1991 by Peter Pacifici and Lee Hagan, after the pair had spent several years between them gaining experience working for national house builders and contractors. They wanted to do something better and therefore set up Abbeymill Homes as a developer of exceptional homes delivered with personal service dedicated to finding every client their dream home. As the company reaches thirty years in January, Peter and Lee – and now Peter’s son, James, who joined the team 15 years ago, are able to proudly reflect on three decades of restoring existing buildings and developing new builds, all of which has been done in strict accordance with the Abbeymill Homes philosophy of creating bespoke housing of exceptional quality. They work sensitively with the local area, choosing to work on the edge of settlements or in more remote areas of villages so as to cause minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and community. Securing good working relationships is a crucial part of the Abbeymill Homes process and enables the team to maximise the potential of every project. Focusing on smaller bespoke schemes that consist of the design and construction of up to 100 homes each year means that the Abbeymill Homes team can concentrate their undivided passion, attention to detail and enthusiasm into the projects they are undertaking. All new Abbeymill homes come with a ten-year guarantee to ensure they are built to the highest standard. Beginning with meticulous planning in the early stages of a project, Abbeymill Homes then works effectively in creating the home, focusing particularly on the quality of the products they use, from the structural elements of the build to the electrical appliances to the finishing touches. Clients are guided through every step of the process, from conception to handover and beyond and the board of directors’ involvement in the day-to-day decision processes means that the whole process is effective and efficient. Indeed, Abbeymill Homes takes great pride in the strong relationships they have established with their clients over the Home Builder of the Year 2020 - Home Counties & Best Modern Housing Development: Lydgate Fields, Stotfold (Bedfordshire) Formed in 1991, Abbeymill Homes is an award-winning, privately owned developer of new homes that boast bespoke, high quality character and locations in some of the most desirable regions across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and the Home Counties. Led by Director, James Pacifici and the senior team, Abbeymill Homes is committed to crafting projects that integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, creating beautiful properties that clients are proud to call home. A Sep20133 years. It starts with the team listening and understanding the client’s vision for their dream home and grows, eventually enhanced by the company’s commitment to excellent aftercare. The handover is a crucial stage in the construction process, in which the Abbeymill Homes team are able to meet the client and introduce them to HouseCare, the dedicated app that allows the owner to efficiently troubleshoot and log any issues they encounter. Establishing a trusting relationship and a channel of communication between the developer and client results in effective resolution of any discrepancies, so that clients can get on with living in the dream home. Having completed work on their award-winning Lydgate Fields development in Stotfold, Abbeymill Homes is eagerly pursuing new development opportunities in which they can exhibit their innovative, sustainable approach to creating family homes. Currently, the team is working on a new development in Chalfont St Giles, a development made up of six three-, four- and five-bedroom homes built from flint and reclaimed brick. Like any project, it has posed its own challenges, including the need to negotiate special legal rights for the limited accessibility of a bridleway, but employing their same devotion to collaborating with councils and local communities, Abbeymill Homes were able to reach a happy resolution. Indeed, the company is proud of how the project has resulted in a respectful, positive interaction between Abbeymill Homes and the local community, which will make the completion of this project that bit more satisfying. Building in expanding areas and experiencing growth within the firm itself, Abbeymill Homes remains consistent in its mission to develop smaller bespoke properties. However, with careful planning and ambition, Abbeymill Homes is looking to make the most of their growing success, taking advantage of the opportunity to build on its core values and looking forward to many more successful years of delivering their clients’ dream homes. Contact: L Bassington Company: Abbeymill Homes Web Address: Best Deep Foundations Contractor - Prairie Provinces nnovative Piling Solutions was formed in 2012 with a simple philosophy: ‘advice for all’. Recognising the gap between geotechnical and structural engineering, Founder and CEO, Banain Cote opened IPS as a provider of services to all aspects of the deep foundation industry and the company has since grown to be known as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for contractors across Canada seeking expert knowledge and unbiased advice for all deep foundation design and implementation projects. Today, as the largest piling contractor in Saskatchewan and one of the largest in Western Canada, IPS is able to employ its vast spectrum of services in an unparalleled multitude of industries, from residential to industrial, commercial to agricultural, mining to healthcare, all with maximum efficiency and competitive cost savings. With a fleet of foundation drilling rigs, helical steel screw pile installation equipment, and tracked and non-tracked pile driving equipment, IPS is one of the few piling contractors in Canada to offer such an extensive selection of services. From hydro-excavation to fabrication and manufacturing of steel elements to shoring and earth retention, IPS is uniquely suited to offer a service that integrates vast industry knowledge with professional and personable staff and unmatched equipment diversity, boasting Saskatchewan’s only LoDril and its largest SoilMec drilling rig, making up the largest drilling fleet (7 units) in Saskatchewan. As much of IPS’s revenue is generated through public and private tender or procurement processes, the firm ensures that they stand apart from competitors. Thanks to the firm’s ability to review multiple pile types, IPS offers completely unbiased and unprejudiced opinions to clients, recommending what they believe to be the most cost-efficient and effective deep foundation type for each client. Engaging in open and honest discussions and providing solutions based on cutting-edge geo-structural engineering principles, rather than simply making sales pitches, has earned IPS an award-winning reputation that draws in contractors and clients from all across Canada. Offering unbiased advice is one of the first steps taken in the IPS project and tender bid approach, in addition to an evaluation of the proposed deep foundation design in conjunction with a geotechnical review, their local experience, topographical review, hydrological review, and environmental condition review. From the information gathered, IPS is able to make its recommendation on pile types. Once the project has been awarded to IPS, the execution phase begins with all three levels of operational oversight and safety management to ensure the project is not only planned properly, but in accordance with rigorous safety measures. With such an extensive selection of services on offer, IPS is able to implement all the necessary solutions to ensure a project reaches its full potential. Upon completion of a project, IPS carries out a project information submission, believing it to be vital to take part in project detailing and post-completion information sharing to maintain their honest and open reputation within the construction industry. The success of IPS is predominantly down to the strength of its team, who are actively encouraged to collaborate with project managers and clients alike. Having grown from two to more than thirty employees in under eight years, IPS has attracted some of the top employees from across Canada, offering them opportunities to get involved with some of Canada’s most difficult deep foundation design and implementation projects. From IPS’s CEO, Banain Cote, who was featured in Top 100 Magazine’s Top Canadian Executives for 2020, to the firm’s three promising graduates, IPS has the engineering manpower to take on any and all projects, regardless of pile and soil type. As the construction industry bounces back from a three-year lull, IPS is adapting and improving its business model and growth expectations and making smart investment decisions to ensure a long and sustainable future that many competitors have failed to achieve. With ambitious plans that include an additional Saskatchewan office, the recruitment of 100 employees in five years and a mission to become the largest commercial and larger concrete pile designer and installer in Western Canada in the next five years, IPS is cementing its leading position in the Canadian deep foundations industry. Contact: Banain Cote Company: Innovative Piling Solutions Web Address: I Innovative Piling Solutions (IPS) is the Saskatchewan owned and operated provider of solutions and value engineering services for all aspects of deep foundation construction. Regardless of pile type, soil type and constructability, IPS’s expert team is able to provide professional services to clients across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Since 2012, IPS has been led by Banain Cote to become a leader of the deep foundations industry across Canada’s prairie provinces. We went to find out a little more about the firm as it looks ahead to an ambitious five years of growth. Sep20061