Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

89 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 88 eveloped by an industry veteran who understands the design process and the needs of those in the construction industry, DesignerHub has become the place where companies can find their next in-building systems designer. During a recent conversation, Ryan gave us a brief overview of the firm and offered more insight into its clientele. “Owned and operated by a freelance designer in the fire protection industry, DesignerHub aims to support clients with their design needs, giving them access to over 300 freelance designers and design & engineering firms. Additionally, we work with modelers, BIM specialists, detailers and companies in the fire protection, fire alarm/special hazards & MEP industries. “Jobs can be posted on our employment board, and we will look after the rest. Since the beginning, we have strictly abided by our core values in everything we do, demonstrating our hard work, honesty, energy, compassion, dedication, and dependability. Moreover, these are the values upon which DesignerHub was founded, and they will never change.” Best Fire Protection Solutions Company - USA Established in 2013, DesignerHub was created to connect designers in the U.S construction industry. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we touched base with Ryan Waterman to find out more about one of the best fire protection solutions companies operating in the industry today. D Sep20484 Helping people find work is what DesignerHub is passionate about; however, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in many individuals losing their jobs, it has become a job market for design and engineering professionals. Despite this, as Ryan goes on to explain, we are doing everything we can to support people. “DesignerHub provides a service to the construction industry by helping freelance designers and design & engineering firms connect with new clients, building relationships that last all over the world. As a collective, we are all about helping people get exposure for the services they can provide and helping people find employment. With many people losing their jobs due to the pandemic, we are providing a free platform for people to upload their resumes to our employment board, with their names and links to their resumes included in all of our weekly emails and posted on our LinkedIn board.” Currently, the construction industry is slowing down considerably due to the pandemic, but as Ryan explains further, he is hopeful the firm’s connections will open up opportunities in some parts of the world as they are halted in others. “DesignerHub is all about helping people make long lasting connections. As a whole, we are dedicated to building connections for in-building systems design, and with the field relatively untouched, there are huge opportunities for growth. However, it’s important to build connections on a global scale, especially during these uncertain times.” Ryan also shared his vision for the future prospects of DesignerHub in 2021 and beyond. “The reconstruction of is very exciting, and the new site will be much more user friendly. With a dashboard that will show the contacts who click on your profile and the requests for proposals in all industries, we will have a better online presence and much, much more. The launch date is currently scheduled for March 2021.” Company: DesignerHub Contact: Ryan Waterman Web: Most Innovative in Glass Designs & Installations - the Netherlands etalura is based in the Dutch town and municipality of Alblasserdam, which is close to Rotterdam in the west of The Netherlands. Since its inception back in 2007, Metalura has been focused on a single goal: supplying high quality glasswork products such as balcony glazing, terrace glazing, garden rooms, and windbreaks. What brings these products together and binds them is their understated ability to give a home, or any manner of space, that little more space thanks to their openness and light-giving properties. Any experience can be enhanced, and any space can be given an extra dimension that makes it all the more enjoyable, peaceful, beautiful, or whatever the client may want. In essence, Metalura produces, sells, assembles, and installs tailor-made glass systems unlike any other. The products are all of excellent quality, and come with a generous warranty. Approximately 95% of the time, the customers that buy from Metalura are the end users of the products that are bought. Over the course of a single year, the firm installs in the region of one thousand systems that are each as exceptional as the last. Due to the fact that Metalura delivers work that is tailor- made and custom only, no two systems are ever exactly the same. The excellence never drops, but the uniqueness of the product changes every single time to suit the customers’ needs, whatever they may be. Metalura works tirelessly and diligently to realise the dreams of its clients, bringing to life spaces that they could only ever dream of being possible before. The way it works is this: once a sale has been made, measurements are then taken on site by a professional and trained engineer. From there, the glass system is then worked out by a work planner, who takes into consideration everything that has been gleaned from the client thus far. That includes where the glass system will go, how much the raw materials will cost, and an approximate timeline for the client to be aware of. Necessary amounts of glass and aluminium are then ordered, before being coated. Once everything is in place and ready to go, the glass system is assembled at Metalura’s factory. Finally, the technician will assemble and install the glass system at the site that the client has requested the product for. COVID-19 has played an inevitable role in the ongoing business of Metalura, as it has in the business of many companies and organizations around the world. As a direct result of the virus and its subsequent lockdowns across Europe, many people are staying at home and spending a lot more time wondering about work that could be done to improve various spaces. As a result, more investments are being made to get more out of a home and garden, and actually enjoy it. Metalura manufactures products that contribute towards making a home a living environment more pleasant, so that the wishes and needs of the consumer are anticipated in these times. Ultimately, Metalura is a remarkably unique firm, and not just for its excellence within the world of glasswork for the home. It is a firm that focuses entirely on delivering a custom-made product that is of outstanding quality, made in its own factory with everything happening in-house, from marketing to assembly. The research and development team are hard at work coming up with new ideas and products for Metalura to deliver in 2021 and beyond, but the firm’s hard work has already paid dividends as it enjoys this resounding success from the Construction and Engineering Awards 2020 as part of BUILD Magazine. Company: Metalura Contact: Albert van de Breevaart Website: M Construction and engineering is inclusive of many different elements and skills, but perhaps one of the most underrated elements in a home is the glasswork. Doors, windows, and all sorts can add a new dimension to a space when the glasswork is done with care and attention. Metalura, a Dutch firm based close to Rotterdam, specialises in innovative glass designs and exceptional installation. We find out more. Aug20691