Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

85 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 84 s a highly regarded name in the landscaping industry, Kabrioah Irrigation Pty Ltd have focused on providing a range of professional services to their clients since inception. To start, Simone provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical clientele. “The name Kabrioah comes from the letters of the names of our children, KA- Kaylee, BR- Gabriel, IO- Cairo, AH- Zedekiah. Naturally, we have engaged a market, that has been monopolised by traditional corporate giants with huge financial muscle which we lacked. “In the absence of government or private funding assistance, the market proved to be hostile and unwelcoming to a new brand/contractor in irrigation and landscaping installations. The decision was hence made to offer A to Z complete water solutions through irrigation design and installation, borehole drilling and water filtration systems (Reverse Osmosis). “Based upon our mission statement ‘Your Garden, Your Identity & Your Signature’, we are committed to offering affordable bespoke optimized water solutions. Some of our recent clients include Stefanutti Stocks, Cresslawn Primary School and Parcel Ninja and a private homeowner of South African Airways.” In today’s construction and engineering world gaining a competitive edge on your closest rivals can be crucial in an effort to win contracts. Moreover, as Simone goes on to explain, customer satisfaction plays a huge role in the firm’s client approach. “As a company, we aim to give the client what they require and at a budget they are happy with. Like our mission statement says, ‘Your Garden, Your Identity and Your Signature’, our clients are the ones who have to be happy with the view and design of the landscaping and they need to be happy that the irrigation system has no dry spots and the water coverage is optimised. In addition, they need to be impressed with the design and installation of the borehole pump station as in some estates if these are not compliant with the Home Owners Association Rules, such structures can be removed forcefully and at the cost to our clients.” Best Irrigation & Landscaping Contractors - Gauteng Established by Norbert and Simone Pong, Kabrioah Irrigation Pty Ltd is a leading irrigation and landscaping contractor who have been working across Gauteng since 2016. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we got in touch with Simone to find out more. A Aug20449 Recently, the firm assessed the irrigation system at Royal Reef Estate (Property Developer based in Boksburg), and as Simone is keen to highlight, to save the client money the team offered an alternative solution to redoing the 76-zone manual irrigation system. “After an initial assessment, we discovered it was under strain due to extremely high pressure and a very poor irrigation design and installation, with multiple leaks and damaged sprayers the estate had focused on surface repairs. To upgrade the system, we proposed emergency valves spanning over 800 square metres to throttle and reduce the flow rate respectively to each zone thus balancing out the volume to the respective zones points. Thanks to our correct diagnosis the trustees at Royal Reef Estate were very happy.” In South Africa, the demand for the supply and availability of clean water has resulted in a spike in the pricing and cost of water services and Kabrioah have felt the impact of this in recent times. “As of March 2020, once again the high demand for clean water in schools/education, hotel & accommodation, and the mining sector, meant we saw a direct impact on the services we provide. In response, we are in constant communication with various regulatory bodies for the latest projections that would impact our sector.” Finally, Simone commented on the future of the business and offered more insight into one or two plans that are in place. “It is our endeavour to continue bi-lateral relationships by liaising with the private and public sector in order to meet the demands of our clients. In addition to our existing services we are starting to introduce Gabion installations i.e dam wall design construction, barrier walls, retainer walls, and general landscaping imagery. This authentic natural rock finish has hugely impressed in the South African market and has hence become our newly featured primary roll out.” Company: Kabrioah Irrigation Pty Ltd Contact: Simone Pong Phone: 073 528 4833 Email: [email protected] Web: Most Innovative Partition Wall System 2020: Flat Move stablished in 1964, ARTIS Arquitectura Interior began as a specialist enterprise in the design and installation of partitions for office spaces, corporate headquarters and business and contract centres. In 2005, the firm decided to implement their industry knowledge by specialising even further to answer the new requisites of the modular partitions market. Flat by Artis was therefore born following ARTIS’ commencement of developing new FLAT modular partition systems. The new and evolved company dealt with the manufacture and commercialisation of these partitions, enabling distributions to be customised according to the specifications of every individual project. Creating partition walls of glass, double glass, double blind panels, cost partitions and swing and sliding doors, the FLAT systems allow flexible formation of functional spaces, working in harmony with the aesthetics and technicalities of the existing space. Artis is always exploring new materials and avenues for technological innovation and flexibility. The firm also prioritises aesthetics and environmental wellbeing in their quest to evolve and, most importantly, carries out every action or development with customer requirements in mind. Therefore, for Artis, communication is second to none when embarking on each project. Listening to clients and their needs as well as collaborators equips Artis with the tools to experiment and create new solutions, not only pushing the boundaries of their own insights and knowledge but also ensuring each project is perfectly fitted to the specifications set forth by the client. Each business is just as distinct as a client, requiring unique treatments and specific conceptual and ornamental characteristics to be implemented so that the FLAT systems can be seamlessly integrated into the existing ambiance of the space. This would be impossible without open, thorough conversation with clients. In early 2020, Artis’ innovation and capacity in redefining social environments reached new heights in a project in collaboration with SPACE IT, that required the installation of the Flat SET partition system in the illustrious new offices of TRAX Retail Tech, the prestigious multinational company. The offices are situated on the twenty-sixth floor of the Tel Aviv- based Toha Tower building, designed by world-renowned architect, Ron Arad, and for Artis, it was an honour to work on a project with such impact. A combination of profile covers, single and double glass, solid panels in a variety of finishes and whiteboard panels, the Flat SET installation culminated in a ‘Mondrian-style’ composition and was the result of the cohesion of a design by Gindi Studio and Artis’ 100% standard Flat SET partition. With the outbreak of Covid-19 seeing more people working away from the office and hotels, retailers, restaurants and so many more having closed their doors, business has of course changed for Artis. The shift in demands has provided brand- new opportunities for innovation, which Artis has eagerly seized upon. Flat MOVE, their latest creation and recipient of this year’s Most Innovative Partition Wall System award, is unlike anything else in the market, having been designed to adapt to the new, varied needs of every client and sector. The freestanding divider is easily moveable and fully configurable, with many additions and options that allow the Flat MOVE to be adjusted to the function and conditions of its situation. In order to maintain consistency in aesthetics and optimised costs, the Flat MOVE has the same profiles, materials and finishing of the well-established Flat SET partition, acting as visual representation of Artis’ capacity for growing and innovating from their strong foundations. Artis is delighted to see their newest product taking off, beginning with accolades such as this award and continuing in its expanding global reach. With some international projects in the USA, Ghana and India in the works, it is clear that Artis are well on their way to achieving their ambition in seeing Flat MOVE gain international success. Company: Flat by Artis Web Address: E Flat MOVE is the latest creation by the Spanish enterprise, Flat by Artis. Designed with all the usual signature benefits and aesthetics of any Artis product, the new freestanding partition is designed for mobility and configuration, allowing total versatility in how the modular wall can be used. Although the foundations for Flat by Artis were laid way back in 1964, the firm is proving that it is still brimming with innovation and fresh ideas. Aug20365