Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

33 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 32 Best Traffic Management Service 2020 - Republic of Ireland oad Control Services Ltd. began operating in September 2018, and since have made incredible changes in the Republic of Ireland. The company was formed by the current directors, Dumitru Hlusca and Lucian Gheorghescu. Together, they have over 30 years’ experience in the traffic management industry. They and their team have had a hand in the biggest infrastructure projects in Ireland over the last two decades. Their experience includes widening Dublin’s Ring Road (the M50), upgrading Dublin Airport’s campus roads, working on the Red, Green and Cross City Luas Lines, and getting involved with various town centre improvement schemes. Pulling all that experience together, in the two short years since starting up, Road Control has delivered an impressive 250 projects. The projects have included 5.6 Km of watermain installation along R132 in Co Fingal, upgrading 2km of footpaths in Maynooth, Co Kildare, surfacing of various roads in Greater Dublin Area, realigning roads on various schemes (N80, N81, R148, N51), Rejuvenation Scheme in Dundalk, Co Louth, 24/7 support to mobile crane industry in the most challenging environments. These projects have only been possible due to the experience of the management and operations team, and the willingness of the directors to invest in new and innovative technologies. The company is able to provide all forms of high-standard traffic control services from start to finish. These include: • Traffic management consultancy and design • Licensing and permits • Manual stop and go systems • Temporary traffic light operations • Convoy systems • Single and multi-lane closures • Road closures and detours • Sale or rent a variety of traffic-related products (including traffic signs, cones and temporary traffic lights) • Qualified personnel hire Where necessary, the company also includes equipment delivery, setup, and maintenance, as well as removal at the end of the project. The main element that Road Control sell is safety. It is at the heart of all of their services. They provide the safest, most innovative systems by partnering with well-established suppliers, and the team is on hand 365 days of the year, 24 hours per day. Those that have hired Road Control have very positive things to say. One company commented that “The team were fantastic on-site, always helpful and obliging and it is much appreciated.” Another commented: “We have been using Road Control to design and set up our traffic and pedestrian management initiatives since they were formed. They produce drawings and site services of the highest quality. They are also easy to work with and are also extremely obliging. We highly recommend them.” Road Control has strict values that they bring with them to every project. Their core mantra is “always in control, always on time, always helpful.” Dumitru said, “Our belief is that the control comes from having the best qualified and experienced personnel who can properly advise customers in choosing the safest and most economically advantageous traffic control system. “We use our expertise and resources to get projects completed from the design stage through to the safe completion. We document all stages, giving our customers confidence and assurance in our services.” Throughout 2019, the industry in which Road Control operate was seeing a steady increase. However, 2020 slowed down the positive trajectory. Many projects have or were put on hold while the world was trying to work out how to keep turning, whilst under the influence of coronavirus. The Irish government has recently announced a €55million boost for road infrastructure projects that are set to benefit businesses like Road Control. However, under the direction of Dumitru and Lucian, the company is committed to maintaining their hard-earned partnerships. By the first quarter of 2021, they will have been accredited their Quality Management System. Road repair and maintenance can be a dangerous job, and it is down to companies like Road Control to keep workers safe. The Republic of Ireland is fortunate to have such a committed team working to bring safety and control to the roadways. Company: Road Control Services Limited Contact: Dumitru Hlusca Website: R Road Control Services Ltd. is an experienced team that, over the last two years, have been carrying out projects all over Ireland. They deliver an exemplary service, always putting safety first, and adhere to the company mantra: “Always in control, always on time, always helpful.” L Heating and Plumbing Ltd is a Gas Safe registered business serving the Cannock area in Staffordshire, England. They provide quality and affordable heating and plumbing solutions. Although they first started serving the local area in 2017, the expertise and experience of the team behind the company stretch back to 2003. In addition to the usual heating and plumbing services, RL Heating can offer natural gas, LPG and renewable energy services which helps to set them apart as the Best Heating & Plumbing Contractor 2020 – Staffordshire. The contractor carries out work for a range of clients covering a range of services. From simple tasks like changing radiators and taps, through to larger building installations such as underfloor heating, solar thermal hot water tanks and gas-fired boilers. In a recent job, the company installed over 4.5km of underfloor heating pipework! The project was for a large property in which each room required individual temperature controls. To assist with the hot water usage across the six bathrooms in the property, RL Heating installed a large twin coil hot water cylinder with a secondary return, connected to solar thermal collectors on the roof. This helped to economically heat the water but was backed up by a gas-fired boiler in the event of a typical overcast English day. Despite the large undertaking, RL Heating made it a priority to continue work on smaller projects through Cannock, ensuring they hit all deadlines and maintained their service work. It meant that anyone in the area with a plumbing or heating issue was still able to call upon the trusted company, while they continued progress on the larger project. Whether it is a large or small job, Richard Lloyd of RL Heating said that planning is key. “Prior to work beginning, we always ensure that all materials and equipment are readily available or already within our possession. This goes for everything, from the large piece of equipment through to sundries such as screws and wall plugs.” It means that they can provide a quick and efficient service, without the dreaded delays that other contractors encounter when they find themselves short of materials and have to wait a week for a delivery. Best Heating & Plumbing Contractor 2020 – Staffordshire RL Heating & Plumbing Ltd is a company of engineers dedicated to improving themselves for the good of the community they serve. By staying ahead of the trends and adopting new technologies quickly, they are on hand to help when heating and plumbing goes wrong, or to outfit properties with modern heating solutions. R Aug20306 Aug20414 “Obviously jobs can come in very quickly with very little notice, but as we have a very good relationship with our local suppliers, we can invariably get most equipment the same day or the next day at the latest.” Being the best in the business is important for RL Heating. They take pride in quality, not only in the products that they fit or the way that they carry out jobs, but in themselves as professionals within the industry. The technology available is always changing, but they stay ahead of the trends to make sure that they are industry leaders. It is important to be able to use the most up-to-date techniques available to assist clients and ensure the most effective solution for their needs is carried out. It means RL Heating can provide a good service, rather than installing just any piece of equipment. RL Heating operate in a saturated market, which is why they take such measures to ensure they stand out. Whether it is developments that will affect them as a business or the market as a whole, RL Heating is on top of it. They cultivate a strong relationship with the manufacturers and suppliers that they use, and so keep an ear to the ground for any incoming changes to the market. By continuing to be at the forefront of technologies and developments, they can remain at the top of their game. We asked what the future looked like for RL Heating, as a strong and promising contender in the market. Richard said: “Well, firstly, and as I’m sure many companies are at this present moment in time, we are looking forward to being able to continue our work on the other side of the pandemic. We need to be able to carry on working safely and positively for everyone. “From there, we are expanding the services that we offer, with more of our engineers taking their gas qualifications so that we can further improve response times and availability. We are looking forward to offering more services to the community, such as additional renewable energies, and being on hand for when they need us most.” Company: RL Heating & Plumbing Ltd Contact: Richard Lloyd Website: