Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

35 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 34 Best Construction Planning & Project Control Specialists 2020 - UK ormed in May 2012, Metisplan has since developed into an award-winning consultancy providing professional bespoke planning and project controls services. Whether the team is working on an individual project appointment or acting as the functional lead, Metisplan is able to execute planning and project controls management as required by their clients, in addition to providing forensic analysis of claims and 4D visualisations and planning. Metisplan also guarantees high-level planning support, tender stage and procurement planning, construction delivery programmes, progress monitoring and reporting, and earned value management and reporting. The organisation boasts an extensive portfolio of current and former clients, having worked with some of the largest companies, contractors and consultancies across the UK and supported clients across Europe and the MENA region. Metisplan clients come from every sector of the construction and built environment industry, whether they be a subcontractor, developer or even lawyer. With Metisplan’s collective experience that exceeds a hundred years across construction, rail, water, infrastructure and nuclear, the team has outstanding expertise that ensures every client receives the highest quality of service in every project. This industry knowledge is integrated with exceptional customer care which is achieved principally through listening to and communicating with their clients so as to guide them through the Metisplan process. The team takes pride in providing their tailor-made support by conscientiously pairing the right consultant with the right project and client, to ensure a complete and versatile consultancy service. After establishing the client’s vision and requirements for their project, the Metisplan team then employ innovation and agility, pushing the boundaries so as to optimise a project’s potential and deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. To that end, every member of the Metisplan team is trained to become the organisation’s best asset, developed and grown to create the perfect amalgamation of experience and enthusiasm that endures until the very last stage of every project they take on. With this collaborative, enthusiastic and client-centred ethos at the heart of the company’s philosophy, Metisplan is now able to look forward to a bright and promising future. The organisation is looking to expand their offering of project control services and have therefore made a strategical hire to facilitate this, whilst simultaneously collaborating with industry leaders in a 4D focus group designed to promote the value of Metisplan’s offering of services. As Metisplan works to achieve its mission to continue delivering its award-winning approach to planning and project control consultancy to even more clients all over the world, the firm is making it clear that they will be one to watch over the months and years ahead. Contact: Antony Morton Company: Metisplan Limited Web Address: F In only eight years, the planning and project controls consultancy, Metisplan, has grown and evolved into an award-winning, multidisciplinary firm with an international reputation for working with some of the largest clients across the UK and Europe. Through a cohesive blend of extensive industry knowledge and an unparalleled approach to customer service, Metisplan takes great pride in being an organisation known to apply planning best-practice so as to provide each of their clients excellence in service every time. anco Construction was founded in 1983 by Lou Lanza, when he hired his first official employee, Mr Sam Milton. His goal was simply to support his budding family. Thirty-seven years later, Lou Lanza has been joined by his two sons, Louis and Jonathan, at the company. From the beginning, the family kept to a strict set of principles. They were honest, open and reliable with all their clients. And, with an 85% repeat custom rate, it has worked to make them one of the best commercial builders around. For the Lanza family, quality construction is more than a job, it is their legacy. The company runs construction throughout the gulf-south of the USA, catering to over 25 national brands and regional clients. From fast-food restaurants to utility suppliers, from coffee shops to hotel renovations, Lanco have built it. Furthermore, they have a sitework division and a maintenance division that also serves the industry. At the heart Lanco and their work, is the team’s firm understanding of their clients’ needs. The team pride themselves on getting to the heart of what a client needs, offering them a service which turns their dreams into reality. The understanding of their clients’ expectations and end result provides Lanco with the motivation to focus their energy on the core necessities that need to be met, and building out from there. Jonathan Lanco, son of Lou Lanco, explained that “by focusing on the customer’s needs, it drowns out the outside noise of everything that, in reality, is not important. Providing individualised customer care is why we get up in the morning.” With the company’s almost four decades of experience, they know exactly how to get to the core of a project and figure out how best to serve. “We like to talk about our ‘why’” Jonathan said. “Our ‘why’ is to serve the community through construction. We are servers — our family just happen to be in the construction business.” He mentioned another philosophy that has helped drive Lanco to ever-greater heights. “You are only as good as your last project.” Construction is not an easy industry to thrive in, and Lanco hold themselves accountable to the quality of service that they have rendered. It has helped them to constantly improve and grow over the years. Commercial Builder of the Year – Louisiana Lanco Construction is a full-service construction firm that, over the decades, have adhered to honest values that have given them a stellar reputation. With a comprehensive set of skills and the ability to get to the core of what really matters in a build, Lanco truly deserves all the success that they have earned. L Aug20596 Sep20601 Currently, the team are applying their skills and ethos to some major development projects, including a two-tenant building in the heart of New Orleans. It will be a Bud’s Broiler and a Morning Call. These are iconic franchises within the city, and the buildings will become fixtures in the community for decades. “It is an honour to be entrusted by our clients and have the opportunity to change the landscape of America, one building at a time,” said Jonathan. The next year is also going to be very busy for them. At the moment it appears that they will be working on five-to-ten Take 5 Oil constructions, four Meineke Car Care centres, a hotel renovation, two Starbucks, a Popeyes and a Burger King. In Louisiana, the company are seeing more coffee shops, dental offices and car care centres being built. Lanco is well placed to serve this new push in the industry and have been focussing on these builds over the last year. As a result of their continued success, Lanco moved to a newly constructed facility in January 2020. It is helping them to better reach and serve clients. In the future though, the company is preparing to see an adaption of floorplans. Because of the impact of the coronavirus, they predict that floor plans will move away from wide-open plans in favour of sectioned off areas, rooms and cubbies. Ultimately, Lanco is a company that has been built on the hardworking ethos of a hardworking family. They have weathered every hardship that the decades have thrown at them, and still offer an incredible service that keeps clients coming back time and time again. Company: Lanco Construction Inc Website: