Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD 30 31 Sep20020 Kidbrook Homes - Best Residential Property Developer – UK, Best Luxury Residential Project (Farnham): Austin Place & Family Home Build Project of the Year: School Lane Puttenham perating primarily in Surrey and South West London, Kidbrook Homes is passionate about pursuing excellence within the world of residential property development. At Kidbrook Homes, the firm takes great pride in its ability to produce high quality homes that are created by using sustainable materials and employing expert local artisans. This process is carefully managed from start to finish by the dedicated in-house team, but the focus is always on the customer. Even before the firm has acquired new land for development, the customer is considered the central focus. The confidence that Kidbrook Homes has is underwritten by the firm’s own two year warranty, and backed by the best possible product on the market, the ten year NHBC warranty. Kidbrook Homes has strong relationships with landowners, banks, local authorities, and service providers, but perhaps most importantly, it has strong relationships with the customers it serves so diligently. One of the firm’s latest projects that truly showcases its excellence is Austin Place, in Farnham. The site was technically challenging to develop, but a highly efficient use of urban land meant that an ambitious and innovative project was completed. An automated carparking system was also used, and it provided a space that included four underground parking bays that were built into the landscape. Cars were already a highly sensitive issue in the local area, but this innovative solution now means that the area will never require more parking. The key to the wider build as a whole lay in how to hold up the soil in a temporary state whilst building the apartments. A series of staged excavations were programmed to build a 42-metre wall in sections, which stood at 3.5 metres high at its highest point. To sustain the landscape, a robust planting scheme was put in place, with mature plants and Laurel trees used to merge the carparking machinery with its setting. Whilst this is a prime example of how Kidbrook Homes delivers high quality, innovative solutions that aim to solve issues for local residents, the truth is that the firm does that every time. Every project is approached with the client in mind, at all times. The firm operates a transparent system of quality communication, and ensures that all stakeholders are kept up to date on the project’s duration using the latest Proptech. Founded in 2005 by Managing Director William Togher, Kidbrook Homes has grown in an organic fashion to become a multi-award-winning and highly successful residential developer in the United Kingdom. The firm’s considered approach, integrity, and reliability has paid dividends with triple award-winning success in this years’ Construction and Engineering Awards from BUILD Magazine. Join us and find out more about this exceptional firm. O Teamwork, empowerment, global products, and vigorous execution of design all come together to ensure that a project is what it should be, when delivered through Kidbrook Homes. Land is absolutely key to what Kidbrook Homes has been doing since its inception as a business. The firm will consider all shapes, sizes, and types of land for a development project, and has proven itself more than capable of maximising land values that it is given to work with. Navigating and negotiating the world of planning consents is another skill that Kidbrook Homes has in abundance, and the firm employs some of the most successful consultants in the industry, in a bid to guarantee that it does have that competitive edge. Another critical element to any business functioning well, and delivering outstanding results and service is that of the internal culture. Kidbrook Homes ensures that everything about its internal culture is truly outstanding, from the streamlined management structures to the independent ownership. Each element working together means that exceptional relationships are fostered with local authorities, enabling Kidbrook Homes to win planning consents where others have come up short. Navigating and understanding the legal complexities that can arise before, during, and after a development project is complete is also paramount to success. Kidbrook Homes is highly skilled at unlocking complex legal issues, as well as sites with a high degree of technical difficulty. Since the firm’s formation in 2005, the company has grown consistently year on year, and is currently on schedule to produce upwards of one hundred outstanding new homes per annum within the next five years. Driven by an unfaltering desire to be recognised as a progressive and forward-thinking developer, Kidbrook Homes places a strong emphasis on delivering high quality housing with superior, long-term customer satisfaction. Exceptional specification and material choice is another of the key elements when it comes to delivering high levels of quality within a home. The tailored specifying process considers only high class products, that residents can be proud of. Materials and architectural choices are bespoke to each of the exclusive developments, ensuring that the firm can draw from its past whilst looking ahead to the future. In essence, the success of Kidbrook Homes is down to its recognition that first class quality is an essential ingredient to any exclusive development and residential property. Greater attention to finer detail sets the firm apart from the wealth of competition that the building industry has. Kidbrook Homes’ superior residential properties blend effortlessly with their surroundings, and are designed specifically for each development, meaning they are individual and special, just the like customers that live in them. Kidbrook Homes epitomises a discerning passion for space and exclusivity, and the firm is fully deserving of its triple award-winning success. Company: Kidbrook Homes Contact: Candice Bresler Website: