Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD 28 29 000 Bathroom Hydraulic Design Award Hygienic Floor & Shower Drainage Solution 2020: The Wondercap Kit & BUILD Client Service Excellence Award 2020 stablished in Queensland, Australia in 2001, The Wondercap Company was created to develop plumbing and installation solutions for the building industry. The company has grown around its flagship product, the Wondercap, which was created by plumber Les Howson after many years running his own, nationally reputed plumbing firm on the Gold Coast of Australia. Recognising the inadequate installation standards for floor and shower wastes which resulted in regular downtime and call backs, Les created the Wondercap, a product designed by a tradesman, for the tradesman. Featuring a protective cap, adjustable base and puddle flange, the patented product was designed to eliminate the chance of blockages caused by excess construction rubbish and materials that managed to work their way into drainage systems. The Wondercap is manufactured from a non-stain polypropylene injected with antibacterial agents to prevent growth of surface bacteria and mould to eliminate bad odours. Most of all, the Wondercap is proudly the only antibacterial floor and shower drain system on the market. Indeed, despite the many attempts of competitors on the markets, no product comes close to the Wondercap in terms of practicality and quality. Whilst customers pay a little more for the outstanding product that is 100mm in diameter and made out of high-quality ABS plastic and recycled materials, the savings compared to poor imitations in simple PVC puddle flanges in the long run are beyond compare. Proficient builders appreciate the integrity of Wondercap products, recognising the clean hygienic drain finishes and antibacterial protection that appeals to the building industry’s love of better finishes and long-term results. The Wondercap assists everyone involved in the installation, from the builder to the tiler, and can therefore be employed by every worker in a variety of ways. Hydraulic consultants and architects can specify the need for a Wondercap as early as the Created by Australian plumber, Les Howson, the Wondercap was the driving force for the establishment of The Wondercap Company in 2001. Born from Les’s vision to improve installation standards for floor and shower wastes, the award-winning product features a cap, adjustable base and puddle flange, all made with an antibacterial agent to eliminate blockages caused from excess construction materials entering the drainage system. In just under two decades, Les and his Wondercap have revolutionised the Australian construction and plumbing sectors, meaning no project needs to settle for unhygienic, low- quality systems. With Wondercap beginning to see international growth, we went to find out a little more about this nifty device and the enterprise it has inspired. E initial design phase of a project. Contractors can then connect the existing pipe to the Wondercap flange, before waterproofing the floor and cementing and tiling it. The Wondercap can be installed to finish at the required height of the slabs put down on the floor, with the added advantage of incorporating floor grade to allow drainage from the surrounding areas of the shower and floor. Implementing the Wondercap kit has been repeatedly proven to save time, eliminate preventable call backs, and enable building handovers with clean hygienic finishes built into the very drainage systems of the building. By using the Wondercap in construction, builders and trade contractors trust in all Wondercap products to facilitate better building practices in all their projects. The popularity of the product in revolutionising the way the Australian construction industry deals with waterproofing, wet areas and water leaks has earned the brand awards and accolades, such as DesignBuild Australia’s Silver Award for Best Environmental and Best New Product, in addition to its most recent awards in BUILD’s Construction and Engineering Awards 2020. Propelled by these successes and the company’s growing reputation across Australia and beyond, the Wondercap Company has been able to play a role in some major construction projects both within Australia and further afield. Situated on the Gold Coast, Queensland is the stunning Jewel Residences and Five-Star International Hotel, one of Wondercap’s most exciting projects to date. The Three Tower Project within the hotel presented a number of challenges in supply, format and installation, all of which were only enhanced by a narrow construction timeframe. The project required collaboration across the board of construction contractors, from the head contractor to the plumber, the water-proofer to the tiling contractor. With the help of Wondercap’s Floor and Shower Waste Kits that were installed in every bathroom, shower and balcony in the project, everyone involved was able to deliver their highest quality products and services, in order to deliver a visibly and hygienically clean floor and shower system. As this project nears completion and the Australian construction sector continues to benefit from infrastructure spending in all States and Territories on better roads and services, as well as the increase in the building of hospitals and facilities for the retirement sector, Wondercap is working at full capacity. The company has a number of large projects either about to start or even in the initial stages across Australia, such as the Star Casino in Queensland. This will join the already comprehensive roster of projects in Wondercap’s portfolio, which also includes the Cairns and Perth Base Hospitals, Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital, EQ Tower in Melbourne, Q1 in Surfers Paradise and Sanctuary Cove developments on the Gold Coast, as well as a number of high-profile projects in the Middle East. Given the growing popularity of the Wondercap, it seems unsurprising that the unique product is now breaking into the retail market so that subcontractors throughout Australia can just as easily get their hands on the sought-after gadget. Although it may be taking off independently via the plumbing retail stores across Australia the Wondercap team will continue to supply the hands-on approach with complete guidance on how best to implement their quality systems. This also applies to the products that are now being distributed in the US, as Wondercap entered the US market in 2017 and has steadily but successfully gained traction in this new and often challenging environment. Recognising the more traditional tone of the new market, Wondercap adjusted its offering, redesigning the patented and revolutionary gadget for the US construction industry whilst staying true to the initial concept. The Wondercap eliminates the same problems faced by the Australian market as well as dealing with issues suffered on a more regional level, for example, the different methods of installing shower waterproofing. The Wondercap was accordingly adjusted to be compatible with the different methods and as such, the Wondercap USA Shower Drain Kit is now sold in thirty-eight states. Being such a handy product, used by so many, Wondercap has understandably attracted many large construction companies over the years who have offered to assist in redesigning their product to better suit their needs or even to create whole new products that resolve industry issues that hadn’t yet occurred to the Wondercap team. As proven in their dealings with the US market, Wondercap is adaptable, versatile and always eager to explore possible paths to improvement. As fellow inventor, Thomas Edison once said, ‘There’s a way to do it better. Find it.’ It seems incredible that Wondercap began almost twenty years ago, simply as a means to find a solution to a problem. However, it was a problem faced by plumbers and contractors both nationally and internationally, who often came up against issues caused by blockages in drains that could have easily been prevented during construction. This is why the Wondercap has taken off so successfully; it is a handy device that has been created by tradesmen, for tradesmen. As such, the nifty device has inspired a system which is revolutionising the way the Australian construction industry deals with waterproofing, wet areas and leaks, and the revolution is now going global. We will be keeping a lookout for the Wondercap company, eagerly anticipating their continued success and growth on the global marketplace. Contact: Les Howson Company: The Wondercap Company Web Address: Pictured: 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Athletic Village