Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD 18 19 Sep20583 Best Cordless Power Tool Manufacturer 2020 - UK ased in Suffolk, for more than 90 years Festool have been manufacturing power tools and developing solutions to satisfy the toughest demands of a professional user. To start, Holly provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical client base. “Since the beginning we have demonstrated our passion for high-quality power tools, manufacturing electrical, lithium-ion battery powered and compressed-air power tools. Sharing this fascination with our users and fans, our products make life easier for professional tradespeople and help them to achieve perfect results faster. Systematically, we always think right down to the finest detail. With over 350 patents and 80 awards, our satisfied customers are testament to our innovative success.” Rather than just being satisfied with one achievement, as Holly goes on to explain, Festool since the start have remained committed to innovation as they constantly strive for better products. “’If it needs to be done right, then it is best to do it ourselves’, is a sentence that gets to the heart of the matter. Naturally, our drive, our objective and above all our passion has been our unique success story with pioneering inventions and power tools. The desire to continuously improve products is also our daily motivation. Our drive, our objective and above all our passion, was said by none other than our company founder Established in 1925, Festool is a power tool manufacturer making tools for professional trade people. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we got in touch with Holly Bonnett to find out more. B Gottlieb Stoll. That was back in 1925 and over 90 years have passed since and is still applicable today.” Manufacturing products with the client in mind has always been a key focus of the firm and as Holly further explains, the experience and expertise of the team has allowed devices to be produced which make work more comfortable, less stressful, and faster than before. “At Festool, we bring together what belongs together, cleverly and uniquely. Typically, we develop our storage and organisation system meticulously, but of course still with an uncompromising quality standard. Accessories, consumables, and tools are perfectly co-ordinated with each other, down to the finest detail. This results in a streamlined work process for our users, which enables fast and productive work and prevents idle times and reduces the amount of reworking. With us, experienced tradesmen work in application engineering and in the field of training experienced professionals in their trades. From the outset, they are firmly involved in the development process of new devices. Tailor- made machines are built to be ergonomic, light, easy to use, powerful, extremely robust, and reliable.” Finally, Holly commented on the future of Festool and discussed some of the firm’s recent technological breakthroughs. “Top quality products and protecting your health are the two driving factors behind Festool’s product development. Working with these in mind, we inspect all innovations and evaluate the use of new technologies to make your daily work safer and more efficient. This year we released the innovative TKS 80 table saw with SawStop technology. SawStop technology works using a sensor which registers when human flesh is near to the blade of the saw. Within just five milliseconds of flesh being recognised by the sensor, it stops the blade from moving, reducing the risk of serious cutting injuries. This innovative technology helps keeps users’ safe, which is why the introduction of SawStop is so important. “Ultimately, we want our users to be able to rely on Festool tools now and in the future, which is why our engineers are already working on innovative technology for the tools of tomorrow.” Company: Festool Contact: Holly Bonnett Web: