Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD 16 17 Standpoint was immediately on the scene, with teams being dispatched to some of the most severely-affected areas in order to bring a wealth of equipment and supplies for those that needed them the most. For almost a month after the tornado hit North Dallas, the outstanding teams at Standpoint worked tirelessly to help dozens of people secure and protect their homes and businesses. Standpoint soon cemented itself as one of the leading specialists in disaster restoration management, but the reality of the work goes far beyond simply economic. Disasters ruin people’s livelihoods, their passions and businesses, their family homes, and so much more. Being prepared for the aftermath of a disaster is just as necessary as being prepared for the impact of the disaster itself. In the aftermath of a massive weather event like the EF-3 monster tornado of October 20th, 2019, the immediate response is absolutely critical. Without effective planning and key leadership during this time, more damage is almost inevitable, as well as the untold levels of anxiety, fear, and worry from the people that have been affected the worst, be they families, businessowners, or key workers. This extra damage can also lead to increased financial and emotional duress on those that are working hard to come up solutions and ways to help solve the ongoing crises that many people are experiences. The work that Standpoint does is crucial in combatting the effects of a disaster event as quickly as possible. The first step that Standpoint takes in its post-disaster service is that of securing the property physically. An absolutely essential first step, this securing process prevents additional damage to a property, and also prevents unexpected guests, either human or animal, from entering the property during a time when it is unstable and unsteady. Insurance carriers require a reasonable effort to be put forth immediately to prevent additional damage. From the moment that the property in question is secured, Standpoint then turns its focus and attention to helping its clients create what is known as a scope of loss. A scope of loss is a detailed list of all damage done to a property, and also includes the quantity and quality of materials damaged or destroyed, the current cost of those materials, and the labor that will be needed to complete a restoration of total rebuild of the property. A scope of loss is just as crucial as any stage of the process, as it can be critical for ensuring that the client gets the maximum insurance pay out possible from their provider. By having a solid scope of loss as soon as it is safely possible to get one, insurance carriers will know the full extent of the damage done to their property, and the cost to repair or replace. It will also, in most instances of disaster aftermath work, reduce the amount of time it will take to get the insurance claim finalized and construction started on the restoration work itself. The sooner a client can get the insurance claim finalized, the better. In the case of the EF-3 monster tornado that swept through North Dallas, the wait was far too long for some individuals. Now eleven months after the devastating event upended and destroyed so many people’s lives, many of them are in temporary housing or even having to sleep under roofs that are held together or completely covered by tarp. Dozens of businesses in the area are yet to reopen, and life is still yet to return to any sense of normality for many people. The claim process can take anywhere from thirty days, to two years, and that is why having a solid scope of loss as soon as possible is so vital to getting the restoration process underway. Standpoint knows this better than most, and works diligently on behalf of its clients to ensure that they can get the process going as quickly as possible. Insurance can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many working in the construction industry, especially following a disaster event such as this tornado just last year. Sometimes, the damage is so obvious the insurance carrier can process the claim quickly and easily, and checks for repairs are in the mail with lightning speed. However, the majority of property insurance claims take some investigation by the carrier, in order to ensure that the damage is valid and the claims made are true. For more complicated restoration, such as those involved a tornado, it can take a great many experts to determine and ascertain exactly what it takes to really put the property back together again in a way that is similar to how it was before. The opinions of these experts are not easy to come by, and take the insurance carrier time to sort through. They may not always agree with their final assessments, and that can delay the process even further. However, it remains in the carrier’s best interests to minimize payments, so they will always do whatever they can to ensure that they are not overpaying on claims. As a result, there is a lot of back and forth between those making the claim, and those handling the claim. It is this constant communication that drags out insurance claims for months at a time, even years in some cases. One of the strongest weapons that Standpoint has in its arsenal for defending its clients against this lengthy process is the firm’s strong relationships with legal and engineering experts, public adjusters, meteorologists, electricians, and plumbers. If the firm is ever asked to help with a complex claim, such as the tornado which tore across North Dallas, then Standpoint will always recommend to the client that they bring in the right team of experts to help get the process moving as quickly as possible. Rather than see those who work in the world of insurance as the enemy, or as those who are out to screw their own policy holders, Standpoint works under the belief that if the insurance companies have a strong team of experts behind them, so too should the policy holders themselves. Ultimately, having the perfect team behind you when looking to rebuild your life after a natural disaster hits has to start somewhere, and there is nowhere better for it to start than with Mr Reyes and the team at Standpoint. The firm’s number one goal has always been to ensure that its clients’ properties and lives are pieced back together after a disaster as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. With passion and drive, Standpoint is the perfect partner for helping those in need. It is what drives the firm every single day, and what will continue to drive the firm long into the future. Company: Standpoint Total Restoration Management Contact: Claire Reyes Website: