Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD 20 21 Aug20471 Best Steel Construction Company - Fiji ayals Steels may not have a history quite as long as steel itself, but it is almost certainly as illustrious and the future is as bright as ever. For more than thirteen years, the firm and its steel-producing factory have been tax-free, situated in Yalalevu, in the small town of Ba. Dayals Steels is owned and operated by managing director, Mr Jay Dayal, who has overseen a period of stunning success for the firm. However, the origin story of the firm goes back much further than that. The hot steel rolling mill venture has been a dream project for Mr Jay Dayal and co-managing director Praneesh Dayal, both of whom are sons of Prakash Dayal and Manjula Dayal of the M R Dayal family, a pioneering business family that hail from Ba in Fiji. The Dayal family has a business legacy in Fiji that stretches back more than eighty years, and this latest venture in Dayals Steels has continued that legacy with aplomb. The steel mill and Dayals Steels, which is worth more than $35 million, was co-founded by Prakash Dayal, who is the Chariman of the Dayal family businesses, and Manjula Dayal, who is Fiji’s 2017 Business Woman of the Year. To date, the firm has created more than 130 employment opportunities for the district of Ba, and the wider M R Dayal Group that owns the steel mill boasts employment figures of more than six hundred people, making it the largest employer in Ba. Having invested so much time and money into the industry, Dayals Steels is now in a position where it can deliver more than 100,000 tons of steel in a single year. The venture was initially planned to produce only reinforcement bars for the local market, which drew a $20 million investment. With further due diligence into the overall local and export market steel demand, Dayals Steels was able to increase its product lines by adding roofing iron in pre-painted galvanised roofing sheets, heavy coated steel purlins, welded mesh wire products, and galvanised strapping. Each one of these can be ordered in a multitude of specifications, and Dayals Steels has built a reputation to become a household name for steel products in Fiji. For the team bringing these products to life, the current focus is very much on all the products that they offer, but in an aggressive manner that gives fair competition to those others working in the industry. The industry of steelworks is one that has a long and illustrious history, having been used in some of the most revered structures around the world. Yet, steel is also a material that can be used to uphold communities and give way to buildings and spaces that people can call their own. In the heart of the South Pacific, on the archipelagic island nation of Fiji, is the region’s largest and best family-owned steel rolling mill, Dayals Steels Pte Ltd. To find out more about this reliable and remarkable firm, and its outstanding success, we take a closer look at its story and what it has to offer clients. D Dayals Steels is also a truly unique firm in the industry within the local area of Ba, and Fiji. One of the firm’s major strengths is that every member of the team, from production to sales, are well-versed and educated about the products that are on offer. Those products are also backed by a wealth of accreditation and qualifications, including ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The products themselves are also tested by third-party and internationally-accredited laboratories, to ensure that they are as exceptional as they can possibly be, and fulfil the client’s every single need. Armed with these qualifications and accreditations making sure that the products are truly outstanding, Dayals Steels is home to top quality products, timely and exceptional customer service has been pushed to the forefront of what the firm has focused on. As a result, it is this customer service that has become a hallmark of the firm’s success in recent years. Dayals Steels’ market share since 2018 has been continuously growing, and is on track to be the dominant player in the Fijian steel industry by the end of 2021. With competition now also extending to retailers that are entering the manufacturing world, Dayals Steels understands the need to open retail outlets of its own all over Viti Levu to counter that move. Trained technical staff who have a grup on the product quality standards and customer service expectations will man the retail stores, and deliver resounding success here too. Manufacturing is an industry that has long been in an unwelcome spotlight when it comes to the world of environmentally-friendly processes and procedures. At Dayals Steels, the environmentally-friendly operation takes away the burden from businesses that find it difficult to dispose wastage fuel and oil. The high temperature furnace burns the waste oil at such high temperatures that most volatile and harmful substances are broken into almost harmless gas. Also, the hot rolling process is internationally accepted as a norm for the industry, and is considered to be environmentally safe, hence the firm achieving its ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditation. On a local level, the team at Dayals Steels take great pride that, as a local investors, it ensures that one hundred percent of its profits are reinvested back into the economy. The M R Dayal family has been investing for many decades, and the family has a successful history of entrepreneurship. That entrepreneurship extends to a multi-award-winning bottled water business amongst others, and that success has been replicated today with Dayals Steels. Having not only created a $35 million steel venture for Ba, but for the entirety of Fiji, the future is incredibly bright for this soon-to-be leader within the entire South Pacific. Despite the setbacks that COVID-19 may have caused in the last twelve months, Dayals Steels is more confident than ever of its ability to go above and beyond in delivering the best possible steel products to those who need them the most. Company: Dayals Steels Pte Ltd Contact: Jay Dayal Website: