Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

107 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 106 hree years ago, Tim McGowan started Leo Design & Construction and since then has seen the firm go from strength to strength, building various projects from new build homes to extensions and home improvements such as new kitchens and bathrooms. Those who take on the services of Leo Design & Construction find that Tim and his current right hand man James Paige are immensely talented. Tim acts as point of contact on all projects and is available by phone at all times and provides the heartbeat that keeps the firm heads and shoulders above its competitors. The team value their high quality of customer service, walking alongside their client from initial ideas through to completion. The success of this process is due in no small part to Tim’s efforts. Whether a plan is more traditional in approach or embraces the avant garde, Tim and his team take the time to truly find out what the client wants for their house, and then considers how best to bring this dream into reality. For the inexperienced person, this process of construction can be a minefield, but Leo Design & Construction takes charge of the whole process, saving time and money in the long run. Traditionally, a client would have to go to the builder, to the architect, to the engineer, then await for approval with regards to planning and building regulations. With years of experience in the industry, Tim not only knows what’s best to bring your building to life, but knows exactly which experts are needed to make sure that it is of the highest possible quality. Best Residential Design/Build Company 2020 - Western Kent Taking your dream house from concept to completion is not an easy task. It involves talking to architects, town councils and engineers before it can even get off the drawing board. The team at Leo Design & Construction don’t think it’s fair that people are expected to become experts in different fields just to get the property they’ve always wanted. See the steps they’ve taken to lighten the load and produce the perfect process for their customers. T Aug20320 Leo Design & Construction create the engineering drawings inhouse, and take advantage of special industry rates with local professionals who do a lot of their business with the firm. Once again, these savings pass down the line to the client. It’s one of the major benefits of working with a firm that has team members with a long history in the industry. Thinking locally is another benefit of turning to Leo Design & Construction for assistance through the construction process. The team will liaise with the local planning department on your behalf, tackling the complex system of planning rules and regulations and meeting with local committees where appropriate. Their knowledge and experience of persuading planning departments to support your application is invaluable. The firm also use the latest techniques to bring a project to life long before a brick is laid. This means that the client can see what their project will look like in a variety of different situations, how their choices of décor and fitments will be affected by lighting choices and what it will look like in situ. Because of this approach, it is easy to alter and adapt designs, right up to the point of construction. For the team at Leo Design & Construction, the customer is the priority. The entire business has been designed around making sure that they not only receive the ultimate in service, but have a result that reflects their dream property. The quality of what Leo Design & Construction provide is second to none, and the reason behind their incredible success. Company: Leo Design & Construction Contact: Timothy McGowan Email: [email protected] Midwest Home Builders of the Year or those who live, or want to live, in Lincoln, Nebraska, the team behind Murray Custom Homes are able to provide something truly unique. With a range of exquisite properties for sale, and the option to start from scratch on the table, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the creation of your dream house. The community in Lincoln is something close to the hearts of the Murray Custom Homes team. The firm is run by Matt Murray, who has been serving the local area for over a decade, eight of those in the construction industry. His strong values of honesty, integrity, fairness and the highest quality have ensured that a Murray Custom Homes worksite is one of the safest in the region, enhancing the communities they build in significantly. There are many different details that go into the design of a new building, and the team at Murray Custom Homes know how to ensure that none is left to chance. Working with leading Lincoln architecture firms, the team take the time to specify the orientation of the home, determining what sort of house will fit in the space and how best to lay it out in order to maximize the client’s space and view. When the right space has been found, with the team able to use either a lot found by the client or one that they have personally vetted, the time to make further decisions about your dream property has come. This process is achieved in collaboration with the client at every stage. Obviously, the more a client brings to the process, the easier it is to narrow down the numerous options that are available. Murray Custom Homes has an experienced design team, equipped to provide the essential guidance that ensures the construction process is as smooth as possible. The decisions made at this stage of the process play an enormous part in guiding a property along towards becoming a finished property. The team at Murray Custom Homes have a great deal of experience in developing new and innovative home design, drawing on unique architectural features. This does not mean looking at the design trends of 2020, but in visualizing the needs of the market into the future too. When design decisions have been made, it’s the time for a pre-construction meeting with the owner. This is where the final decisions can be made and the building of your property in the real world can be discussed. As soon as all permits are given from local government and the plans are approved, construction can commence. The order that the team works in means that there are as few delays as possible for all involved. A custom home is the realization of a dream for many, and the team behind Murray Custom Homes are incredibly adept at bringing even the most complex dreams to life. With an in- house team of expert designers, it’s little wonder that those who utilize the firm’s services are so happy with the final result. It’s this commitment to satisfaction that leads to such high levels of success. Company: Murray Custom Homes Contact: Larry Owens Web Address: Email: [email protected] F For many, the perfect home is a pipedream, just out of their reach. For those who engage the services of Murray Custom Homes, it’s possible to bring these dreams into glorious reality. Worthy winners in this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards, we take a closer look at the incredible service that this team is able to provide, and just how their efforts have brought happiness to so many people. Sep20097