Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

109 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 108 stablished in 2016, Mucklow & Harris Ltd has provided a professional and cost-effective design service to all clients since the beginning and have become one of the leading forces in innovative engineering design. Simon begins by giving us a brief overview of the firm and offers more of an insight to the services provided. “Led by dedicated Directors, we aim to provide a professional and cost-effective design and detailing service across all sectors, including manufacturing, residential, commercial and leisure developments. Through a team of highly qualified Engineers and Technicians, we offer a full range of Civil and Structural Engineering services using the latest modelling software including BIM.” He goes on to explain, “Over the years, we have developed expertise in drainage strategies, flood risk assessments, adoptable highway design, sustainable drainage (SUDS), external works design and offsite highway access schemes. We also offer Structural Engineering services including steelwork design and detailing, structural masonry design, Best Civil & Structural Engineering Consultancy 2020 - West Midlands Situated in Birmingham, Mucklow & Harris Ltd is a Civil and Structural Engineering practice serving clients across the country. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we got in touch with Structural Engineering Director Simon Shakeshaft to find out more. E Sep20460 timber frame design, concrete structures, foundation design, structural refurbishment, along with structural surveys, inspections and reports.” Recently, the firm have worked with established names such as Bellway Homes, Miller Homes, Spitfire Bespoke Homes, McCarthy and Stone Retirement Lifestyles Ltd, Lovell, Kier Living and Jessup Brothers and as Simon goes on to explain, implementing an effective client friendly approach has been a key factor behind the successful completion of these projects. “We strive to ensure a practical civil/structural design solution is found. Our projects typically move through the design stages efficiently, by understanding and meeting the client’s requirements and by maintaining a friendly dialogue with other design professionals. Additionally, in order to complete each project on time, within budget and to a high quality, we use the latest 2D and 3D design software including AutoCAD, REVIT, CIVILS 3D, Micro Drainage and Tekla design packages.” Based in Birmingham, the Mucklow & Harris head office is centrally located which allows their engineers easy access to sites across the midlands and further afield. “This enables us to provide a dedicated and efficient service on a nationwide level,” says Shakeshaft. Mucklow & Harris is looking forward to continued success and growth, bringing the interview to a close, Simon says, “Receiving this award is a true reflection of our team’s continued effort and complete dedication to engineering. We look forward to working with new clients, whilst still providing our dedicated service to our much valued existing clients. We are excited about the opportunities which lie ahead as we continue to work alongside major housebuilders and developers.” Company: Mucklow & Harris Ltd Contacts: Simon Shakeshaft, Adam Mucklow and David Harris Web: Best Facade Solutions Company 2020 eautiful countries make up what is collectively known as Scandinavia, but the climate is one that can be considered harsh for those not already acclimated to it. Steni, formed more than five and a half decades ago, is a family-owned company that delivers façade panels that have been designed to handle the harsh and demanding Scandinavian climate. Fifty five years on from being founded, Steni today boasts around 115 employees with a head office and production plant located in Lardal, Norway. That team always comes together to delivery ventilated façade panels in stone composite form, and they can be used for schools, domestic housing, hotels, offices, or any such buildings that requires them. Incredibly flexible in terms of usage and the breadth of surface options available, these façade panels are to be admired within the world of construction and engineering. It is this breadth that has made the firm stand out from its competitors. Available in thousands of colours with three different gloss degrees, clients may be forgiven for thinking that there is only so many ways that a stone façade panels with rugged surfaces can be created. Yet, Steni continues to defy the expectations and restrictions placed by COVID-19, and delivers success after success for itself and its clients. It would not be a stretch to say that these are amongst the best façade BIM-modules in the world, saving a huge amount of time for architects to release their true potential and creativity. The flexibility in terms of surface colours and options also furthers the creative potential of the architects. However, the excellence of Steni lies in more than just the flexibility it offers to architects with its façade panels. One of the other areas of pride that the firm offers is Steni Vision. This element of the business offers print possibility for large-scale facades with architectural functions, rather than just being decorative. These functions can fulfil a range of purposes, whether it be as an illustration to change the visual impressions of a building’s scale or some other form of architectural brilliance. Not least, these façade panels can help a building blend in with its surroundings, helping integrate itself more. Sustainability is also a key word that has been heard a lot in recent years, given the acceleration of the climate change crisis, and the necessity to do something about it. All of the players in the façade industry, be they major or minor, are striving to do their best in being more sustainable than ever before. This extends to both the products that are being delivered to the users, and the processes in which the products are made. Steni understands this necessity, and has worked hard to ensure that its present and future are focused on delivering sustainability for all. This includes reusing materials that are taken down from older projects, and giving them a second lease of life rather than leave them to do damage to the planet in their decomposition. The firm is also using production waste as components in other products, such as tunnel membranes. By focusing on the sustainable element of the products themselves and the projects that the firm is working on, there also comes focus in a myriad of other ways. For instance, Steni can now focus on the people living, studying, or working in the projects themselves. Aesthetics creates happier and more efficient people, yes, but sustainability is something that more people are aware of now than ever before. Long-lasting durability is creating people that are happier with their workspace, as well as the low carbon emissions and low life-cycle costs of the buildings over a period of time. Ultimately, Steni is a brilliant example of Norwegian architectural splendour, delivering façade panels that go above and beyond in their capabilities to fulfil a number of roles. As if that weren’t enough, the firm also delivers on a number of sustainability goals, ensuring that these panels can be enjoyed safely and happily for years to come without risking further irreparable damage tot this beautiful planet of ours. Company: Steni AS Contact: Jan Terje Nielsen Website: B In 2020, it can be hard to find businesses that are a true success story, such has been the nature of this year. Yet, there is a story of Norwegian entrepreneurial success that emanates from Steni. Though it was established as a family-owned company back in 1965, the firm has built on its success, albeit slowly and surely. Today, the company has focused on supplying stone composite façade solutions that provide a unique and durable architectural expression, with outstanding durability that is backed by a sixty year warranty. Discover more about this Norwegian success story as we take a closer look. Sep20469