Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

105 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 104 lways at the service of its clients, ICB Design and Engineering has been providing quality services for more than three decades, and ensures that superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when working with the firm. Since its foundation over thirty years ago, ICB Design and Engineering has worked with a number of different and high-profile clients throughout the United Kingdom and all over the world. In every service delivered and every project worked on, the firm knows that great service begins and ends with experience and friendly professionals delivering the best possible results. ICB Design and Engineering’s teams always work tirelessly to complete projects with efficiency and timeliness, and constantly goes above and beyond to form lasting relationships with its clients whilst delivering quality that they can always rely on. What’s more is that the business is a family-run business, so that emphasis on connection and relationship is stronger than most others in the industry. The services that ICB Design and Engineering offers can be broken down into four key areas: sheet and tube laser cutting, CNC machining, fabrication, and powder coating and paint. First and foremost, the firm offers quality, precise, and cost- effective laser cutting service with its in-house Trumpf’s lasers. ICB Design and Engineering also prides itself on its ability to deliver design services when they are available. If they are available to a client, all they need to do is simply attach drawings and their request using a button on the firm’s website. The other award-winning aspect of the service provided by ICB Design and Engineering is the CNC machining service. The business benefits from its onsite machine shop that using industry-leading equipment so that it can help eliminate the need for multiple supplier for multiple processes. With these two aspects to the service provided by ICB Design and Engineering being the most prominent and award-winning, Best Laser Cutting & CNC Machining Specialists 2020 - UK The work of laser cutting and CNC machining is the kind of work that requires precision, control, and quality at every turn. Yet, the work that is conducted by ICB Design and Engineering Ltd combines all three of these fantastic elements and delivers a service that is of a truly high quality and calibre. Following the firm’s award-winning success in this years’ Construction and Engineering Awards from BUILD Magazine, we profile the firm to learn a bit more about what it offers. A Aug20534 the focus can sometimes be lost on the firm’s other areas of expertise and brilliance. However, the work done in fabrication and powder coating and paint is just as exceptional as the other areas. Fabrication, for instance, can take many forms, but the team at ICB Design and Engineering has the experience and skills necessary within its in-house capabilities to deliver excellence, no matter the requirement. With fully-coded welder fabricators, the team can assist in helping any client complete their project on time and on budget. Finally, powder coating and painting services. On top of the services that have already been mentioned, the team at ICB Design and Engineering also work to manufacture motorsport components. This is an element of the business that has been in place for more than thirty years, and the same quality has been maintained across the board, with improvement in the technologies and procedures. However, the same machines are used to manufacture the machined parts in the construction industry, and that is how ICB Design and Engineering ensures that quality is kept to a high standard. As has already been mentioned, precision and quality are of the utmost importance when dealing with laser cutting and CNC machining. What ICB Design and Engineering does so well is integrate these core elements into every facet of the service provided. It understands the crucial nature of the precision, and the desire of the client to always have a top quality product that they can be proud of come the end of a project. ICB Design and Engineering delivers this client pride, and so much more, and it is therefore incredibly deserving of this award-winning success in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2020 from BUILD Magazine. Company: I C B Design and Engineering Ltd Contact: [email protected] Website: Best Historical Building Restoration Specialists 2020 – London Best Georgian/Victorian Restoration Project (UK): Bushy House, NPL, Teddington lder buildings require specialist attention. In many cases, modern techniques would not work, looking out of character and ruining the charm of them. Since the turn of the century, Christopher Horne has worked on many fascinating and important historic buildings, restoring them and their brickwork to its former glory. The key area of focus in many projects is bringing a building back to its original state, namely how it looked when first constructed. The nature of old buildings means that this work varies enormously, and Chris and his team tackle jobs such as cleaning brickwork, using specialist machinery, as well as conducting the repair, replacement and colour matching of old brickwork on properties. Chris is playing a part in continuing a strong heritage of work in this field that is slowly being replaced by new techniques. Much of his work is not just in the practical elements of a building, but a knowledge of the history of it. Everyone who works on one of his projects must have a detailed knowledge of and passion for historic buildings, materials and techniques including tools and even the clothing! The team see themselves as not only continuing a tradition but also passing it on so future generations can maintain their environment. Being based in West London has kept the team immensely busy. London has so many historic buildings that require specialist attention. The appearance of more and more modern structures going up around these landmark premises creates an environment that is often not conducive to their continuance. Keeping these buildings in good condition, therefore, protects them from being torn down in favour of fashionable opinion, losing the long line of history that goes with a building. A residential project in Brentford, West London, demonstrates the care with which the talented team at CJH Brick Restoration approach every project. It involved the careful removal of a heavily painted pebble dash without causing any further damage to the brickwork behind. The team then had to repair and replace any damaged bricks, matching the stock with reclaimed bricks. After applying several coats of colour wash, it was time to reinstate the tuck pointing that was such a characteristic of the property. The finished building stands out from the rest of the houses in the street, creating an original and traditional feel against the modern painted or rendered houses. Ideally, this would begin a process of restoration along the whole road. As the country moves towards finding solutions that are both sustainable and manageable, the team at CJH Brick Restoration hope that some of the techniques from the past will be rejuvenated. They were both suited to the natural environment and used materials that are still around us. The firm’s future seems bright indeed, with many different projects to turn their hands to. Looking forward, Chris hopes to employ more young people as apprentices to pass on the unique skills of his trade to younger generations, creating a renaissance in knowledge of historic buildings and building techniques. Company: CJH Brick Restoration Name: Chris Horne Web Address: Email: [email protected] O Brick restoration is a complex field, with tuck pointing being one of the most difficult to master. This historic technique has existed for hundreds of years, but as less and less buildings use the techniques involved, less people are competent in doing it. The team at CJH Brick Restoration are uniquely qualified to tackle repair, replacement and rebuild of historic properties, allowing them to regain their former glory. We take a closer look to see how they did it. Aug20537