Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

103 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 102 ased in Little Rock, Arkansas, Interstate SignWays have been the go-to choice for highway signs in the United States since 1959. The team has taken a great deal of effort to ensure that their techniques and methods have moved with the times, and this has made Interstate SignWays one of the most sophisticated providers of signage in the USA. The company work closely with general contractors, government agencies, private organizations, individuals, architectural firms, design firms, as well as airports and other mass transit systems, servicing a wide variety of markets and product line. Signs, both generic and bespoke can be produced by the talented team, meeting the precise needs of every client. When the company started in 1959, it was with the simple aim of producing the highest quality signage in the most efficient way possible. During the 21st century, this has meant turning to new production methods. The team’s headquarters encompass 169,000-square feet of building space, allowing the team to engineer to specific project specifications, produce the signs, inspect the signs, certify the materials, and deliver the finished product on their own trucks. The equipment that Interstate SignWays uses is state-of-the-art. Several specialist pieces of machinery have been constructed to ensure that the quality of what the team produces will reach the high standards that the team have championed since the firm’s inception. A cut-to-length machine provides the capability to cut rolled aluminium coil to the precise lengths specified in the engineered drawings and plans. The company’s comprehensive paint line enables us to coat metal surfaces with a variety of paint finishes, including polyurethane, enamel, and powder coat and all of the metal in Best Industrial Sign Manufacturers - USA Highway signs are an invaluable resource, providing clear direction over years of good and faithful service. Investment in quality has a return that last many years. The team at Interstate SignWays are leaders in the field, and have been the leading producer in the US for over sixty years. We take a closer look at how this historic producer uses modern methods to achieve such astonishing results. B Sep20713 the firm’s in-house metal treatment tanks are chemically treated to ensure long-lasting materials. Some of the other specialty fabrication equipment used by the firm includes CNC routers for cutting letters and shapes, digital printers for printing high resolution graphics, and multiple laminators for the application of the reflective sheeting. Recently, Interstate SignWays has partnered with 3M™, allowing them to access this renowned company’s highly regarded printer technology. As a Certified Digital Fabricator, Interstate SignWays’s reflective and non-reflective sign faces are digitally printed to all national and regional regulatory standards. The team ensure that these products adhere to all of 3M™’s strict and specific digital signage printing methods. This dedication to quality is certified by the team’s documented work process. These not only ensure that the firm is working according to ISO 9000 guidelines, but guarantees consistency and uniformity. This commitment to consistency is vital, because the workforce is split into teams, each producing different products. Having these systems in place ensures that the team is always able to deliver the superior products they have become known for. When there is a need for clear directions, this is a team that know the way. From the very beginning to the present day, they have championed the highest quality and the best possible results for clients. It’s these results that keep businesses and organizations of every sort coming back to them, and why they will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future. Company: Interstate SignWays Contact: Tanya Roberts Web Address: Email: [email protected] Best Custom Luxury Home Builder 2020 - SF Bay Area Best Luxury Single Family Home (Northern California): Wine Country Luxury ased in the San Francisco Bay Area, Precision Builders Corporation has become a name for quality that is recognized across the state of California. Led by Dustin Baxter and Sean Mc Farland, the firm showcases their passion for building both exciting new properties and long-lasting relationships with their clients. The firm is proud to provide the services of a full-scale general contractor to clients, bringing to the project accuracy, passion and expertise. These attributes are the core of Precision Builders Corporation’s philosophy, and every member of the team is committed to bringing these qualities to all of the projects that the team are involved in. When working with the various stakeholders on a project, from clients and architects to suppliers and subcontractors, the team make sure to embrace trust, honesty and integrity too. This is not only at the foundation of every project, but ensures that the team works collaboratively as a partnership as opposed to a competition. As far as the team are concerned, their biggest successes come when a client is willing to refer them to a close friend. Anything less is a sign that they’re doing something wrong. The team’s positive attitude to construction has allowed them to complete several large scale projects to an impressive standard. Dustin and Sean have forty combined years of experience, meaning that there is very little that they haven’t seen, and very few challenges they don’t know their way around. This considerable expertise means that they have worked on projects including new residential construction, residential remodel, commercial shell buildings, commercial tenant improvement, public school renovation, winery facilities and tasting rooms, on-site and off-site utility work, church renovations and health club construction. Of course, working in Northern California presents its own unique regional challenges. One of the most formidable is the annual wildfires that challenge the team in the late summer, early fall. While a natural event, it causes a great deal of upheaval for those affected. It’s a set of circumstances that do ensure that the Precision Builders Corporation is kept in high demand, however, with the team helping homeowners rebuild their home under such devastating conditions. The team take great pride in the fact that they are able to keep running, regardless of the challenges ahead. The success of any company is down to how it works with its customers, and the team at Precision Builders Corporation thrive on the relationships they build. It’s not only a sign of success on a project, but a reflection of the quality inherent in the business as a whole. “We have had the opportunity to work with Precision Builders on residential as well as commercial projects. While working with Dustin and Sean on a remodel of one of our restaurants, it became apparent to Terri and myself, that not only do these guys know what they are doing, but that they also love what they do! The process, from start to finish was clear, well managed and a pleasure to be a part of. We were so impressed with their commitment to quality that we partnered with Precision Builders to undertake a major renovation of our private residence, turning it into the home of our dreams.” Mark & Terri Stark ~ Stark’s Steak House, Santa Rosa CA Company: Precision Builders Corporation Contact: Allison Cordice Email: [email protected] B The team at Precision Builders Corporation have committed themselves to setting the standard for excellence when it comes to the construction industry. With years of experience across the sector, this is a team that adds value from the very first day they join a project. We take a closer look at this impressive firm, its track record and achievements to understand how they’ve done so well in BUILD’s Construction and Engineering Awards 2020. Aug20328